Telomere Repair


I rescued this flier before the rains came down because I thought it looked really cool – made with spray paint and a hand-cut stencil on cardboard.

It was posted on the corner for over a week, and I’ve been looking at it everyday. The show was a week ago so I figured it was time to take it home before the rains make a mess of it.

I’ve never heard of Telomere Repair before so I looked them up and found their MySpace Page which has 8 songs on it – I dig their sound! My favorite so far is “Capitalist KILLS Samuri.”

My first thought about their sound was “very Gang of Four meets Devo” and then I listen to their songs several more times and I thought “maybe I hear a Sonic Youth or very early Nirvana influence in there…” but then I decided that Telomere Repair’s description on their MySpace page says it best “Sounds Like: ((::.)=^.:.-_.: :)))..&lt.”

They make very cool fliers and posters for their shows with stencils and spray paint.

I love this one for their next show:

You can find out more about this Long Beach band here:

Telomere Repair – MySpace (includes music):

Telomere Repair – Facebook Page:


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