Moseley – Three Years of Doggie Goodness!


Around this time of the day – the early afternoon – on August 14th, 2006, Tania called me up because she had a desperate situation at work. A dog problem.

One of her people had this dog he needed someone to look after while he went into the hospital. Tania had called everyone she could think of, and I was her last hope.

“But we’re not dog people” I explained again on the phone. We have never had a dog, and just the week before had been talking about how nice it was not to have kids or dogs to worry about…

After a few minutes of discussion I agreed to meet her and Perry (Moseley’s owner at the time) and the dog at the local coffee shop, Hot Java.

I fell in love with Moseley the moment I saw him, and as I put his leash on him and Perry tried explaining details about the dog, I already knew this was a new, important part of my life beginning.

Moseley, who had the name Michael at the time, left with me and never even looked back as we rounded the corner towards our new life.

A month later I renamed him Moseley, as Perry had decided to give him to us – he figured life with us was better for Michael/Moseley than a life of homeless wandering and pet shelters with him.

Tania still keeps in contact with Perry when she can, and Moseley, who was a young 2 year old pup when he got here, is now a 5 year old “lamb hound” who spends most of his time with me, his dog friend Suki and Tania when she’s home, and has become a real home-body himself – and official fly hunter.

Recently he’s taken to lying under the sofa (it’s his Moseley den), and right now he’s lying there with his head partially out, napping, and every so often, opening his eyes and looking up at me. I think he has nice dreams.

About the images: Above – This is a print/collage/drawing from the mid-90’s – way before Moseley was even a thought, but it sure looks a lot like him… Below – Moseley in June 2009



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