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The Twos – Drawings from December…


Two of Pentacles
collage, ink and colored pencil on paper
8.5″ x 11″

Letting The Subconscious Lead…

My exploration of the tarot continued this month as I found myself drawing the twos. Balance, choices, decisions – these are some of the main themes involved with the second card in each suit of the minor arcana.

One of the background themes on my mind this month, which you can find in these two drawings, is the ever-present reality of death – we consume food and we will become food. I’ve been re-reading some of Carlos Castaneda’s writing over the month, and much of the wisdom of the shaman Don Juan includes the constant reminder that death is always just a moment away, that time is not a luxury you can waste frivolously, and we are all a part of the process of consumption – consuming and being consumed. By making death our friend and companion we learn we’ll never know death’s touch until the perfect moment. Death, in this case should not be thought of through the filters of Western Civilization thinking which fears death, but instead should be thought of in the shamanistic way, with acceptance as one of many important steps along the path of life.

The drawing above is the Two of Pentacles, or Coins. It shows a person juggling his choices while shuffling his feet to maintain his balance. Surrounding, and ultimately constraining his choices is the symbol for eternity. The dance of his decisions is done within the jaws of the World Tree, always connecting the Above with the Below – the interior vision with the exterior world.

The drawing below is the Two of Swords. Swords, in the tarot, are symbolic of the air, of the intellect. The crescent moon rules over the mind here, which is blindly making decisions while the eyes of many serpents move up and down the World Tree. The teeth of the “dog-eat-dog” world are constantly present as a reminder of death and it’s ever-present closeness.

In both of these drawings I’ve been pleased by the amount of subconscious material has been embedded in the symbolism of the drawing. Each time I look at them I find more material revealed, more ideas surfacing to be considered. The descriptions of the drawing provided here are just a starting point and are by no means a final description – the point here is for each viewer to find ideas formed in their own minds triggered by the various symbolism of the drawings.


Two of Swords
collage, ink and colored pencil on paper
8.5″ x 11″

These drawings are part of a group called the Esoterica Series – you can find more drawings from this series in my Portfolio: http://onehumanbeing.com/portfolio/esoterica-series/

The World (Card No. 21)


The World (Card No. 21)
collage, ink and colored pencil on paper
8.5″ x 11″

You May Be Asking Yourself, “What Am I Looking At?”

This is the 21st* and final card of the Major Arcana of the tarot called The World.

Arcana: a secret; mystery.

The lady in the center, surrounded by the aureola, or radiant cloud, is often referred to as the fifth element – the Quintessence. You see her in this drawing positioned before the Tree of Life. The red trees to either side of her are the Trees of Decision.

Quintessence: (in ancient and medieval philosophy) the fifth essence or element, ether, supposed to be the constituent matter of the heavenly bodies, the others being air, fire, earth, and water.

Surrounding the Quintessence and the world trees is a green wreath of success and achievement; the green wreath is wrapped in a red ribbon at the top and bottom representing eternity.

Around the outside of the wreath, you see four hands reaching out of the clouds presenting various objects – a sword, a cup, a wand and a coin with a pentagram – this is called a pentacle. These objects represent the four suits of the Minor Arcana.

Each of these suits (represented on standard playing card decks as spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds) are packed with meaning, allowing for a multitude of interpretations. On the classic Rider Waite Tarot Card these four elements are represented by the symbols of the fixed zodiac signs – The Man, The Eagle, The Lions and The Bull.


Above: Rider-Waite Tarot Card No.21 – The World

In the symbolism of the tarot, The Man symbolizes the same thing as the suit of swords,  which is the element Air. The Eagle symbolizes the cups which symbolizes the element Water. The Lion symbolizes the wands which symbolizes the element Fire. The Bull symbolizes the pentacles which symbolizes the element Earth.

As Above, So Below

Because of the Hermetic ideal of “As Above, So Below”, all of the drawings from this series (so far) have a round circle above a rectangle base – the circle representing the “Above” ideal and the rectangle representing “Below”.

In this drawing, at the base of the Tree of Life is a field of mushrooms, representing the impact certain plants have had on the development of humanity. Our worldwide myths are full of stories of gods advancing our civilization through gifts of knowledge. In my opinion, many of these gifts of knowledge have come from the numerous consciousness-enhancing plants (often called psychedelic plants) that share this planet with us. They might not look like little mushrooms, but I assure you, those are liberty caps the mushrooms are wearing.

The landscape in the rectangle below, where the roots of the Tree of Life stand astride the river – this is the Nile River flood plain. In one possible interpretation of this drawing reflecting on this thought, the Tree of Life becomes Osiris, and the Quintessence becomes Isis in one of the oldest sacred myths of Ancient Egypt.

You May Be Asking Yourself, “What Does It Mean?”

