23 Years of Love!

The Jon and Tania Story – In 23 Photos!

To celebrate our Anniversary today, here’s a gallery of photos of us together from 23 years of love – From 1987 until now, with one photo representing each year of the journey.


The Great Journey began on October 12, 1986…

A poem I wrote on the day Tania and I started going out…

October 12, 1986

I stood before the chamber for many days
I wanted to be sure before my choice was made
What’s this fear of what my emotions have to say
That’s to conventional thinking when my heart has it’s way

Not a great poem, but I’m sure glad I wrote it down at the time…

Note: Back then I was always writing “for” when I meant to write “of” – that chamber of days has contained 8,401 days so far.

My heart had it right, and I’m glad it had it’s way!

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The Plan and Do Box, created in 1991 around the time of our 5 year anniversary.

Inside The Plan Box - The Do Box

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