Happy Thanksgiving!

Photo by Tania with drawing by Jon - From the mid 90's

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone has a great day eating, relaxing and remembering all the people, places and things you are thankful for…

Here’s a song for the day from U2 called Scarlet off of their October album from the earlier 80’s.


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Bonus Image of the Moment:

Here’s a photo collage I found last night while doing some cleaning. It’s from the same time as the Thanksgiving photo collage, and the photo was also taken by Tania.

When Ad Placement Goes Wrong


I saw this online at The Los Angeles Times this morning… a very unfortunate example of the problem with automated ad placement…

What a tragic event… both Tania and I pick up our prescriptions close to where this tragedy took place and that made it a bit more surreal for us.

I couldn’t imagine a worse ad placement coincidence… don’t put “Your Face Here” – and have a nice weekend.

(click image to see larger version)

Every Person’s House Is An Island

Click image to see full size...

Click to view my Google Map for this drawing…

Much has been going on in my life, and I’ll be catching everyone up shortly.

But for the moment…

Here’s a piece I did the other day… I’m going through my large collection of Long Beach photos from the last few years, and dug this one out to finish the piece I’ve seen in my head every time I walk by this house.

This house is a few blocks from our apartment/studio, on First Street in Bluff Park, a very beautiful neighborhood on the bluff overlooking the beach with a view of the Queen Mary and looking out towards Catalina Island across the channel.

When I took the photo of the house which I used here, I pictured it in my head as isolated from all the other houses – on an island of sorts with waves lapping where the street is now…

There are a few other houses that give me the same feel, maybe I’ll put them on an island too.

The Book Of Days


The Book of Days | March 10th through 14th, 2009

Here’s the Maya day signs from the Tzolkin (click on the post’s title if you don’t see the image), the Maya’s sacred calendar, for a few days during this week, showing the change from the Cimi Treneca and the Cauac Treneca… I’ll write more later, but I’m starting to integrate material I’ve been watching (it’s information about “time” – so you have to watch it happen to see the day signs come into play… it’s like a map) since late last October. Continue reading

Come On Wheels, Take This Boy Away…


I was given a new bike today – the best bike I’ve ever owned… and no, it doesn’t look quite like the image above.

[A note about the image: I took some photos this evening of my new bike, none of which were very good on their own… Tania suggested a photo-collage…]

I’ve been sorta-wanting a bike for a while, not really needing it, just thinking it would be an added value to my life, eliminate some car and gas use, and be a nice way to get around Long Beach, which is slowly moving towards bike-friendliness…

But this last week, a friend said to me as he was helping me move a love-seat up our stairs, “Man, you are out of shape. You need to get some exercise, you need a bike…” and I had to agree. Continue reading

Signs of Spring on it’s way…

Another photo from my cellphone – this morning there were no buds like this on the trees, but over the course of the day these developed, and some trees have even sprouted leaves – just today!

If I lived in another time, and followed a different calender, the spiritual leader or shaman would have probably pointed this out to the people so that planting could begin…

But then again, the people might have just celebrated the Solar New Year this last Sunday, February 22nd (that’s the date this year – it cycles around) – and he probably would have mentioned that we have entered the Year of the Manifestation of the Wind (the solar year began on 10 IK – IK means “wind” and is my day sign) on the Maya Tzolkin, or sacred calender which establishes the course of this next year – as things relate to the sun and solar events. Personally – I’d expect some very stormy events ahead – just watch the news over the next few months and see…

Of course, that would just be one of the pendulums of time he would be watching, and just a small part of a much bigger picture…

But we live in the modern rational world that gets very nervous around uncertainty, mystery and faith – so we wouldn’t listen to one of these wise men of old, even if he were to stand right in front of us…

Double Rainbow

Double Rainbow Detail - Click to see full Image of the Moment

Please note: I am publishing this post about a week [2-25-2009] after I first wrote it. See the note at the end of the post for more details…

Ripples After The Splash

The last 36 hours have been very difficult. (the story gets better, really…)

I’ve experienced this before, the relapse after a big depression, just as you’re heading out of the whirlpool. It’s like ripples from a big splash in a pond.


That’s the word I settled on to describe how I feel today. I’m angry, bothered and vexed – but mostly it’s wrestling with God, trying to get through my confusion of the moment…

So today, I’m not the best to be around – I have a short temper, and I feel like I have an agenda in every conversation… most of which have been with Tania who had the day off today and got to enjoy my dark windstorms and blowing clouds…

I don’t get this way very often, and haven’t in a long time, so it’s really throwing me around this time, and tripping up my footing.

