Consciousness, Quantum Physics and Being Human

Consciousness Is The Ground of Being

I watched this on Friday evening. It’s about an hour long and very interesting, if you’re into stuff like consciousness, quantum physics and being human. I had never heard Dr. Amit Goswami speak before, but he covered many ideas which I think about a lot.

At this point in time (2013), the study of consciousness is still on the fringes of scientific study. As I mentioned to a friend the other day, “You could homestead in the field of consciousness and still not have a neighbor for miles around. That’s going to change soon…”

In my opinion this is going to change entirely in the next twenty years as “trans-humanism” starts becoming a reality. I think some of the most important subjects in science from 2035 to 2050 are going to be these questions:

  1. What is consciousness?
  2. What does it mean to be human (in the face of technologically-enhanced humans, cyborgs and humans uploaded into a virtual world)?

“Consciousness is the ground of being” is the profound idea which moved Dr. Goswami’s work, meaning, everything starts with consciousness, that’s when possibilities become an actual, manifested reality.

In this interview Dr. Goswami talks about many of the basic concepts (built on the idea stated above) which give physicists a good starting point as they begin to study this important part of our reality. Of course, he explains it a lot better than I do in this interview.

While watching this I said “Yes!” and “That’s right!” so many times. It was nice to have so many ideas I’ve learned intuitively are right on track.


Description From YouTube – Published on September 1, 2012

Dr Amit Goswami ‘Consciousness, Quantum Physics and Being Human’ Interview by Iain McNay on ConsciousTV.

Author of many books including: ‘How Quantum Activism Can Save Civilization,’ ‘The Visionary Window: A Quantum Physicist’s Guide to Enlightenment’ and ‘God Is Not Dead’ talks about his life and how discovering that consciousness Is the ground of being changed his scientific thinking and also his approach to life as a human being.

He also explains downward causation, quantum non-locality, free will, intention, the observer effect, quantum collapse and how consciousness creates the manifest world.



PS. I’d like to thank Zen Gardener for posting this on his website, which is where I discovered it…

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