The Right Way To Do Business

I had the best business encounter over the phone late last week, and to balance against my complaint posting last week, I thought I would tell you about it.

A Button Machine for 1 inch buttons

A Button Machine for 1 inch buttons. Image from American Button Machines.

I have a button machine for making 1 inch buttons. I started making them several years ago when my friend Ryan Smolar loaned me his machine for an extended period of time (thanks again Ryan!). Shortly after I had to return Ryan’s machine, a good friend bought me my own for my birthday.

I somehow jammed the machine in October while I was making buttons for the Charles C. Lynch Rally in LA. I got about 70 buttons made before I messed it up, and I set it aside while I worked on other things…

After I set it aside it started to become this “thing” I had to do something about with lots of confusing variables and stuff I had no idea about – I think we call that fear. And fear kept me from moving forward and doing what needed to be done if I wanted to use the gift I had been given.

I don’t know why phone calls are so impossible for me sometimes. Finally – last week – I decided to just do it, and I called American Button Machines in Plano, Texas, and ended up talking to the nicest person I’ve every encountered on the phone. Not fake nice, but a real, genuine person who put me at ease and after a short conversation I felt empowered and knowledgeable enough to tackle the repairs that Keith (that’s the nice person’s name) suggested. In a half an hour I had my machine working again. And in the process I felt like this was finally, really, my button machine.

Thank you Keith at American Button Machines!

Your loyal customer,
Jon, onehumanbeing

2 thoughts on “The Right Way To Do Business

  1. Isn’t it nice when you get a real person on the phone? I have so many broken things piled up in the garage because I just hate going through voice-mail hell.

  2. Yes it is… You would think that forward-looking companies would realize this and start going back to real people (as in – jobs) and realize a positive PR bonus too…

    PS. Have you noticed the news today (2/17/2009) – apparently Facebook is using the same business practice I complained about last week, and people are very upset…

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