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Sometime around the end of October this year something went weird with my blog, the onehumanblog, and I lost control of the background administration area and links to my blog have been causing “Page Not Found” errors.

I have no idea how this happened, or how to fix it – and that’s after numerous hours making various attempts this last month.

It’s been exhausting, both time-wise and emotionally. All that work and no answers…

So now I’m taking a different approach and launching this new version of onehumanbeing (version 3, I think) with a new installation of the WordPress application I use for my project sites.

It’ll take a bit to get everything updated and make sure all the old image links are updated to the new address… but  just starting this new rebuild is one HUGE weight off of my mind.

What has changed?

The part of the web address that has been changed is shown below in bold.

OLD address:

NEW address:

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