I believe in a God of big promises, and today I need to see some of those show up… like I said – I have been peeved today. Maybe it’s something I ate, my various medications – I don’t know…

A note to those who don’t understand the work of faith: faith is not blind, it’s a force that strips away all your illusions and makes you face the real problems, like food on the table and clothes to wear. To learn about faith that works you have to ask questions, it’s fear and doubt that keeps you one quiet.

I found out from Tania as I was muttering about in my peeved ramblings this morning, that she was dealing with the same kind of thoughts, and she had been praying about the same things that were bothering me.

Praying – a much better response. That’s how we’ve moved from questions to answers in the past – we prayed – and it has worked every time so far…

We both agreed that we needed to see some of those promises, and now was a really good time, really… and we prayed.


Later this afternoon I drove over to A Soothing Remedy Collective, and saw my new friend Dr. Shillstein (that’s his weedtracker username), the guy who runs the place.


I usually enjoy visiting the Dr. but today I was just a dark cloud coming to visit. I had gone there just to drop off some MMJ (Medical Marijuana) Week buttons for them to give away,  but I also picked up a gram of Mango OG Kush (the Dr. recommended it for my situation – a very good choice) and left…

After I got home and had some of my new herb (still feeling peeved, but in a nice, kush-induced, fuzzy kind-of-way) I glanced out the front window and saw the most beautiful rainbow I’ve ever seen (and no, the rainbow wasn’t because of the herb).

I called Tania over to see, and we both ran downstairs to try and get a photo of this amazing sight.

I’m very serious when I say I’ve never seen such a brilliant, complete, colorful double rainbow. The composite photo above does not do it justice.

Now I realize that there are “rainbows” and there are “Rainbows: The Amazing Version” – This was the latter…

I have never seen one such as this, but I imagine that the one Noah saw must have been like this, because you look up it and go, “Wow…” – you just have to.

You might or might not know that the rainbow Noah saw was a sign to him from God that represented God’s promises to him, God’s covenant with Noah, and all mankind after him. I feel like today, God answered my storms with a rainbow…

An after note: 11:30 pm – I’m still feeling a bit peeved – I hope this feeling goes away when this current depression ripple passes because I do not like feeling this way…

Note from about a week later – Feb 25, 2009

I didn’t publish this post on the day I wrote it because in it’s draft form it was such an incomplete picture of what was going on in our life, the much bigger picture where this is just one footstep of faith leading to the next – but for those that don’t walk this way it could cause confusion.

My life is about fanning the spark of faith in the people I meet, and I don’t want to do anything to blow out that spark…

This double rainbow was followed up by a show the next day on the Science Channel about Uncertainty and Quantum Physics. When I need spiritual clarity, I turn to Quantum Physics – it gives me great perspective.

All the peeved feelings melted away after that night, and my questions have started to return to me as answers that help me see the world with more love, hope and purpose…

And I have a new material for my work now – Uncertainty. More about that coming up soon…

So now, over a week later, I’m starting to understand in an even-more-amazed-way the beauty of that rainbow, on that particular day, and that moment. It’s a gift that keeps on giving. My faith is now stronger and has a larger vision…

The Silhouettes of the Trees of Winter

Long Beach at dusk with winter trees...Every evening during this winter, when I’m walking Moseley (my dog), I get lost in staring at the winter trees with their beautiful silhouettes… it mesmerizes me.

I’ve been waiting since last summer to watch the trees change color and lose their leaves, finally to stand naked, quiet and settled in until the spring sunlight starts the re-greening process.

Since Moseley entered our lives a couple of years ago, and walking in my neighborhood has become a regular, several times-a-day-event, I’ve fallen in love with my local trees.

Last summer I did several video collages of one of my favorite trees on First Street here in Bluff Park, you can see one of them here:

Tree – 2405 E. 1st Street, Long Beach, CA

Planet Venus

An added bonus every evening is to look up a see the planet Venus as the evening star, which sends my mind off into thoughts about the Maya time-system , non-linear time-space, my place on a round planet and other “beyond the horizon” kind of mental explorations.

I’m sure it does the same thing for you too…

About the image: photos from my cellphone on January 30th, 2009

Have a nice evening…

Ten OC

Happy New Year!

I know I’m a week late but I’ve been busy (that’s an overused excuse…) with my projects, namely The MMJ Project and a new project site I’m building called The Medical Marijuana Lists, using my photos from my experience last year volunteering as CCLB’s menu person on WeedTracker.com.

If you don’t hear from me for a few weeks, just click the link above and check out my project site and you’ll see what’s going on… and if anything changes, I’ll let you know.

Have a blessed New Year!

