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Here is 11 tracks with over a half-hour of marijuana culture in one delicious, fat, blunt-sized mix…

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Total Running Time – 33:50


How Long? Not Long!

As someone who’s watched the long drama of the drug war for over 27 years, I can’t help but feel the time is getting near… the end of this fiasco is in sight.

The last push to end this unjust, immoral and racist prohibition of marijuana is upon us, and I hear the voice of freedom saying “How Long? Not Long!” I hope I’m not too optimistic in saying, “This is the year we legalize it…”

This sound collage is dedicated to three medical marijuana activists – Charles “Chuck” Witt, Jack Herer and Josh Howard (the heart and soul of our medical marijuana collective – AAC, Apothecary’s Assistant’s Collective in Long Beach, California)

Who’s In This Mix?

In this mix you’ll hear expert advice on the meaning of 420, how to smoke a joint, get a lesson in marijuana etiquette, listen to some great marijuana stories along with various other entertaining sound clips…

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Happy 420 from UFOverdriver and onehumanbeing.com


The Week That Was

Some weeks pass by with very little change in my life, and every so often one comes along that rearranges the landscape of my life. This last week was one of those weeks…

Redbot Now For The Future

I submitted this graphic to our local alternative/culture weekly – The District Weekly – to use as a header on their Calender page.

They welcome local artists, photographers and illustrators to submit work. It’s unpaid, but if they use it, 20,000 people will get to see your work for a week. And they write a little blurb about you and give your web address. Sweet deal for starving artists like me.

I got an email back in the middle of the week making sure they had all the info right for the blurb… look for Redbot in a future issue of The District Weekly!

You can read about this graphic here: Redbot Now For The Future

Redbots Are Go!

Redbot Loves You! got a huge embrace from the local art community this week as we celebrate National Arts Month.

GLOBAL, The Greater Long Beach Arts Lab, which is a part of The Arts Council for Long Beach invited my little Redbot and this project to become pARTners in the arts.

You can read more about that on Redbot Loves You!

Ride The Bus With Redbot

Redbot will be appearing in GLOBAL ads this month, including ads in 300 Long Beach Transit buses, staring down at over 90,000 passengers… I’m thinking about making my own bus adventures with Redbot to visit the ads and leave Redbots and buttons for my fellow passengers – I’m still making plans for this adventure…

Redbot Ownership Kits

After making 25 of the original Redbot Ownership Kits, the Ownership Guide has undergone some revisions to reflect the changes in the Redbot Loves You! project.

25 Kits containing version one.two were given out at The Danke Schoen Soiree on Thursday, October 8, 2009. Those were limited edition Kits, and the next group will all contain version two of the Owners Guide.

Congratulations to all the owners of original Redbot Loves You! collectibles… there are only 8 of the original version one Kits left, get one before they are gone for good…

All version one and version one.two Kits are unnumbered. The new Kits will be numbered and available soon.

Seek and Find – A Redbot Hunt

Redbot Loves You! and GLOBAL are working on taking Redbot up to the Bixby Knolls neighborhood of Long Beach for the First Fridays art event on November 6th to create a Seek and Find Redbot Hunt for the kids.

More information on this event as it approaches, but I am really excited about this project…

Oh The Pain…

Meanwhile, that little tooth in the back of my mouth where a filling came out about 6 months ago suddenly decided to become a BIG PAIN…

I saw my dentist early in the week and got the good news – root canal! I scheduled one for the following Monday and increased my dosages of Tylenol Extra-Strength pills.

By Thursday the pain was taking over my brain and I scheduled an emergency root canal for Friday morning at 8:00 am. By this time no amount of pain medication was helping – I have an incredibly high tolerance for pain meds – just my luck.

Thursday evening we HAD to attend The Danke Schoen Soiree put on by GLOBAL and the Arts Council for Long Beach – Redbots new pARTners (see above) – to represent for Redbot Loves You!

Redbot at The Danke Schoen Soiree – October 8, 2009 –  all photos by Tania

Normally this would have been a pleasure, but considering the pain – I survived the event, went home, took more useless pain pills, went to bed, and didn’t sleep all night.

