My appreciation for my collective – AAC

I posted this last night on – a service for medical marijuana users – on the AAC Forum (you have to sign-up at WeedTracker to view the page)

Smile My appreciation for this collective…

Volunteering at AAC…

Much of my volunteer time is spent at home, working on the computer. I have menus to update, photos to process, strains to research, changes to make to the AAC website… and sometimes I don’t spend enough time at the collective.

Today I was there from opening through most of the afternoon, and all I can say is I have great appreciation for my fellow volunteers – which is all of us at the collective – because they are an awesome crew of people that do this because they believe in this cause and helping others.

But the best part of being in the shop is the members that come through – both the regulars and the new members – each one a bright spot in our day as we worked on our various projects, meetings, brainstorming sessions, and just hanging out.

We have some more trials and tribulations coming up this next week.

Signal Hill is trying to shut us down because they’re concerned about increased crime.

We are launching a grassroots campaign to help ease their concerns. Information will be posted tomorrow and this weekend on our website, and I’ll have new buttons to give away this weekend that say: LEGAL MEDICINE REDUCES CRIME

Stop by and pick one up, and find out how you can help us save the collective!

Until later, best of health,
Jon, onehumanbeing

I wanted to share it with the rest of you…

Note: AAC’s website is – visit a real live medical marijuana colective’s website – with pictures of herb and everything! You have my permission to visit – over 18 only – There’s nothing bad on the site, it’s just the rules – sorry…  AAC closed in the Fall of 2010

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