$1 Hits – The Complete Word Collage

On August 29th we embarked on a 36-day trip called $1 Hits – a word collage that covers 36 pages in a handmade book that was created 1994…

I posted a page each day over the last month or so – along with the poem taken from the collage piece of that day – from then until October 3rd.

What Materials Were Used?

The material that went into this collage included the novel The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, a pulp fiction book called Fistful Of Death, a book on how to fly a Frisbee, Publisher’s Clearinghouse junk mail material and stickers, along with various other materials including cut-up pieces of my own poems.

What’s the Story?

As the story in this word collage moves along it’s seemly random way, this word collage takes the voice like a TV salesman, selling you useless junk, strangely invented objects, with just enough sex in it to sell the product, until we get to the last few pages where the story turns to Stark Naked, Linda and Sensual X and how their acid trip goes roaring off into the Movie…

Below is a photo of the small handmade book that holds this word collage. The “skin” of this book is my old painting shirt from 1992 until it was retired in 1994 to be used for different handmade books – this one and a very Dada-esque book called “My Left Arm”.


[Page 1]

$1 Hits

[Page 2]

{newspaper photo of Kramer from Seinfeld}

[Page 3]

A beautiful blend of images,
Embark on a spectacular journey through a unique celebration of our carpets of rainbow-hued flowers through the mist-shrouded science and technology.
When the lion’s skin will ride the white water and roam the glaciers of science and technology.
your free examination copy

[Page 4]

It is very important that your prize option be chosen when you enter this sweepstakes.

[Page 5]

Peel off one coupon, paste it on your Acceptance construction with belts and zippers and buttons
“I’m invited too?” Tony said
“You bet your ass,” Freddie said. “Now here’s how it works,
because it’s impromptu. Tony, shooting the movie, making tapes- they managed it all like a team. Once a few minor personal hassles are worked out-
“When?” Tony said.
In that very moment between twilight and sunrise
you. Who’s your friend?”
“Edward Duff,” I said.
“Duff? Duff?” Freddie said.
He walks streets
disaster and despair
in an overcoat

[Page 6]

Indonesia is strung out
and once again just sun and the green belly of America sailing by…
She had never taken LSD before,
Blissed out, Red Star
she looks fearless and immune and ready for all,
she was an electric guitar on a Sunday night
…serene. Certain things worked smoothly on every level.

[Page 7]

She stood out like a crowd
She played the city like a pinstripe suit.
She asked for the moon in a cup and her breasts hung over the city.
romantic past, copped out of the American trip. New York
ancient New York intellectual thing, duck back into the Art thoughts and Camera dreams

Revolutionary Chicken Feed
12 tiny elephants in a bean

[Page 8]

You win, you could be exposed,
Imagine feeling so
As the full moon rose we started to drink
Through my blue window I heard a fragile scream. I saw smoke coming off my shoes
Luminous shine-in-the-dark Stars for your ceiling
lurching in the dark
at the bottom of the stairs.

[Page 9]

Move things with your mind
26 Sounds!
New on Cassette
New on Compact Disc
Video Offer
Pets love It!
Deal of the Month!
How to Pick Pockets
New Prophecies of the End of the World

[Page 10]

Magician’s book of Hide ’em in your Heart Songs
The Secrets of Floating Light
Authentic Chairman Mao Magic Key Bender Pop Ball Surprise Gift
Uncensored Truth about Big Secrets

[Page 11]

NEW! NEW! New Offer!
It…It…It’s Alive
five feet two, dark hair, etc, and checks out Sensuous X and Gretch and Anonymous in the window-
Lighted match changes to lovely Flower instantly
Smoke from your Fingertips
Flowers from Fingertips
Now imagine how you would walk.

[Page 12]

New! Set of 6!
New! Set of 3!
Not sold in stores!
Easy to use!
Biodegradable Kitchen Helper!
Vanishing Egg Bag vanishes any small object
Disappearing Liquid Trick
“Aren’t you going?”

