Fun With Social Activism

i-support-legal-access300What a busy week, probably the busiest in a long time…

If you’d like a taste you can visit the AAC – Apothecary’s Assistants Collective –  website to read all my postings from our Help Save AAC campaign and visit to the City Council meeting… or you can visit the new AAC Facebook page, or the Help Save AAC Facebook group

Besides that, there were the letters to city council people, phone calls, emails, postings all over the place to call attention to our situation, buttons and stickers to make… details which seem to take up every available minute I had…

When added to all the other efforts going on by other AAC members, these efforts all paid off with keeping AAC open and creating a stronger collective moving forward.

One of the greatest things that happened this last week was having my long-time goal of helping to create a truly compassion-oriented, non-profit collective realized as AAC is now a non-profit medical marijuana collective! This has been one of my working goals for The MMJ Project, and now I can check that one off as “complete”.

I said to Josh, the director of our collective, the other day, “If you told me last week all the struggle and hard work ahead I wouldn’t have been able to understand, and if you ask me if I’d wanted do it again if I woke tomorrow and it was last Friday – I’d say ‘hell yeah’ – that was more fun than I could have ever imagined…”

Now the dust is settling on that situation and I’ve got other projects to catch up on, and a story to write (The Turning), art work to post, buttons to make, dogs to walk…

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