Recent Drawings – 3 From July 2014

After taking a long break from drawing I decided to return to working on ink and colored pencil drawings during the first week of July.

Here are three of them, based (loosely) on the flower of life and other sacred themes… the reoccurring theme of the World Tree also found it’s way into this group of drawings.

I’m thinking about doing variations of these drawings as painting on canvas later this year.



Ouroboros and The Flower of Life
8.5″ x 11″
ink and colored pencils on paper


When The World Tree Blossoms
8.5″ x 11″
ink and colored pencils on paper


Dog Days
8.5″ x 11
ink and colored pencils on paper

FYI – dog days begin when Sirius rises with the sun and marks the point when the Nile would begin it’s annual flooding.

This year the dog days began on July 3 and ended on August 11…

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