All that said, the subject of this drawing is the symbols of esoterica – it’s meaning is open to your subjective interpretation.

The subtle and multiple meanings of the various elements in this drawing encourages the viewer to allow their subconscious mind to surface and have a dialog with their conscious mind.

My Simple, One Paragraph Interpretation…

In the process of a human’s consciousness growing and developing, The World provides all the elements necessary for the journey – Air, Water, Fire and Earth (and mushrooms). Where real development takes place is in us, in the moment, standing as the Quintessence between the Trees of Decision – our ability to make decisions being the quintessence of our existence.

Click here to see a larger version of the image.

* This is technically the 22nd card of the Major Arcana because the deck starts with the zero card – The Fool – and goes up to 21 – The World.

The Hanged Man


The Hanged Man
collage, ink and colored pencils on paper
8.5″ x 11″

Images, Symbols and The World Around Us

We live in a world made of images and symbols which we perceive through our eyes and interpret with our brains. As we grow, we learn to see the world and it’s images, and these images become loaded with all kinds of meaning, some good and some bad.

Each one of us, through our different temperaments and experiences, will form our own individualized set of responses to these images around us. And these responses will, for the most part, lead and guide a person through life.

This leads to a very simple truth: Change the way you view the world around you and you change the way you think and act.

To me, this is the meaning behind the tarot card image of The Hanged Man. A man, viewing a world upside down, hanging in meditation, bliss and enlightenment.

Symbolism In This Drawing

In this drawing I borrowed the central image from The Hanged Man card, number twelve in the Major Arcana, from the Rider-Waite tarot deck.

Here he hangs suspended between heaven and earth on the World Tree, with white hair of wisdom, representing the hermetic ideal of As Above, So Below.

The two obelisks represent at least four different things, one of which is the twelve houses of the zodiac, as the hanging man’s illumination represents the sun at the center.

The clouds above represent the process of consciousness entering the body and the process of individualization… and that’s just a few of the many symbols in this drawing. With much thought and meditation it is possible to find and interpret the numerous other symbols imbedded in this drawing.

It’s this process of thought and meditation which helps us understand the “why” behind the way we see things and opens the door to seeing in a whole new way. Symbols are like keys to unlock those doors.

Enjoy exploring the drawing!

Info Links

Other interpretations of The Hanged Man tarot card:

  1. http://www.sacred-texts.com/tarot/pkt/pktar12.htm
  2. http://www.sacred-texts.com/tarot/tob/tob26.htm

Click here to see the image larger.

Meeting The Future Of My Dreams

The following is an excerpt from a collection of memories I wrote down in 2003. This piece tells the story of how Tania and I met, and how our relationship began in 1986/87.


I was in a dark hole. In my mind I often picture the year 1985 as this big dark hole. So many things happened that year which shaped my future life, but what really happened is I got stripped down until I was raw, and I looked at myself and what I saw I didn’t like. I knew I needed to turn this around.

How do these changes, these re-creations of our heart happen? Some moments are so crystal clear in their abruptness you know you’ve changed. Some moments wash over you like a slow tide of a long season before the harvest of change comes. I believe in change. I believe people can change. And somewhere in the dark hole of 1985 a change started in me.

I threw away pages of really bad, angry poetry. I got a job as a teller at a bank. I listened to lots of gothic music. I was tall, rail thin, chalk white, with hair that was ratted on top of my head.

I would go to the local Winchell’s Donut Shop when I got home from my teller job for my evening cup of coffee. One day in September of 1986, I saw a very beautiful girl behind the counter. We started talking about working at the donut shop. I had worked there a year earlier as a late night baker for about 3 months. It was the longest amount of time I held a job during that year.


As we talked I found out her name, that she was out of cigarettes, and she was at the beginning of her shift. When I left the donut shop I walked to the nearby Thrifty Drugstore and bought her a pack of her brand of cigarettes (Marlboro Light 100’s). I came back, walked past the line of people and laid them on the counter. I pushed the pack across to her and said, “Here you go…Tania,” making sure to pronounce her name correctly, which so many people don’t. Then I went home.

I thought about her a lot, making many trips to the donut shop for coffee in the following weeks. I found out she had a boyfriend, and I wasn’t going to interfere with that. Not again.

I just came in with my poems, which had started to get better, and tapes of my music. We talked and smoked cigarettes along with her friend Jamie who worked there with her. Jamie was her best friend at the time. Sometimes we’d all go in the back room and get stoned, then just hang out some more. We became good friends very quickly.

Tania was only 17 at the time, and I was 22, but she was just as old as I was. We both had been spending the last few years doing the same drugs, having similar experiences, just in different crowds.

We spoke the same language, but only in the way that meeting your other half makes a language like no other.

It was only a month later that Tania got rid of her boyfriend, and asked me out. That was October 12, 1986 – From that moment onward, life became amazing.

