Glenn Beck Attacks Progressives, Again…

This Just In – Jon Christopher, (AKA – Jon, onehumanbeing) is the real mastermind behind vast, imaginary, left-wing conspiracy… as seen here:


And here’s the video:

I love this kind of political theater – just what we need…

Here’s where I found this:

A trio of progressive groups is releasing an interactive video that mocks Glenn Beck for, well, mocking progressives., in conjunction with SEIU and Brave New Films has put out a fake newscast (on the fake network CNNBC) in which the Fox News host goes through his usual moments of pique and emotional duress. Only this time, the subject of his conspiracy theories is the person signed in to watch the made-up video.

Read More Here:

Find Out If Glenn Beck Is Attacking You –

Maybe you’re the mastermind (I’m not going to take credit for the left-wing mess – I was a die-hard Libertarian until 2004… but that’s a whole other story) behind the vast left-wing conspiracy… find out by clicking below.

CNNBC: “Glenn Beck Attacks [Your Name Here].”

Watch it here:


(note: I made several videos while at the CNNBC site so I don’t think the one posted is exactly the same as the one in the screenshot – just wanted to be clear on that)

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