At 8:00 am I was at the Endodontist – ready and eager for some serious mouth-numbing drugs and oral surgery. Otherwise known as The Breakfast of Champions.

All is well now.

The pain meds (so glad to be done with those!) have all been flushed from the system, and my body is starting to feel like me again – and now I have so much mental space that’s not being occupied by overwhelming tooth pain 🙂

New Landscapes To Explore

Over the last several weeks I’ve been feeling the need to let go of my project – The MMJ Project for a while

For two years I’ve been intensely focused on The MMJ Project, a documentation and participation project about the medical marijuana movement here in Southern California.

One of the main goals of my project was to participate in the creation of a true, legal, non-profit medical marijuana collective – which was accomplished late this last summer. I belong to a non-profit collective called Apothecary’s Assistants Collective (AAC), and we’ve been through a big struggle with the City of Signal Hill (read the story here in The District Weekly), but we are now relocated in Long Beach.

I have put hundreds of hours into the The MMJ Project, because I truly believe in marijuana as legitimate medicine. But I must admit I have a bit of exhaustion from the effort.

My work with Redbot came out of my desire in August to work with some other graphic than a marijuana leaf for a while… and now Redbot Loves You! has created a whole new, playful landscape for me to explore.

So, while I am still a medical marijuana patient and supporter (and volunteer at our collective) – I am retiring The MMJ Project until further notice.

You guys go on without me… I have Redbots that need my attention here… We’ll catch up with you soon.

Fun With Social Activism

i-support-legal-access300What a busy week, probably the busiest in a long time…

If you’d like a taste you can visit the AAC – Apothecary’s Assistants Collective –  website to read all my postings from our Help Save AAC campaign and visit to the City Council meeting… or you can visit the new AAC Facebook page, or the Help Save AAC Facebook group

Besides that, there were the letters to city council people, phone calls, emails, postings all over the place to call attention to our situation, buttons and stickers to make… details which seem to take up every available minute I had…

When added to all the other efforts going on by other AAC members, these efforts all paid off with keeping AAC open and creating a stronger collective moving forward.

One of the greatest things that happened this last week was having my long-time goal of helping to create a truly compassion-oriented, non-profit collective realized as AAC is now a non-profit medical marijuana collective! This has been one of my working goals for The MMJ Project, and now I can check that one off as “complete”.

I said to Josh, the director of our collective, the other day, “If you told me last week all the struggle and hard work ahead I wouldn’t have been able to understand, and if you ask me if I’d wanted do it again if I woke tomorrow and it was last Friday – I’d say ‘hell yeah’ – that was more fun than I could have ever imagined…”

Now the dust is settling on that situation and I’ve got other projects to catch up on, and a story to write (The Turning), art work to post, buttons to make, dogs to walk…

My appreciation for my collective – AAC

I posted this last night on WeedTracker.com – a service for medical marijuana users – on the AAC Forum (you have to sign-up at WeedTracker to view the page)

Smile My appreciation for this collective…

Volunteering at AAC…

Much of my volunteer time is spent at home, working on the computer. I have menus to update, photos to process, strains to research, changes to make to the AAC website… and sometimes I don’t spend enough time at the collective.

Today I was there from opening through most of the afternoon, and all I can say is I have great appreciation for my fellow volunteers – which is all of us at the collective – because they are an awesome crew of people that do this because they believe in this cause and helping others.

But the best part of being in the shop is the members that come through – both the regulars and the new members – each one a bright spot in our day as we worked on our various projects, meetings, brainstorming sessions, and just hanging out.

We have some more trials and tribulations coming up this next week.

Signal Hill is trying to shut us down because they’re concerned about increased crime.

We are launching a grassroots campaign to help ease their concerns. Information will be posted tomorrow and this weekend on our website, and I’ll have new buttons to give away this weekend that say: LEGAL MEDICINE REDUCES CRIME

Stop by and pick one up, and find out how you can help us save the collective!

Until later, best of health,
Jon, onehumanbeing

I wanted to share it with the rest of you…

Note: AAC’s website is aacollective.com – visit a real live medical marijuana colective’s website – with pictures of herb and everything! You have my permission to visit – over 18 only – There’s nothing bad on the site, it’s just the rules – sorry…  AAC closed in the Fall of 2010