Jon, onehumanbeing

PS. Oh, the image above… this year, 2009 entered on the Maya day of “10 OC”, which mean that this year is seated on the tone and quality of that day… that’s the quick answer.

I’ve been very busy with my other project “The Book of Days” – which is immense and overwhelming at times… but because of that project I follow the Tzolkin, the Maya sacred calender, as a theorical experiment.

When I have the project site ready for The Book of Days I’ll post it here…

Merry Christmas from Jon, onehumanbeing

Merry Christmas everyone!

I’ve been very busy over the last few weeks working on a project called “The Book of Days”; a multi-year work that involves various calendars, numerous subjects (like Mayan time, circular rhythms, astronomy, myths, religions, the story of creation, God, gods and other spiritual beings, Abraham, Issac, Jacob, Esau, the next 26,000 years, the world tree, and (this is the short list) one of the main characters – Ophiuchus… it’s a big project and it’s getting closer to launch every day…

Subscribe to my newsletter (see side bar on right) and I’ll update you as soon as the new blog site for The Book of Days is launched.

I did a number of drawings earlier this month while I was preparing my materials for this project… here’s the whole collection that I posted along with a few extras… enjoy and have a great Christmas.

Until later,

Jon, onehumanbeing

Death Valley Drawing


Here’s another of the drawing I did while at Death Valley this last weekend (Thursday through Sunday).

Thinking about the World Tree still… lots of snakes and serpents getting in these drawings. I let my unconscious mind steer these drawings and I get surprised by what shows up… like those sand dunes near the bottom. I ended up doing the sand dune drawing (see image from 12-16-2008) after seeing those show up…

Enjoy, more later…

Back from our Death Valley adventure…

We returned from Death Valley this evening. Tania and I traveled out there with our 2 dogs, Tania’s brother Derek, and our best friend Tina to celebrate her birthday. Death Valley is beautiful in December, and cold…

We stayed in Stovepipe Wells at the motel near the sand dunes. We explored the sand dunes for quite awhile on Friday morning. The wind creates really beautiful shapes and forms…

On Saturday afternoon, as we were about to leave on another adventure across the park, we saw what looked like a wall of haze or cloud coming down from the north end of the park. The wind was starting to blow harder, and after some ominous sounding words from the maintenance guy about a sand storm that was about to hit us, we changed our plans and moved back to the motel room.

We settled in to watch the storm, popped open some cans of Coors and put on The Doors… as we all talked, hung out, and drank more beer I drew in my sketchbook and this is one of the drawings; the Sand Dunes at Stovepipe Wells with the Devil’s Cornfield in the foreground.


I decided to keep this one as a black and white ink drawing instead of adding any color.

I’ll post more a about our trip, and some photos later…


Psalm 37:5 – Illuminations and Meditations


This is a drawing I did this last weekend, one of several I’ve did based on Psalm 37, verse 3-6.

These verses are ones I’ve been meditating on for 5 years, cycling through different verses as seasons of life change.

Currently I’m on verse 5 and have been for quite awhile… It’s a very slow paced digestion of the word, but these 4 verses written thousands of years ago have helped reshape my life from who I was when I first read them during a crashing depression.

Enjoy the drawing… lot’s of little things in there from my current reading material about Mayan culture, serpents shedding their skin (note: there is a deep Advent season focus of John the Baptist’s call to repentance and renewal going on through all these drawings)

More stuff later.

The Twins – Esau and Jacob

Here’s a drawing I did Friday – the subject of this one is the story of Esau and Jacob, Twins, Gemini, more about the World Tree (that’s a Mayan story), and a bunch of other little details… like that worm at the bottom – that’s Laban, Jacob’s father-in-law (Gen. 29).

My thoughts are often revolving around Mayan beliefs, the books of the prophets in the Old Testament of the Bible, the Gospels and Revelation from the New Testament, Greek Mythology, Astronomy, Quantum Physics, genetics, symbols and Jungian psychology, and some other things… all of which are finding their way into these drawings…


The Snake Shedding His Skin


“When I get to the bottom I go back to the top of the slide, and I stop, and I turn, and I go for a ride… and when I get to the bottom then I’ll see you again…”

Helter Skelter by The Beatles

More symbolism… Cycles, circles, snakes shedding their skin, riding the bi-polar coaster… enjoy.

Note: a Helter Skelter is an English carnival ride, a circular slide.

Waiting at Jacob’s Ladder


Here’s another drawing I did this last week… Just a hint, but these drawings have lot’s of symbolism in them, have fun guessing.

The title of this one is “Waiting at Jacob’s Ladder” and deals with things related to the unconscious mind, Mayan day signs and the story of Jacob’s ladder in the Bible (Gen. 28)…

More soon.