Self-Portrait as a Two-Headed Dragon

Here’s a sketch I did last night in my notebook, thinking about my story and allowing the picture of myself as the two-headed dragon I’ve been writing about to pour out of my pen on to the paper.

You can see the left head (our right) seems to be very delighted with these new wings. The new wings have been perplexing and filled with mystery at this point.


Today I scanned the sketch into the computer and added color to fit the colors I see in the minds eye – a blue two-headed dragon with red on his skulls and yellows, browns and oranges in his plumes or dreads.

The wings are yellow in this drawing, but really they’re more translucent resembling light beams through a foggy mist – and they ripple a bit like fog… you might not see them if you didn’t know they were there.


We’ve had amazing amounts of wind the last few days, and when I’m out walking my dogs it’s as if I can feel the wings wanting to unfurl completely and go dance with the winds… it made me laugh with a funny kind of joy.

I wonder what’s ahead for this dragon.

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