Some people are just meant for each other, and this was just one of those things. God made me for Tania and He made Tania for me. I’m sure there are lots of perfect fits like ours out there in the world…

Because we were in Irvine, California we found each other. Our families traveled great distances over time to bring us together.

Tania’s dad’s family left Belgium the same time my parents left Illinois (1952) and settled in the same year in the same town in Southern California (Pasadena).

Over the next 35 years our families wandered around Southern California until the necessary pieces fell into place and brought us together in Irvine, where we could meet in a little donut shop.


Wonderful memories about the beginning of our relationship that I cherish:

It was a full moon that first night; we watched a cat stumble through the street and get sick; we made love in the parked car for the first of many times together.

We were together from the word go. We both knew it and made it special. We made it more important than anything else, and when Tania said she was going to Minneapolis, I asked if I could go. Of course she said yes.

Before Tania, art was just an idea, a concept out of reach, but she made it real to me. Creativity sparked immediately when we came together.

I compiled a collection of all the music I had been working on in a project called Eccentric Activities.

I started collecting my poems and then a friend wanted to publish them as a book, which he did, and it was called “I’d Like To Live That Kind Of Life.”

I had a Yamaha scooter we’d go for cruises on, zipping down to Newport Beach to our pot lady, who was the mellowest, sweetest lady in the world with a goof of a husband and two great kids.


We would sit for hours on my front porch, smoking Marlboro Light 100’s one after another and talking, drinking coffee, and getting stoned.

We sat there, collecting our cigarette butts in coffee cans, discussing everything. We read Kurt Vonnegut books out-loud to each other. We talked about change. We talked about God.

in the beginning

We started building a sculpture, a tower, out of our collected cigarette butts. We made colored glue with Elmer’s glue and food dye. We added odd trinkets to it, like you get out of gumball machines. We would only allow our own cigarette butts. No one else could contribute. We were all about us.

When we left for Minnesota in August, 1987, our sculpture was nearly four feet tall.

Photos of Cigarette Sculpture – 1987

28 Years of Love!

Adding another photo to our annual Anniversary Day post…


Above –  In Joshua Tree National Park at Cap Rock honoring Gram Parsons on September 19, 2014.

The Jon and Tania Story – In 29 Photos!

We started going out on October 12, 1986, got married on October 12, 1992 (our sixth anniversary) and now 28 wonderful years have gone by…

To celebrate our Anniversary, here’s a gallery of photos of us together from 28 years of love – From 1987 until now, with each photo representing one year of the journey.

These Best Moments

I wrote this poem during the month after Tania and started going out. I remember it was composed in the early hours of the morning in a deep state of intuition.

The poem is a very accurate picture of our life now, after 28 years, much more than when I wrote it in November of 1986.

Fun Fact – I read this poem as part of our wedding ceremony in Big Sur on October 12, 1992  –

These Best Moments

It was a time to enjoy the best moments of our lives,
and everyday was something new.

We saw ideas:
dreams became real.

With these ideas came new hopes,
different avenues of expression.

Is this real? Should I even ask?

We’ve seen strange twists,
each for the experience, rich and cherished.

Content on pursuit,
following dreams,
knowing the creation of reality.
All at our grasp.

Developed in the light of patience:
savoring private moments:

Still standing with one foot in what they say is real.

More moments will come,
and we enjoy the moments that have been,


Above – Scan of the original notebook page from November, 1986.

Gallery of Moments

A Consciousness Vehicle – Imagination and Reality


Above: The Blue Pilgrim by Jon Christopher

A Consciousness Vehicle

Last week I posted this question on Facebook:

Want to change your perspective for a moment? Realize that every single person around you is a consciousness inhabiting a physical body – a consciousness vehicle. Most people believe they are the vehicle. They are not the vehicle… they are either the driver or a passenger.

This idea came from an article I had read called Jon Rappoport’s Talk On The Trickster-God And Creating Reality on The Mathisen Corollary, a blog I came across while looking up something unrelated. Here is a quote from Jon Rappoport’s talk:

Something impossible is happening here right now.

Your brain is made out of the same particles mine is, same as the chair is, same as that camera, same as her lipstick, same as that strap, same as that thing you’re wearing, a bracelet.

It’s all the same particles. Brain? Same particles…

So by conventional physics (materialism, that’s the philosophy aspect of it) there’s no possible way that I could be talking and you could be sitting there understanding what I’m saying.

But yet, it’s happening! Impossible!

Therefore . . . you’re not material. Hate to break it to you. Neither am I. We’re inhabiting these things, but we’re not material.

These things are material, but we’re not . . . and we possess this capacity to understand each other.

Yes, the physical vehicle has a part to play, in the theatrical this and the that and the blueah-yuh-yuh-yuh, but that’s it.

