Happy 420 From UFOverdriver and onehumanbeing.com!

Here is 11 tracks with over a half-hour of marijuana culture in one delicious, fat, blunt-sized mix…

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Total Running Time – 33:50


How Long? Not Long!

As someone who’s watched the long drama of the drug war for over 27 years, I can’t help but feel the time is getting near… the end of this fiasco is in sight.

The last push to end this unjust, immoral and racist prohibition of marijuana is upon us, and I hear the voice of freedom saying “How Long? Not Long!” I hope I’m not too optimistic in saying, “This is the year we legalize it…”

This sound collage is dedicated to three medical marijuana activists – Charles “Chuck” Witt, Jack Herer and Josh Howard (the heart and soul of our medical marijuana collective – AAC, Apothecary’s Assistant’s Collective in Long Beach, California)

Who’s In This Mix?

In this mix you’ll hear expert advice on the meaning of 420, how to smoke a joint, get a lesson in marijuana etiquette, listen to some great marijuana stories along with various other entertaining sound clips…

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Happy 420 from UFOverdriver and onehumanbeing.com


Kicking Out The Jams

Jon, onehumanbeingAnother movie running through my mind…

I keep watching this strange movie in my head about this massive, rotting tree. A huge tree, bigger than any tree I’ve ever seen –  only it dead inside, rotting, but with billions of creatures are making their home on it. Groups of creatures patch up their bit of the rotting tree, but it’s only temporary measures…

Then my view shifts to below the ground, below the roots of the tree, where 4 massive pillars support this dirt clod land the tree is growing from… but in the midst of the pillars is a powerful giant with a sledgehammer.

I watch him as he takes aim and swings the hammer, and one of the pillars shakes and vibrates. Then he takes aim again at another pillar, WHAM! Chunks of the pillars fly apart by the structure holds firm. So the giant takes aim again, and again, and again…

I watch until the pillars are smashed to dust and the dirt clod land and the rotten tree crumble away, carried by some wind into oblivion.

Then I look back and I see new pillars have been erected, a new land established and the sapling of a new tree planted.

And then the movies repeats itself.

MC5 – Kick Out The Jams

This is the soundtrack for the movie running through my mind…