Mark Leysen and The Irascible Group


Here’s the art piece Tania and I made for her dad’s birthday this last week…

Mark Leysen and The Irascible Group
10″ x 8″ x 5″
3D Cardboard Cut-Out Collage

About The Piece

Tania’s dad, Mark Leysen, who is an artist, is the one standing in the foreground, and was deeply influenced by that irascible group of artists known as the New York School of Abstract Expressionism – the group of people behind him…

The Irascible Group photo is from an article in Life Magazine – January 15, 1951. This was the article that sent Jackson Pollock to the top of the art world heap.

Here’s a link to the article and photo online (Google Books)

Other Links to Mark Leysen’s Art Work


artnet – a small selection of work –

Viewliner LTD – a blog with drawings Mark did in the late 70’s –

And to read his book, Flemish Fries


Happy Birthday Mark!
…and many more!

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