Project Sites

What Is A Project Site?

As an artist I’m always at work on more than one thing at a time. For example, when I’m painting I usually have about 5 paintings going at once – all in various stages of completion.

To keep my various projects, and the different materials, concepts, and campaigns from getting lost in a confusing mass of stuff, I started to start creating “project sites” for each project idea – sort of like spin-offs from TV shows – and this gives each project it’s own home.

By using this “multiple project sites” approach, I find as my focus shifts over time I can move from one project site to the next, adding new material, making changes, adjusting the project to keep it on track, and whatever else needs to be done at that time.

Then, after a while, a shift or a change comes over me and I’m onto the next project – and around and around it goes…

Current Project Site Focus

UFOverdriver – sound collages from is open and active.

Philip K. Dick Reading Club – Beginning on February 9th, 2013 we are going to be reading through all 45 of Philip K. Dick’s novels in 90 weeks. Everyone is welcome to join us… Project continues through November 1, 2013.

As of July 1st, 2011 – project site The Turning has been closed. The MMJ Project, The MMJ Lists and Redbot Loves You! will be closed down very soon.

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