Making Redbot Stuff…

redbot_bizcard_stuff_8_17_2009_full_5ORIGINALLY POSTED on Redbot Loves You!
August 17, 2009

“Here, let me give you my card…”

Today’s projects included working on various Redbot materials as this campaign keeps growing… now I’m ready if anyone asks me if I have a card.

Notes on Feedback

I’ve been asked if Redbots bite. The answer is – no, and unless you’re allergic to paper, cardboard, laser-printer toner, magnets or the undying  love of a Redbot – they are completely safe.

I’ve also been asked (by the same person – “Hi to Philip in Colorado”) if Redbots will be appearing in Colorado. Yes, and now I’m working out the logistics of a Redbot mobilization… more on that, if and when it happens….

Photos From The Studio

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