I Stand For Change | MMJ Rally in LA

People at the rally

Tania and I went to the rally at the Federal Court Building in downtown Los Angeles for Charles C. Lynch and for the cause of Medical Marijuana this afternoon.

I had emailed Charles to let him know we going to be there and bringing buttons to give away. The official name for the rally was “Hope for Change” – but I finished hoping on Nov. 5th – Now I’m standing up, as are many others, so we get real change that helps us as patients.

I think our fear and silence has let this nonsense go on for too long. It’s true that some of us will take a hit for standing up, but we’ll all lose if no one stands up. I really believe in medical marijuana, I really believe that marijuana is a gift from God.

I also feel like I have nothing more to say that can add to the debate over marijuana use. Over the last 26 years I’ve heard just about every argument on both sides, and frankly, I’m just tired of it… The truth has been said over and over and ignorance still rules the day.

Here’s some photos that Tania took today at the rally…

Today’s Rally:


The injustice is that Charles C. Lynch, a good community business man, is having to go through this whole stupid trial and everything else just because he choose to be compassionate, stepped forward and helped provided relief for numerous MMJ patients in his area.

But the local sheriff who does not like marijuana being legal for people with chronic illnesses, and apparently believes his opinion matters more than the law and the state constitution he’s sworn to uphold, so he called the DEA in to try and ruin this man’s life…

Here’s a bit from the MPP’s newsletter about Charles’ case:

Charles Lynch operated a medical marijuana dispensing collective in Morro Bay, Central Coast Compassionate Caregivers, that helped more than 2,000 seriously ill patients obtain their medicine in a legal, clean, and safe environment. In March 2007, the facility was raided, and federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents later arrested and charged Charles with five counts of marijuana-related federal crimes.

Charles not only complied with California’s long-standing medical marijuana laws, he was operating under a license issued by the City of Morro Bay and was a well-respected member of the local community. Nevertheless, Charles was treated like a common criminal under draconian federal marijuana laws, and the county sheriff even cooperated with the subversion of state law.

The jury in Charles’ trial was not allowed to hear any information relating to medical marijuana and his compliance with state law. Consequently, on August 5, 2008, Charles was found guilty on all counts.

While President Obama has pledged to end the raids on state-legal medical marijuana providers, that does little to help Charles. He is one several providers still facing federal charges or sentencing from raids during the Bush administration. His sentencing is set for March 23, and if the judge doesn’t show discretion because of Charles’ status under state law he could end up spending the rest of his life in prison.

I made a bunch of buttons over the weekend for the rally that look like this…


I quickly gave away all 120-150 buttons and got to walk around, talk to a few folks… I haven’t been feeling so great (the flu – almost over it now…) so we cut out after a bit. I just wanted everyone to have a souvenir of a moment, a moment when we know we stood for this movement, we stood for Charles, stood for justice, we stood for change…

For those that got a button today – Wear it proudly, proud that you stood up, proud that you’re part of the change, and not just talking about it…and I hope it brings a smile to your face when you a digging through a box of old stuff 20 years from now and find this little button and you remember those crazy days back when marijuana was illegal…

A movement isn’t just a one day event, but a series of steps to reach a goal.

Help Charles C. Lynch reach the goal of staying out of prison and getting back to his life.

Visit his website: (http://www.friendsofccl.com/) and send him a message of support today. On his site are listed a number of ways you can help. On March 23rd he gets sentenced…

6 thoughts on “I Stand For Change | MMJ Rally in LA

  1. Dear Jon & Tania…I love your website ..I really believe in this cause and hope & pray that this government follows suit someday. Oh yeah great job on the buttons too..
    Your friend

  2. Thanks for your thoughts, hopes and prayers. I am very hopeful that we are very close now… so keep praying till we get there!

    And thank you for enjoying my buttons! One of my greatest joys right now is giving these away…

    Until later, best of health,
    Jon, onehumanbeing

  3. Jon and Tania,
    Thanks to you and your wife for coming to the rally. The buttons you made are awesome! and I really liked your “I stand for change” motto. As you may have noticed I preferred ‘the stand for change’ motto over the ‘hope for change’ motto and used it in my speech…cause we have been hoping for a long time without a whole lot of success…Anyhow thanks again for the buttons and getting my story out on the web. Your support is greatly appreciated. Take care and be well.
    Charles C. Lynch

  4. Thanks Fang – I have been in a state of awe (as opposed to shock and awe – Tania and I watched the movie W. tonight) since last week – just beautiful…

    I really like what Charles Lynch says at the end of article – “Having one in your community, wherever that may be, is a good thing because it helps these people that need relief,” he said.

    I pray that our culture would adopt such a compassionate attitude instead of usual NIMBY knee-jerk selfishness…

    Remember to email the White House and say thanks and more of the same please…

    Also – read my round-up for last week on The MMJ Project where I write more about AG Holder’s statements…

  5. THank you so much for your work I love you site and your enthusiasim!!! I have a question to ask. I was at both CCL protest and each time I recieved a button from you (thank you) I display them proudly everyday on my Canna Bag however the most recent button fell off I AM DISTRAUGHT WITHOUT IT!! Is there any way I could replace it? I will gladly buy/donate for one Or I just harvested my personal garden and would gladly trade I was the guy with the BIG buttons with leaves in them any whoo thank you and I will see u at the next Protest!!!

    ONE LOVE-Seuscio

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