The actual understanding is non-material.

source: http://mathisencorollary.blogspot.com/2014/07/jon-rappoport-trickster-god-and.html

Imagination and Reality

I followed that up with a post along the same lines this week:

Where Does “Reality” Come From? The Wellspring Of Creativity, I Imagine…

re·al·i·ty | noun
1. the world or the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them.
2. the state or quality of having existence or substance.

I would like to suggest that the world of human civilization we experience on a daily basis – what most people think of as reality – is the product of human imagination. If you live in a city, stop and look around yourself for a moment – can you find one thing that is where it is which isn’t the result of someone’s imagination? Even where nature is allowed to exist in a city is based on someone’s imagination, ideas, and plans.

I would also like to suggest that imagination (along with choice) is one of the most powerful forces an individual possesses. The things we imagine today WILL become the reality of tomorrow.

The life Tania and I have now, living in the hi-desert in a jackrabbit homestead cabin, is the result of years of imagining the future – and now we live it. It took time (and plans and hard work) for the imagination to manifest itself in “reality”, but here we are… and that’s a pretty powerful realization to both of us.

Of course, the downside to this powerful realization is that if you don’t imagine your own future, someone else will do it for you… and you probably won’t like it.

My current working model of reality: We are immaterial beings of consciousness inhabiting physical bodies manifesting our imagination into material realities.

Here’s a link (with a quote) to an article by Jon Rappoport which relates to these ideas:

The Creative Center Of The World

…Art is not a little sandbox. Fueled by liberated imagination, it is THE revolution the psyche has been asking for.

When one acts long enough, he realizes that the world could really be a stage, and the sound and fury would, in fact, signify something vital and deep.

When one paints long enough, he realizes this world and all the universe are but one painting out of an infinity of possible paintings.

When one writes long enough, he realizes that so-called history is but one story—and many other (better) stories could be told.

When one plays music long enough, he realizes that emotion can be lifted out of petty concerns into realms where feeling becomes vast triumph.

When one builds long enough, he realizes that the physical structure of civilization can be led out of mere functionality into dazzling new spaces.

This is where we could go. And the stars in space would pale by comparison…

link: http://jonrappoport.wordpress.com/2014/01/12/the-creative-center-of-the-world/

Also, here’s a link to more information about the painting at the top of this page: http://onehumanbeing.com/portfolio/paintings/line-abstracts/

Until later, best of health.

The Pencil and the Manifestation of The Creative Idea into The Physical World

Drawing-8-Into-The-Maze-12-8-2008Above: “Into The Maze” – pen and ink with colored pencils on paper – 12.8.2008

“Think about what happens when you write or draw with a pencil. At the point of the pencil a very interesting phenomenon occurs; as you mark on the paper the idea or image which is resident in your mind… changes worlds; and becomes manifest on the paper… as a text or as a picture.” – Kabbalah and Freemasonry – W. Kirk MacNulty, 32 degree

I came across this interesting idea yesterday while I was doing some research for my novel, “The Late Great American Novel.” You can’t have a great American novel full of secret societies and conspiracies without Freemasons (and mystics) – right?

I found out during my reading that each of the 3 degrees to becoming a Freemason includes 3 tools symbolic to the degree, with the pencil being one of the tools of the 3rd degree. The text I was reading had a very mystical bent and spent a great deal of time on the process of transformation of the person, and the manifestation of the spiritual in the physical world – As Above So Below – as they say.

By the time I got to the 3rd degree in my reading, and came across the quote about the pencil I was very caught up in the thinking of the writer. I was very taken with the idea of a pencil as a magik tool – as a means of bringing the idealized world of my thoughts into the physical world with a drawing.

What an amazing idea that is… somehow I’m going to work that into the novel.

About the drawing – This is from December 8, 2008 and is called “Into The Maze” – pen and ink with colored pencils on paper. My conscious thoughts about this drawing involved the various incarnations of Thoth/Hermes/Mercury/Quetzalcoatl upon the path of life.

You can find more drawings from this series here: http://onehumanbeing.com/portfolio/drawings/the-december-drawings/

Links to more info about The Late Great American Novel

The Late Great American Novel: http://onehumanbeing.com/central/2012/08/21/the-late-great-american-novel/

The Novel As A Long Term Creative Project: http://onehumanbeing.com/central/2013/01/08/the-novel-as-a-long-term-creative-project/

Real Life Fiction

How are you making your choices, who is making your choices – is that even you making those choices? Important questions, especially if your finger is on the button…

R E A L   L I F E   F I C T I O N   b y   J o n   C h r i s t o p h e r

handmade-steel-dice-15mm-d6-singleJimmy rolled the dice around in the fingers of his right hand. He stared at his list of options in his left hand. This was a big decision and Jimmy needed help, as usual. Sometimes Jimmy would use his lucky coin, an old fifty cent piece, but this decision had too many choices – five to be exact. Well, five plus a bonus option. And that required using his dice.

