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Here’s the latest podcast from UFOverdriver – a sound collage about Wikileak’s release of over 250,000 confidential and secret U.S. State Department diplomatic cables to major news organizations around the world… Read more and Listen to the sound collage here.

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I went up to The Treehouse Collective to take photos of a bunch of strains that had come in the day before. I was expecting 8 strains, but there were 12 different ones to photograph when I arrived. Lucky me!

It’s been a little while since I’ve visited my collective to do the photographing work I love so much, and it felt great to be participating once again in the collective process.

I was up till 3:00 or so in the morning processing the photos, and here’s the results. Read more on The MMJ Lists…

Souvenirs From The Late 20th Century

The Zulu Lounge

Over twenty years ago, in May of 1990, Tania and I moved to Long Beach.

At the time we were involved with a group of artists, actors, musicians and short-film makers (who had migrated from Colorado to California together) which we had met through our job working at an interior design company’s warehouse in Costa Mesa/Irvine.

I was writing a lot of poetry, and one day at work I mentioned to Tania and our friend Brian that I needed a place to read my poems out loud, and get some feedback…

So we formed a Wednesday night group called The Zulu Lounge which met in the garage of Brian’s rented house in Irvine to read poetry, share our art, smoke cigarettes and drink.

I Like To Smoke by Jon Christopher – The Zulu Lounge – 1990

Here’s an audio recording of the first poem ever read at The Zulu Lounge. This was one of the “Smoker’s Rights” poems I was writing at the time called I Like To Smoke.

During the middle of this poem I try a flip a cigarette into my mouth…

[media id=63 width=500 height=20]


From The Lounge To Long Beach

When Tania and I moved to Long Beach, so did many of our friends from this group.

Three of the guys from The Zulu Lounge – Brian, Phil and Kirk – moved into an apartment on Broadway which had several bedrooms and, most importantly, access to the roof.

Soon after they moved in they threw a very big house-warming party…

I barely remember it, and I don’t think we have any photos of the night, but I still have the audio-invitation cassette tape and my Fish Pass.

When Cassettes Were King

In 1990 the cassette tape was king. We listened to most of our music on cassette tape.

If you wanted to share some music with a friend, you made a mix-tape and gave it to them… a special kind of gift you listened to over and over again.

That’s probably why I kept this particular cassette tape. It’s both a sound collage of audio theater and an amazing invitation to a party.

An Audio Invitation

Here’s the audio from the cassette tape – It’s about 31 minutes long and very funny, strange and unique souvenir from the late twentieth century.

[media id=62 width=500 height=20]


Included in the cassette invitation was a FREE Pass To See Chilly Willy Talk, and Entrance to The Attic of Doom – Enter and Worship

The Fish Pass

The prime party spot that night (if I remember correctly) was on the roof, which required a special Fish Pass – which we were suppose to share. I think the idea was to keep the number of people on the roof limited…

As you can see I kept mine. Here’s the photo I took of it today…

Note: If you have any photos from this party, please contact me so I can add them to this page…

Happy Thanksgiving!

Photo by Tania with drawing by Jon - From the mid 90's

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone has a great day eating, relaxing and remembering all the people, places and things you are thankful for…

Here’s a song for the day from U2 called Scarlet off of their October album from the earlier 80’s.


[media id=61 width=500 height=20]

Bonus Image of the Moment:

Here’s a photo collage I found last night while doing some cleaning. It’s from the same time as the Thanksgiving photo collage, and the photo was also taken by Tania.

Orange Orbs Over Long Beach

Ever since I was a little child I’ve wanted to see a UFO, but in all my years of watching the sky I’ve never had any luck seeing a real UFO. Well, that has changed…

Last night, around 7:00 pm, our neighbor called us to the back balcony to witness the final moments of a string of orange orbs flying past Long Beach. It was an awesome sight – the video just doesn’t do it any justice, but I offer it here for your enjoyment and speculation…

Here’s my report I filed with last night – this morning (Sunday, November 14th) I got a call from a Mufon investigator named Steve who was following up on my report. During our discussion I found out that orange orbs are the most commonly UFOs reported – but it’s a real UFO…


Just before 7:00 pm this evening (November 13, 2010) my wife and I heard our downstairs neighbor calling us to the back yard. My wife went out and then yelled for me to come outside quickly because there were “UFOs out here..”

I ran out to the back balcony and looked up to see several bright orange orbs in the sky, looking towards the ocean and the direction of Catalina Island. I quickly ran back into our apartment and grabbed my point-and-shot digital camera.

I returned to the balcony and was able to record the last 2 and a half minutes of the sighting while the last orb brightened for a last time and then faded to a dark gray and continued on it’s course. I personally saw two bright orange orbs, my wife saw three (because she went outside first) and our neighbor said she saw 7-8 orange orbs, all in a line across the sky.

I am not sure how far away the orbs were from us, but they were unlike anything I have ever seen. They seemed to burn from inside, but it wasn’t what seemed to be propelling them. They did not fall through the sky like burning debris, but like a vehicle moving on a set course from west to east across the sky.

While it can’t be seen because of the video quality, the orbs continued along their eastern course as dark gray orbs, each with a very dim orange glow inside.

Included with this report is several graphics I made this evening right after the event:

1. a time-chart of the path of the one orange orb I was able to videotape. [see below]
2. a map showing our field of view and the flight path of the orange orb. [see above]

The video is unedited.

The graphic at the top of the page shows the direction the orbs were traveling, and the graphic below shows the time sequence of the video.

If anyone else saw this event, or has extra information to add to this report, please send it to me and I’ll add it to this post.