Making Redbot Stuff…

redbot_bizcard_stuff_8_17_2009_full_5ORIGINALLY POSTED on Redbot Loves You!
August 17, 2009

“Here, let me give you my card…”

Today’s projects included working on various Redbot materials as this campaign keeps growing… now I’m ready if anyone asks me if I have a card.

Notes on Feedback

I’ve been asked if Redbots bite. The answer is – no, and unless you’re allergic to paper, cardboard, laser-printer toner, magnets or the undying  love of a Redbot – they are completely safe.

I’ve also been asked (by the same person – “Hi to Philip in Colorado”) if Redbots will be appearing in Colorado. Yes, and now I’m working out the logistics of a Redbot mobilization… more on that, if and when it happens….

Photos From The Studio

Visit Redbot Loves You! for photos…


SourcedFrom Sourced from: Redbot Loves You!

Building a Cardboard Redbot Army

ORIGINALLY POSTED on Redbot Loves You!
August 16, 2009

Redbot News! Redbot now has his own domain name –, just in time for the release of The Redbot Army…


I’ve been working on building a Redbot Army, and I have a small collection that is excited to go out and explore the world… which is just what they’re going to do. Start keeping your eyes out when you’re traveling around Long Beach. You just might see one of the Redbots on a pole, power box, or other metallic surface.

The Redbot Army is made from cardboard, small magnets, laser printed stickers and the usual, special, Redbot Loves You! spirit you’d expect from a Redbot.

If you find a Redbot, just hanging somewhere, looking like it needs a good home, remove it from it’s location – you just got youself a FREE piece of art from Jon, onehumanbeing and Redbot Loves You! If you have a camera of any kind (anywhere from cellphone to video) snap a shot of your new Redbot and send it to me and I’ll post it in the Redbot gallery… (info on photo and video posting coming shortly)

Here’s a small gallery of the beginnings of The Redbot Army… (view original post for photos)


SourcedFrom Sourced from: Redbot Loves You!

Moseley – Three Years of Doggie Goodness!


Around this time of the day – the early afternoon – on August 14th, 2006, Tania called me up because she had a desperate situation at work. A dog problem.

One of her people had this dog he needed someone to look after while he went into the hospital. Tania had called everyone she could think of, and I was her last hope.

“But we’re not dog people” I explained again on the phone. We have never had a dog, and just the week before had been talking about how nice it was not to have kids or dogs to worry about…

After a few minutes of discussion I agreed to meet her and Perry (Moseley’s owner at the time) and the dog at the local coffee shop, Hot Java.

I fell in love with Moseley the moment I saw him, and as I put his leash on him and Perry tried explaining details about the dog, I already knew this was a new, important part of my life beginning.

Moseley, who had the name Michael at the time, left with me and never even looked back as we rounded the corner towards our new life.

A month later I renamed him Moseley, as Perry had decided to give him to us – he figured life with us was better for Michael/Moseley than a life of homeless wandering and pet shelters with him.

Tania still keeps in contact with Perry when she can, and Moseley, who was a young 2 year old pup when he got here, is now a 5 year old “lamb hound” who spends most of his time with me, his dog friend Suki and Tania when she’s home, and has become a real home-body himself – and official fly hunter.

Recently he’s taken to lying under the sofa (it’s his Moseley den), and right now he’s lying there with his head partially out, napping, and every so often, opening his eyes and looking up at me. I think he has nice dreams.

About the images: Above – This is a print/collage/drawing from the mid-90’s – way before Moseley was even a thought, but it sure looks a lot like him… Below – Moseley in June 2009





This is a drawing I made back in May of 1998… when I made this drawing I was in the midst of my first big depression, laid off from work, injured, and on Workman’s Comp.

If you would like to get a framed print, sticker, note card, journal or greeting cards of this drawing, you can visit my Cafe Press shop here


UPDATE: Later in the day, August 13th…

streamsEveryday Tania and I have a few devotionals that we read and have been for a long time. One of those devotionals is “Streams In The Desert – 366 Daily Devotional Readings” by L.B. Cowman, revised, 1997 edition.

For today the reading included this:

“If the clouds are full of water, they pour rain upon the earth” – Ecclesiastes 11:3

“…How can we have rain without clouds? Our troubles have always brought us blessings, and they always will, for they are the dark chariots of God’s bright and glorious grace.”

There was much more in the devotional that seemed to go with the drawing… funny how things work out like that.

Collages – The Mailman Reminder

Today I’ve been scanning lots and lots of collages and drawings I’ve done over the years into the computer – which will be available soon for your enjoyment…

Here one from the mid-1990’s called “The Mailman Reminder” – one of a larger number of cut-and-paste dada poems and small pieces I was making at the time.


Also – I now have a project site for Redbot called Redbot Loves You!


Redbot Loves You!

Introducing Redbot… and he loves you!

redbot-loves-you-8inI started working on Redbot last Fall and now he’s powered up and ready to roll… I’ve put his message of love on a number of items in my CafePress shopthe onehumanbeing shop

Redbot Loves You! is Redbot’s message, and it’s love just because… love for no reason but to love… love for love’s sake!

Redbot is looking forward to sharing that love with you and everyone you meet when you’re wearing a Redbot Loves You! T-shirt, Sweatshirt, using the coffee mug… you get the idea.

Below you’ll find the Infant Bodysuit, Toddler T-Shirt and the Kid’s Sweatshirt… more available, including adult size stuff at the onehumanbeing shop

Click here for a direct link to the Redbot Loves You! Section of my shop… more Redbot Loves You! stuff coming soon.





More coming soon!

Fun With Social Activism

i-support-legal-access300What a busy week, probably the busiest in a long time…

If you’d like a taste you can visit the AAC – Apothecary’s Assistants Collective –  website to read all my postings from our Help Save AAC campaign and visit to the City Council meeting… or you can visit the new AAC Facebook page, or the Help Save AAC Facebook group

Besides that, there were the letters to city council people, phone calls, emails, postings all over the place to call attention to our situation, buttons and stickers to make… details which seem to take up every available minute I had…

When added to all the other efforts going on by other AAC members, these efforts all paid off with keeping AAC open and creating a stronger collective moving forward.

One of the greatest things that happened this last week was having my long-time goal of helping to create a truly compassion-oriented, non-profit collective realized as AAC is now a non-profit medical marijuana collective! This has been one of my working goals for The MMJ Project, and now I can check that one off as “complete”.

I said to Josh, the director of our collective, the other day, “If you told me last week all the struggle and hard work ahead I wouldn’t have been able to understand, and if you ask me if I’d wanted do it again if I woke tomorrow and it was last Friday – I’d say ‘hell yeah’ – that was more fun than I could have ever imagined…”

Now the dust is settling on that situation and I’ve got other projects to catch up on, and a story to write (The Turning), art work to post, buttons to make, dogs to walk…