Jimmy always counted on his special dice or his lucky coin to guide him. Guide him? Actually, to make most of his choices for him. Not that he was obsessive/compulsive about it. He just trusted chance more then his own decision making processes.

“Life is a giant crap shoot,” his dad had told him endlessly while growing up. It was one of his dad’s favorite phrases, that and, “Don’t gamble with another man’s dice.” Those two phrases pretty much summed up his dad’s wisdom.

Jimmy held the dice and tried to compress as much of himself as he could into the dice. Not really, but that’s what it felt like to Jimmy, like he was making the dice a part of himself, as if the dice were a part of his own consciousness. That’s why he trusted the dice to make his decisions for him. It was a strange, half-ass theory that made sense to Jimmy and that’s about it.

Somewhere along the line Jimmy had gotten it into his head that the dice was an extension of himself because it was his dice and when he rolled it his dice would give the correct answers he needed. So far the system had worked out pretty good.

Jimmy rolled the dice around in the fingers of his right hand. He stared at his list of options in his left hand – and then the scene replayed itself again.


Peter watched as his Jimmy character looped through the short cycle. He hit the pause button and stared at Jimmy, frozen in motion on the screen. Who is this character? Why is he doing this? What is the point? Peter was wondering a lot of things. Once again he found himself deep in an assignment without any idea what he was going to do. Not that it was a problem.

Of course he’d come up with an answer, some clever idea to make his bosses happy – that’s why they had hired him in the first place. But that didn’t mean he had to like this part of the job. Somewhere – no one told him where – a real person named Jimmy was living his life and it was just about to be hijacked, once Peter had come up with a new storyline that fit the Company’s agenda. There was always the Company agenda.

Peter’s job was buried deep inside the intelligence network – almost no one knew him and he knew no one. His assignments showed up at his door in plain wrapped envelopes. All the information he needed to do his job except a reason why. There was no reason why when it came to the Company. No reason was offered when he was hired some twenty years earlier, and no reason had been offered since. The Company itself was it’s own reason why.

Peter was a specialist and no one ever told him how to do his job. The envelopes told him what needed to be done and the exact completion date – how he accomplished his job was never an issue. Just make a new life for this person, make it seamless and follow the guidelines, and that’s it.

Peter was a fiction writer of sorts, except he wrote real life fiction, personality replacement fiction. He created conspiracy theories, highjacked real peoples consciousnesses into his fiction and inserted them, rewritten, back into the reality matrix. Well, he didn’t do the inserting part, that was another department’s area, but he was part of the process.

Peter invented UFO sightings, Bigfoot sightings, Bermuda Triangle anomalies and more. If there was an sub-category of the paranormal you could think of, Peter had been involved in creating false stories to dis-inform the general public. Nothing like “almost the truth” to muddy the waters – at least that’s the best guess Peter had for why he did what he did. Until now, he had pretty much avoided the whole “moral conscience” part of the job equation, but more and more it was starting to rear it’s ugly head. The question why was popping up in his mind more and more.

The fact that several of his recent fictions had been mass shootings – hijacked personalities who were set on a violent trajectory with great success – had started to eat away at his dispassionate approach to his job. Making people believe they saw the Loch Ness Monster was one thing, sending people into a public place with mass murder on their mind was another.

This latest assignment, this “Jimmy” case, was even more troubling. Whoever this Jimmy guy was, he was a problem assignment. Just glancing at the personnel file which was included in the envelope Peter had received was enough to tell him this was a top level person – someone who had their finger on one of the many nuclear launch controls. It seemed the Company planned on giving Jimmy a list of five cities to choose from to target for nuclear attack: Moscow, Tokyo, Beijing, Tehran, Pyongyang – and the bonus choice – all of the above.


Continue reading

Summer Skies And Clouds In the Hi-Desert

There is just a month left of our first summer living in the hi-desert, and we have been loving it here. We hope this is only the first of many years living at Casa de Gamma.

This is where the land of the Joshua Trees meet the foothills of the San Bernardino Mountains. The air is clear, and the clouds and summer thunderstorms keep the daytime skies interesting… but when the sky is blue, it’s impossibly blue.

Here’s a small collection of photos from the last month of the clouds and skies in our new neighborhood.



August 12 – I stepped out front to have my evening coffee and let Suki hunt lizards while waiting for Tania to get home. I looked up and… Sunbeams – just sitting there looking all majestic and everything!


August 11 – UFO clouds over Gamma Gulch…


August 12 – Today’s moment of hi-desert heaven…

There is a thunderstorm north of here, just over Black Mountain, and another one to the southeast over Yucca Mesa (according to the weather map). Here in Gamma Gulch, between the storms, the weather is warm and humid with cooling gusts of wind that howls through the windows.