[Page 13]

New! Set of 8!
Great Value!
Set not sold in stores!
Free Inspection Authorization
Use Anywhere!
BBQ Party Rack Bingo Bag
Rain Wand
Great for lawns and gardens instant weather report

[Page 14]

New Cookbook!
Extends to 5 1/2 Feet!
Excellent Workout
As seen on T.V.
Family Tradition 2-Piece set!
4 Volumes!
Kitchen tool 6-Piece set!
Children’s Video!
As seen on T.V.
Family Tradition

[Page  15]

The All American Cafe

Miracle Glass
Food and Freezer Storage Containers
Send ‘n’ Seal Salad Bowl Set
New! Two 10-OZ Bags!

[Page 16]

Miracle Changing Ropes
Miracle Electric Deck
Levitating Magic Wand
Realistic Human Skull
Realistic Gag Chicken
New and Improved Security Wallets

[Page 17]

New! Set of 3!
Free Gift! Set of 3!
Set of 3!
Deluxe bald head gelatin brain mold activity kit
New Ancient treasures
7:00 AM Before
7:02 AM After

[Page 18]

Angled Toenail Scissors and Clippers
Not sold in Stores!
Computer Animated Virtual Reality
The pale boot of summer
you must patch it out with 10,000 Formulas, Secrets, Processes
Webster’s Large Print Tweezer Set with Magnifier

[Page 19]

New Lost Cities and Ancient Mysteries!
New! 1 Video, 1 Audiocassette!
Limited Edition Teardrops from the Heart Dictionary
Sale! Zero Pain Live-Action White Mouse Instant Hair Remover Vanishing Device

[Page 20]

Sale! Cigarette thru Coin Melting Coins
4 Nickels to 4 Dimes
Real Folding Coins
“Round Tuit” Coins
$1,000,000 Phony Money Secret Thumb Trick Magic Mystery
New Video!
See Special Offer Below

[Page 21]

Great Gift no camper should without
New Book! $3.00 Off!
Book of Hocus-Pocus Card Deck Perpetual Motion Machine Prison Chain Escape
Walk on Water!
Instantly turn liquids to solid grace
To get where your going isn’t as important as the going.
Living in mind powered machines you can build

[Page 22]

That warm, damp, seductive environment calls for a little meandering
Champagne sprouted slender nozzles from silver ice- Why may a person who has had a few drinks have no feeling that he has been affected by alcohol?
How do Sword Swallowers do it?
Not sold in stores!
Your price $14.95
Your price $11.95
Your price $8.95

In Java, I’ve noticed, a woman’s walk has a languid, extra slow moving
“Maybe she didn’t want her old man to know.”
nobody denied her, and she could wail, nobody tried to cool that inflamed brain that was now seeping out Stark Naked brain eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-

[Page 23]

Sale! Ginseng Tablets
Buy 1, Get 1 Free!
New! Ginseng Toothpaste
New Cassette Offer
How to be a Ventriloquist Wrong color Playing Cards
7-Piece Set!
Set of 2! Government UFO Conspiracy X-Ray Glasses Life Size
6 Card Repeat

[Page 24]

New Book Offer Stops Skin Problems Fast
Sale! Fade Ugly Skin Spots
Before & After
How do they do that ?
Spilled Nail Polish Chattering Teeth Disgusting Sounds Machine Backwards Wall Clock Foul Smelling Stink Spray
32-OZ. Spray!

[Page 25]

New Cassette!
New Video Offer!
New Black Light Wall Hanging Mind Blowing Jigsaw Money

Joke Money is touring France
blanket over her lap and her legs wedged back into the corner, her and her little bare breasts, silent, looking exceedingly go, and she is on the bus, christened Anonymous, down to her bra and panties, which she prefers.
Collector’s Puzzle Box
Mysterious Life-like Leg
Life-like no matter how weird it is.

