Enter The Dragon Flower

“Out Here On The Perimeter… We Are Stoned, Immaculate…”  – Mr. Mojorisin

dragonflower-1One of the great moments in the life of a marijuana smoker – medical or otherwise – is getting a new pipe… and how nice when it comes to you as a gift from a friend.

It’s a little bittersweet because it’s a going away gift (he’s leaving – not me) from a friend and fellow artist I’ve gotten to know over the last 5 years, and a crucial part of our Happy Hour group.

I won’t mention his name to protect his identity… this was his personal pipe, and now I have become the proud owner of this nice piece of glass. I stayed home last night and didn’t make it to Happy Hour – bad depression – but my wife went and brought the gift home with her.

It’s a beautifully strange pipe, and I immediately started to clean it (place in ziplock baggy – soaked in rubbing alcohol and salt – shake vigorously every so often and the salt will scrub your glass pipe sparkling clean – rinse in hot, then cold water – sometimes I soak in hot water with Ivory dish soap for 15 mins to really clean it…) – and when I finished cleaning it up this morning I gave it a new name – The Dragon Flower


Here’s The Dragon Flower – after I used it a few times, packed with a fresh bowl of The MoJo – a Northern Lights X White Widow strain that is very good for depression… currently available at AAC to qualified medical marijuana patients – here’s some photos I took of The MoJo…

Thank you my friend for the gift, I will make sure it never gets lonely…

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