We were told when we moved here that Gamma Gulch has a special weather vortex. After 9 months here I tend to believe that now.


August 10 – I think Maxfield Parrish painted our sunset on this evening.


July 13 – 30 second exposure on a super moon night with stars and clouds…


August 17 – Impossibly blue.

Recent Drawings – 3 From July 2014

After taking a long break from drawing I decided to return to working on ink and colored pencil drawings during the first week of July.

Here are three of them, based (loosely) on the flower of life and other sacred themes… the reoccurring theme of the World Tree also found it’s way into this group of drawings.

I’m thinking about doing variations of these drawings as painting on canvas later this year.



Ouroboros and The Flower of Life
8.5″ x 11″
ink and colored pencils on paper


When The World Tree Blossoms
8.5″ x 11″
ink and colored pencils on paper


Dog Days
8.5″ x 11
ink and colored pencils on paper

FYI – dog days begin when Sirius rises with the sun and marks the point when the Nile would begin it’s annual flooding.

This year the dog days began on July 3 and ended on August 11…

It’s Clean-Up Time… And Time To Reflect



Above: Death Valley Drawing from December 12, 2008. One of the subjects of this drawing was the idea of myself as a snake shedding it’s skin.

Six Years Of A Seven Year Plan

onehumanbeing.com was established 6 years ago as a way to initiate a new season of art for myself. It is a super-project that launched a number of different sub-projects that have come and, mostly, gone (into my digital portfolio) such as redbotlovesyou.com, The Philip K. Dick Reading Club, The Turning, The MMJ Project, The MMJ Lists, The All-Seeing Eyebama, and UFOverdriver.

Most of this work has been done as Jungian experiments to explore the use of consciousness and the collective conscious as both subject matter and as an art material. The projected length of this project was 7 years when I began in June of 2008.

I’m now in the last year of the project and it’s time for me to try and make sense of all I’ve learned since the project began. My worldview has certainly been altered by the process, and I’m sure I’ll be writing about that soon…

All of this has accumulated (here) on my website as posts, sound collages, stories about dealing with bi-polar disorder, many many graphics and art pieces, and the time has come to archive some of this material, and start thinking in terms of creating a final document to complete the work by next June.

I’d like to express my deepest thanks to everyone who has followed my work, either on my various project sites or on Facebook. I appreciate your comments and “likes” more than you can imagine.

Until later, best of health,

Moving To The Hi-Desert!



During our vacation last month, as wonders of the southwest desert constantly opened up in front of us, Tania and I would often say, “you might still see that in the desert…” – based on a line from The Orb’s song “Little Fluffy Clouds.”

This phrase has become a mantra for me and invokes all that I find missing in my urban environment and the creative spark in myself that needs recharging – “you might still see that in the desert.”

Don’t get me wrong – we love Long Beach and it’s been a great home for over 23 years, but our creative journey is now leading in a new direction – to the Joshua Tree area.


Above: The road to our new home…

By this time next month we should be settled in our Jackrabbit Homestead-style home on 5 acres in Gamma Gulch, just above Pioneertown – about 25 minutes from downtown Joshua Tree.

We’ll be living down a long dirt road, surrounded by the beautiful hi-desert landscape and boulders with a front yard full of Joshua Trees. If you’ve ever camped in Hidden Valley in Joshua Tree National Park, then you can imagine what our “neighborhood” looks like.


Above: The view from our deck…

We have a trillion new things to learn about living in a rural environment but we’re looking forward to the challenge. Our little home is just barely tethered to “the grid” and I’m looking forward to learning about permaculture, composting, rain water collection, solar heating, using a wood-burning stove, the native flora and fauna, the cycle of desert seasons and so much more…

Thank you Long Beach (and everyone that includes)! We hope many of our friends to come out and visit us in our new piece of creative heaven soon.

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The Original All-Seeing Eyebama Design


“This is the original Eyebama T-Shirt, until you hear otherwise…”

Available in Black. T-shirts from American Apparel, Hanes and others – many different styles available for men and women (boys and girls).

Prices start around $24.00 with sizes up to 6x available.

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The All-Seeing Eyebama – Yes We Can (See You)

round-original-t-shirt“The All-Seeing Eyebama – Yes We Can (See You) T-shirt…”

Available in Black. T-shirts from American Apparel, Hanes and others – many different styles available for men and women (boys and girls).

Prices start around $24.00 with sizes up to 6x available.

T-Shirts usually are printed and shipped within 24 hours. Allow 3-5 days for delivery. All t-shirts printed by Zazzle.com.



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BANKERS – Giving You The Finger


“Yes, that’s you they’re giving the finger to… how does that feel?”