[Page 26]

Not Sold in Stores!
New Video stars Clint Eastwood!
Wrestling’s Strangest Matches
New Cassette or CD!
Set of 2!
New! 3 Cassettes!
7 Movies on 2 Videos!
Deluxe Joy Freaks “Powerful, Horror Masterpiece”
New! Not Sold in Stores!
Old Russian intellectuals have always looked for… another country, a world class practical joke

[Page 27]

New Magic Eye 3-D Illusion Video
Remnants of a Super Power
2 Hours of Amazing Animal Struggles for Survival and Dominance X-Ray Vision Games you can’t Lose
“Get those cameras and microphones out of here,” the guy said.
“I’m not afraid of you!”
Great Values on Cassette!
Great Value!
4 Payments each
$6.24 $2.49 $2.24 $2.24

[Page 28]

Sale! Ponytail Cap
Hide Hair Loss
Originally Formulated for Movie Stars
Sale! Genuine Russian Electronic One Track Cap
New Tornado Video
Military Medal Zig Zag Pencil Archeology Proof we are not alone!
UFO’s and Aliens are Real!
surrounding her threatening her
Now you can see what the Government doesn’t want you to know
“I’m never worried when I’m with you, sweetie.”

[Page 29]

The Photographs-
New Sleight of Hand Lanterns of Light with the utter ridiculousness of it…
Now you see it
Now you don’t!
-but no one denied her a moment of it, neither the conked-out bug-eyed paranoia nor the manic keening coming on desire and causing her to laugh and Mary Tyler Moore desire reaching inside herself
Remember the pleasure
Reaching out for herself
A celestial aspect made easy

[Page 30]

Action Books
New All Occasion Friendships
Not available in stores!
Buy one, get 2- save $5.00
Favorite Chef Greeting Cards
The Joy of Cooking by Large Men
32 Inspirational Note Cards
New! 2 Cassettes!
New! Double-Length CD for the Microwave!

[Page 31]

Put any words here

[Page 32]

Order Enclosed

[Page 33]

Got an itch?
Vibrating Shocker
Disappearing Imitation Vomit Ink
Gets Rid of Zits!

[Page 34]

$10,000,000.00 Prize

She kissed my ear. She said at my ear, “You think I’m Stark Naked
“Sure. Everybody’s heard. Freddie-boy made sure of that.”
It starts small.
some acid, and now she is outside of the bus on the Euphoria
and is in a wide leg stance over her with the camera as she lies disclaiming on the desert floor, camera them and the movie-The Movie!-
many zeroed in on her like she is Maria Montez in a love scene-
Oooooooooh! It sparkles!”
-surfaces euphoric! euphorically garlanded in long greasy
“Mmm, I think so.”
“Good Friend of yours?”
“Uh huh.”
“She’s with the show?”

[Page 35]

“Oooooooooh! It sparkles!”
-pulling her long stands of slime-slithering hair outward
we can’t duck the weird shit,
and I was not going to stop
their voices, their presence,
She’s zonked out of her nut, but it’s all in wild
in a black blanket-
We clinked glasses again and sipped.
She took a black snakeskin blouse and a black mantle off, and suddenly Stark Naked crazed vibrations- with the flow.
Stark Naked; Stark Naked; silence; but, well…
comfortable inside your body, you feel alluring maybe even a little wanton
with her eyes open, staring, the next laughing and coming on, a lively Stark Naked,

[Page 36]

“Now I’m keeping Linda freely freaking!” she said.
“Tell Suzy to sign on the dotted line for one picture a year at two thousand per picture
with her long black hair coming down over it
and she becomes Stark Naked in the great movie, one moment all conked out,
Maybe that’s her thing
Very excited- and Sensuous X said she made Linda
“Because of her-
Who would like to see?
She has taken to wearing nothing but the blanket and she sheds that when she feels like it.
Sensuous X doesn’t know. No why to it. She just had the painting and a cosmic grin on her
off on her trip for good…

The End

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