My Tree Friend

Something I posted on Facebook today (along with the photo above):

This is one of my friends, who happens to be a tree. A great tree. I love to stop under his tall branches when I walk my dogs and stare up into his lofty and spacious realm. Then the breeze rustles the leaves and I listen to him whisper gently… It’s good to have a friend like that.

The Presence Of Trees and Listening To Consciousness

This tree really is one of my friends. I have come to learn things about trees, their nature, their social ways, their cycles, why leaves fall and cover the land… so many various whispers which have come to me while standing under this tree during the last 5 years.

Is it because I have turned my thoughts to trees in general when I have stopped under it’s canopy that has brought these ideas to me, or is it the tree sharing his consciousness with me?

After years of visiting this tree, I’m more inclined to think it’s the tree speaking to me.

Of course, I can’t convince you of this – you have to know my tree friend to know how conscious he is, how he has grown and established his realm.

It took me several years of walking mindlessly past this tree before I learned to slow down to his pace – which is much slower than ours. The best I can describe it is as a “presence”, a space that surrounds the tree and draws your heart and thoughts up into it’s cathedral like space.

I wish I could say I have this kind of relationship with all trees or plants, but I don’t. I’m actually very bad at growing plants and come from a family who always had a brown lawn full of weeds. Horticulture is not in my blood, so to speak.

After realizing my tree was so aware of the world I tried to connect with other trees on my walk, but no such luck.

This experience with my tree friend has added to my growing pile of questions that I have about the nature of consciousness – what is “aliveness” and being aware? When does life know it’s alive? How does it know it’s a part of the greater reality? Where are the boundaries of consciousness? Where do I end and other consciousnesses begin? How varied is the field of consciousness among different creatures? How does my consciousness stay tethered to my body? Is it inside my skin, or does it exist around me?

My tree friend is doing his part in slowly helping me figure this stuff out – and I sure do appreciate that…

Video Portrait Of My Tree Friend

This is a video drawing I did back in April of 2008…

Note: my tree friend is a Sweetgum Tree

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