Available in Black (and other colors). Printed on t-shirts from American Apparel, Hanes and others – many different styles available for men and women (boys and girls).

Prices start around $24.00 with sizes up to 6x available.

T-Shirts usually are printed and shipped within 24 hours. Allow 3-5 days for delivery. All t-shirts printed by Zazzle.com.


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The All-Seeing Uncle Sam

i-want-you“The All-Seeing Uncle Sam says, ‘I want you to give me your data.'”

Available in Black (and other colors). Printed on t-shirts from American Apparel, Hanes and others – many different styles available for men and women (boys and girls).

Prices start around $24.00 with sizes up to 6x available.

T-Shirts usually are printed and shipped within 24 hours. Allow 3-5 days for delivery. All t-shirts printed by Zazzle.com.


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More souvenirs from this project available from NOSUCHAGENCY on Zazzle.com

Layers of Reality

Originally posted on The All-Seeing Eyebama

Jon, onehumanbeing

Jon, onehumanbeing

There are many layers to this experience we call reality.

Layers of knowing, layers of the senses, layers of the spirit and intuition, layers of people just trying to live their lives, layers of mainstream news, layers of secret societies and power control groups, layers of intelligence networks, layers of corporate greed, layers of criminal families and organizations, layers of internationalist and globalists, and then there’s the layers beyond our understanding.

Each layer has a certain kind of reality all it’s own – similar to the standard issue reality, but uniquely different, unique to it’s own layer.

These layers move around us like an unseen atmosphere, with various layers pushing on each other, colliding in ways that cause little rips to develop in our ideas about the persistence of the standard issue reality.

These fortunate little rips, like viruses in the control matrix, create openings for new ideas to get into the well-protected standard issue reality control matrix.

Synchronicity, chance encounters, the right book being handed to you at the perfect moment… little things that make you wonder if there is something else going on – something more you just can’t put your finger on…

Different Roads We Travel

The broad road, which most people travel on, tries to put up billboards of distraction to block-out these awkward intrusions into the standard issue reality.


Above: Illustration by Jon Christopher

Only those who take the smaller side roads tend to get a full view of the mysterious other side of life. It’s the place for spiritual seekers, mystics, prophets, artists, the madmen, the truth-tellers and those who hunger for something more than they found traveling the broad road with everyone else.

Sometimes, it’s down one of those side roads you find that thing you were looking for, that next clue you needed as you travel on.

To help us see these different layers, or at least help us see a few of them, I’ve found several writers to give us their very different views and experiences.

LEFT HOOK with Dean Henderson


Dean Henderson is the author of 4 books including Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network which I highly recommend. He writes with a high-degree of understanding about his subjects, and his scholarship is extensive, complete with footnotes.

Dean has generously agreed to allow us to re-post his articles! These will all be posted under LEFT HOOK.

You can find Dean’s website here: http://deanhenderson.wordpress.com/

Jon Rappoport


Jon Rappoport is an investigative reporter with a brilliant sense of logic and more than 30 years of work behind him. He always brings an eye-opening analysis to every post.

He doesn’t pull punches…

Jon has given us full permission to re-post his articles – which I’m very proud to do that here at The All-Seeing Eyebama for your enlightenment and reading pleasure!

You can find his articles under: Rappoport

You can find his website here: www.nomorefakenews.com

The Bakeman Report with Ken Bakeman


I first read Ken Bakeman’s book, The Verges, back in December 2012 and was amazed at the stories it contained – stories which went far beyond my experience and understanding about reptilian trans-dimensional aliens, abductions, alien mind-control and how trans-dimensional forces work to control the herd of humans (us) here in terrestrial space.

Since then we’ve exchanged a few emails, and once this site was launched I contacted him to see if he would allow us to post parts of his story.

Ken has given us permission to share his stories, so I present them to you as a possibly of another layer of reality in the atmosphere around us we don’t know about yet…

You can find Ken’s website here: http://www.kenbakeman.com/reptilian_index.html

Until later, best of health,

Jon, onehumanbeing
Editor and Chief Sticker Maker, The All-Seeing Eyebama

PLEASE NOTE: All opinions expressed by these writer’s represents their own viewpoint, and not necessarily the viewpoint of this website: The All-Seeing Eyebama



Originally posted on The All-Seeing Eyebama


We’re not talking about your local banker here, your small bank guy – we’re talking about the big boys club, the Too Big To Fail bankers.

And who are they giving the finger to? You. And me. And all the rest of us little people.

But you already knew that. You’ve known that for 5 years at least. Everyone has known that for at least 5 years. And still nothing has been done. Sad.

This sticker design isn’t going to wake up the world, but you can have fun thinking of posting a sticker as giving the finger back to the powers-that-be.

Stickers are subversive, in a good way.

