Today’s Image #215

Title“ Logo
Dimensions – Various Sizes
Format – digital graphic
Date – 2007

The image used for my logo is from a photograph of me when I was 4 years old, standing in the front yard of our Simi Valley home, with my cowboy hat, a pair of guns in holsters (not shown in the logo) and strumming my little guitar…


The addition of the “” web address was inspired by the classic old photo of Woodie Guthrie with his guitar that said “This Machine Kills Fascists” on it. He’s one of my heroes!

About a dozen people from our old Happy Hour group have one of the first little group buttons I made with this logo…


Today’s Image #207

Title“Ideas – Spring 1994 #1”
Dimensions – 6″ x 4″
Format – mixed-media collage on sailcloth
Date – Spring 1994 – Image 1 of 30

[In the collection of the artist]

My painting “America Is Waiting” (below) was based on this piece – Enjoy!

Title – “America Is Waiting”
Dimensions – 32″ x 24″
Medium – acrylic latex, charcoal, fabric, string on sailcloth
Date – July, 1994

[ In the collection of the artist ]