14 thoughts on “When We Were Mods – Part V

  1. I never met you (that I can recall) but I am certain we crossed paths during the 2-3 years of the Mod scene in OC. I was a couple of years younger but was at CDMHS at the time (I knew Rodney as well) and I spent a few nights at the Concert Factory, the Lhasa (when I could sneak out) and partcipated in a few scooter rallies.
    Thanks for bringing back some really great memories! It really felt like something important, didn’t it?

  2. Very cool piece. Don’t know how old it is but full of cool memories. Shout out to that crazy beast Greg who left a comment above. I was at CDMHS as well the pics you have show some of my buds like Mark Borg and Jim Delozier. I knew Rodney as well used to hang out with Nick Sopcovitch a bunch another mod from CDMHS he wrote some songs for Sugar Ray. Anyhow great job thanks for the trip back.

  3. Jon,

    Just loved the trip down memory lane. Thank you for taking me there. I wish I could have hit share on FB from this blog. I have so many old friends (one of which is in two of your pics (Steve Mazarelli) that has probably never seen this. Just great! I graduated Whittier High School in ’82 and we spent our whole senior year at the O.N. Klub, the Lhasa with Brian “Bullet” Fox, Gino’s, The 7Seas, and anywhere around L.A. and Orange County a mod/ska show was happening. BTW, I still have my parka and yes, I too only had the GO patch! Gotta look right sittin’ behind the modboys on their scooters mate!

    • Thanks Lynne – fortunately Steve Mazarelli and I got to reconnect (in the facebook way) because of my little story – so glad you enjoyed the trip back down memory lane 🙂 Best wishes and be well.


  4. Great article Jon! I too remember crossing paths a few times. I see myself in that OC really. I used to hang out with a girl named Lynn and Elain, is that you Lynn? You used to date Ron Seemers? I used to hang out with Greg, skeeter, sparky, Jim Delozier, and a few others I do not recall. Great memories. One of the pictures shows Dana, and a Kevin deemers, I think that was his name.

    Anyhow, thanks for the memories!

  5. Great finding this and all the pictures. I see lots of friends in your pictures. Even myself in a few on the rally leaving The Concert Factory, Scott Graven, Sparky, Roman, Curtis Murell…even a note above from Gregg Mccormack. WOW!

    Still live in HB, still a mod, still wear my Clarks, Ben Shermans & Fred Perry’s every day, still riding my scotter and just seen Paul Weller at the Greek 3 days ago.

  6. Jon, it’s rodney, Mark Hackworth sent me this link (whom I haven”t seen in a long time) This is an amazing thing you’ve put together! I miss you and have thought about you and Tania over the years. I live on Balboa Island so I see the old hang out spots all the time. Greatest days….. Please get in touch soon….rodney sheppard

    • Rodney! I’d really like to get back in touch… last time we talked you were calling from the airport on the way to your first Howard Stern show with Sugar Ray. Tania and I still live in the same apartment in Long Beach. How’s your sister Leslie?

      Remember Sparky – Rich Sihilling? He’s in touch with Brian Fox I think…

      Talk to you soon!

  7. I was finally able to track down Jim DeLazier today. The SS180 and P200 are both long gone. He is still on OC. I sent him the link to hook up with everybody here. . . . POW!!!!

  8. Does anyone ever remember a short lived mod fanzine, I think it was called “An Opened Minded”, it was put out by two mod girls if I recall.

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