Paul Ryan – YOYO King

For many years (the 80’s and 90’s) I was an angry-young-man Libertarian – a position I turned my back on since 2004… now “I’m neither left or right” but I’m not a centrist either – nor am I a communist, a socialist, a Green or an anarchist.

I’m an idealist by nature and I don’t know where I fit in the American political spectrum anymore… and I don’t even know if it matters anymore.

Any way – I don’t like Paul Ryan’s politics and policies because:
I believe in societies with healthy common areas, common goals and working to support the common welfare that hold us together as a diverse people, and makes it possible to create a vibrant economy from bottom to top…Basically the opposite of Paul Ryan’s view.

When I think of Paul Ryan, I think of YOYO Economics – “You’re On Your Own” Economics – sort of like “Trickle-Down” or “Voodoo” Economics, but without the illusion of lifting any other boats.

Here’s a graphic to explain it simply – I call it – Paul Ryan – YOYO King – feel free to share it! (click on the graphic above for a larger version) – the season for political graphics has begun… Enjoy!

This graphic was paid for by no one.

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