Joshua Tree – Hidden Valley Campground – 24 Views

My mind in on Joshua Tree this week, due to an upcoming camping trip…

There is so much beauty to see in Joshua Tree National Park – there is the land itself along with the iconic namesake trees. There are the small flowers, the lizards, snakes, plants of various kinds – and then there are the boulders. I love the boulders!

This video, which was filmed in 2006 in Hidden Valley Campground – one of the best rock-climbing locations in the world – consists of 24 views, each one 10 to 15 seconds long, filmed in the warm, afternoon light…

One of the many reasons I return again and again to Joshua Tree National Park is to watch the light play across the boulders. It’s a very slow form of beauty and it’s worth spending all day just watching the light change the color of the boulders, re-drawing them over and over again into new and interesting variations.

When I’m back in my regular city life, and I daydream about camping in Joshua Tree, I imagine these boulders in the warm afternoon light…and what I imagine is what you see here – Enjoy!

Credits – the music is by Scenic, and the song is called “Lunar Afternoon” – it’s off of their album called “Acid Gospel Experience”, which I highly recommend.

All video segments were filmed by Jon, onehumanbeing.

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