A small amount of this design has been printed on stickers, and will be available within a day or two…

New Project Site Launched – The All-Seeing Eyebama

Just what is it that makes today’s dystopia so different, so graphically appealing?


Project Site Launched June 16, 2013

Dystopian art and news from alternative sources.

Subjects: NSA, warrant-less-wiretapping, secret detentions, The Illuminati, reptilians, secret societies, nightmare techno-fascists, angry militarized police thugs, constant survellience, things that go bump in the night and more…

Is this paranoid? Not if it turns out to be true.

Project site will include

  • Art by onehumanbeing.com
  • Writing by Jon Rappoport, Zen Gardener and others…
  • Alternative news postings gathered from the internet
  • Website work by NOSUCHAGENCY

Staying one step ahead of the suede-denim secret police.

link: http://eyebama.onehumanbeing.com/



NOSUCHAGENCY and onehumanbeing.com have conspired to bring you words and images of dystopia, secret intelligence, paranoia, conspiracy, alternative realities, weird visions and more…

Information will be released on a need-to-know basis.



Creating The All-Seeing Eyebama


While working on some NSA-leak inspired graphics earlier this week called “Freedom, American Style“, I downloaded the official portrait of President-Elect Obama, taken on January 13, 2009. Notice, he has no grey hair yet…


I was wondering what it would look like if I pasted the all-seeing eye from the back of the one dollar bill over the president’s face. So I scanned the image of the all-seeing eye into my computer and started to work with it…


The resulting image is a graphic metaphor loaded with all kinds of different meanings, from the power of money in politics, the NSA intrusions into our privacy, the rise of the surveillance state during Obama’s administration, to conspiracy theories about secret societies like The Illuminati controlling the President, and, of course this image means all those things and more.



Eyebama Street Team

Last night I printed up a bunch of 2″ x 3″ stickers – soon to be mailed out across the country.


My friends know how to get a hold of me if they want some sent to them…



Now On T-Shirts (And Other Stuff)


T-shirts, hoodies, posters, framed wall prints, drinking glasses, a drinking flask, and other stuff adorned with the Eyebama image are NOW AVAILABLE at the onehumanbeing shop on Cafe Press.

Hold it, did you say drinking flask? Yes I did…


David Icke, They Live, Eight O’Clock in the Morning and OBEY…

This little excerpt from my life began with me wondering, “Who is David Icke?”

I had heard of David Icke from a number of people recently – it was one of those names which kept popping up at some of the websites I was visiting while gathering information for my ongoing novel project. What little I knew about him was some vague idea that he was some guy who had some far-out thoughts.

My curiosity increased each time his name came up, so I decided to check him out, to try and get a comprehensive understanding of his worldview.


Finding out about David Icke’s ideas isn’t too difficult –  he gives epic-length lectures. One of his lectures last year lasted for nearly 7 hours, and was presented to a very large audience at Wembley Arena in England. You can watch it on YouTube. It seemed to me that listening to 7 hours of him talking non-stop about his ideas should give me that overview.

So I’ve been watching it in short pieces every few weeks – 30 minutes to an hour at a time.

First off – The man can talk! Wow. And he covers a vast amount of material about various so-called “Conspiracy Theory” subjects – New World Order, Reptilians, Hollow Moon Theories and all-kinds of cool and groovy topics far outside the mainstream. If you like going out beyond the fringe, then you probably want to check David Icke out.

Because I’m always listening for new sound collage material – David Icke sounds to me like an untapped well of sound bites. Like I said, this guy can talk.

They Live

One of the movies he mentioned during his lecture was the 1988 John Carpenter film They Live. Here’s a clip of David Icke talking about the film in a T.V. interview. In this clip he gives a very accurate introduction to the story. Watching this will not spoil the movie if you haven’t seen it yet.

Of course we had to rent it, which we did this last week. Basically, it is excellent, in glorious b-movie style! It’s one of my new favorite films, or part of my personal top-ten favorite films of all time. Judging from the responses on Facebook I’m just the latest person to join the “I love They Live” party. How did I miss seeing this movie before? Cultural blindspots or something…

An added note – I think it would make a great double-feature with the 1984 cult classic, Repo Man.

Here’s the trailer for They Live:

“I have come here to chew bubble gum, and kick ass…”

Just to get a taste of They Live, here’s a classic scene from the movie.

This is the point where our main character, Nada, played by wrestler Roddy “Rowdy” Piper, is coming to an full understanding about the false illusion of the world (thanks to the sunglasses), and he doesn’t like what he sees!

So, like a good American, he grabs his gun and takes business into his own hands…

As we join the action, he has just entered a bank building and he says…

“I have come here to chew bubble gum, and kick ass…
And I’m all out of bubble gum.”

Mayhem ensues.

WARNING: Gratuitous Gun Violence Alert

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