A Little Change Here, A Little Change There…

FYI – Over the next few weeks you’ll be noticing new little changes to onehumanbeing.com – like my new little header which I’ll be changing that every month now…

Why? Because I can…

Also, you be getting much more updates about my ride on the Bipolarcoaster – something I’ve been rather quiet about for months.

September was hell and I’ll be writing about that as soon as I feel up to it.

As always, I’m always striving to create a better onehumanbeing.com experience, even though I don’t quite know what that is, yet.

But I’m closer now than I was four years ago – it’s all about the progress and the process.

Until later, best of health.

Thought to Ponder | Living 1000 Years…

I’ve pondered this thought often over the last few months…

“How would you live if you knew your lifespan would be a thousand years?”

Would you live your life the way you do today? Would you treat the planet differently? Would you pursue wisdom or greed? Would you want to control others or find a new common way? What changes would you start making now to insure a prosperous and sustainable life style for yourself and others… or would you want to horde resources and create your own empire?

Another thought…

“If the future evolution of humanity was neural-humanity – humanity as a single mind of billions of neural-humans – would you participate, or fight it?”

I’m starting to think that some form of neural-humanity is ahead, but that’s just a theory I’ve been pondering since last November…

Until later, best of health…
Jon, onehumanbeing

I Stand For Change | MMJ Rally in LA

People at the rally

Tania and I went to the rally at the Federal Court Building in downtown Los Angeles for Charles C. Lynch and for the cause of Medical Marijuana this afternoon.

I had emailed Charles to let him know we going to be there and bringing buttons to give away. The official name for the rally was “Hope for Change” – but I finished hoping on Nov. 5th – Now I’m standing up, as are many others, so we get real change that helps us as patients.

I think our fear and silence has let this nonsense go on for too long. It’s true that some of us will take a hit for standing up, but we’ll all lose if no one stands up. I really believe in medical marijuana, I really believe that marijuana is a gift from God.

I also feel like I have nothing more to say that can add to the debate over marijuana use. Over the last 26 years I’ve heard just about every argument on both sides, and frankly, I’m just tired of it… The truth has been said over and over and ignorance still rules the day.

Here’s some photos that Tania took today at the rally…

Today’s Rally:


The injustice is that Charles C. Lynch, a good community business man, is having to go through this whole stupid trial and everything else just because he choose to be compassionate, stepped forward and helped provided relief for numerous MMJ patients in his area.

But the local sheriff who does not like marijuana being legal for people with chronic illnesses, and apparently believes his opinion matters more than the law and the state constitution he’s sworn to uphold, so he called the DEA in to try and ruin this man’s life…

Here’s a bit from the MPP’s newsletter about Charles’ case:

Charles Lynch operated a medical marijuana dispensing collective in Morro Bay, Central Coast Compassionate Caregivers, that helped more than 2,000 seriously ill patients obtain their medicine in a legal, clean, and safe environment. In March 2007, the facility was raided, and federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents later arrested and charged Charles with five counts of marijuana-related federal crimes.

Charles not only complied with California’s long-standing medical marijuana laws, he was operating under a license issued by the City of Morro Bay and was a well-respected member of the local community. Nevertheless, Charles was treated like a common criminal under draconian federal marijuana laws, and the county sheriff even cooperated with the subversion of state law.

The jury in Charles’ trial was not allowed to hear any information relating to medical marijuana and his compliance with state law. Consequently, on August 5, 2008, Charles was found guilty on all counts.

While President Obama has pledged to end the raids on state-legal medical marijuana providers, that does little to help Charles. He is one several providers still facing federal charges or sentencing from raids during the Bush administration. His sentencing is set for March 23, and if the judge doesn’t show discretion because of Charles’ status under state law he could end up spending the rest of his life in prison.

I made a bunch of buttons over the weekend for the rally that look like this…


I quickly gave away all 120-150 buttons and got to walk around, talk to a few folks… I haven’t been feeling so great (the flu – almost over it now…) so we cut out after a bit. I just wanted everyone to have a souvenir of a moment, a moment when we know we stood for this movement, we stood for Charles, stood for justice, we stood for change…

For those that got a button today – Wear it proudly, proud that you stood up, proud that you’re part of the change, and not just talking about it…and I hope it brings a smile to your face when you a digging through a box of old stuff 20 years from now and find this little button and you remember those crazy days back when marijuana was illegal…

A movement isn’t just a one day event, but a series of steps to reach a goal.

Help Charles C. Lynch reach the goal of staying out of prison and getting back to his life.

Visit his website: (http://www.friendsofccl.com/) and send him a message of support today. On his site are listed a number of ways you can help. On March 23rd he gets sentenced…

The Silhouettes of the Trees of Winter

Long Beach at dusk with winter trees...Every evening during this winter, when I’m walking Moseley (my dog), I get lost in staring at the winter trees with their beautiful silhouettes… it mesmerizes me.

I’ve been waiting since last summer to watch the trees change color and lose their leaves, finally to stand naked, quiet and settled in until the spring sunlight starts the re-greening process.

Since Moseley entered our lives a couple of years ago, and walking in my neighborhood has become a regular, several times-a-day-event, I’ve fallen in love with my local trees.

Last summer I did several video collages of one of my favorite trees on First Street here in Bluff Park, you can see one of them here:

Tree – 2405 E. 1st Street, Long Beach, CA

Planet Venus

An added bonus every evening is to look up a see the planet Venus as the evening star, which sends my mind off into thoughts about the Maya time-system , non-linear time-space, my place on a round planet and other “beyond the horizon” kind of mental explorations.

I’m sure it does the same thing for you too…

About the image: photos from my cellphone on January 30th, 2009

Have a nice evening…

Ten OC

Happy New Year!

I know I’m a week late but I’ve been busy (that’s an overused excuse…) with my projects, namely The MMJ Project and a new project site I’m building called The Medical Marijuana Lists, using my photos from my experience last year volunteering as CCLB’s menu person on WeedTracker.com.

If you don’t hear from me for a few weeks, just click the link above and check out my project site and you’ll see what’s going on… and if anything changes, I’ll let you know.

Have a blessed New Year!

Jon, onehumanbeing

PS. Oh, the image above… this year, 2009 entered on the Maya day of “10 OC”, which mean that this year is seated on the tone and quality of that day… that’s the quick answer.

I’ve been very busy with my other project “The Book of Days” – which is immense and overwhelming at times… but because of that project I follow the Tzolkin, the Maya sacred calender, as a theorical experiment.

When I have the project site ready for The Book of Days I’ll post it here…

Back from our Death Valley adventure…

We returned from Death Valley this evening. Tania and I traveled out there with our 2 dogs, Tania’s brother Derek, and our best friend Tina to celebrate her birthday. Death Valley is beautiful in December, and cold…

We stayed in Stovepipe Wells at the motel near the sand dunes. We explored the sand dunes for quite awhile on Friday morning. The wind creates really beautiful shapes and forms…

On Saturday afternoon, as we were about to leave on another adventure across the park, we saw what looked like a wall of haze or cloud coming down from the north end of the park. The wind was starting to blow harder, and after some ominous sounding words from the maintenance guy about a sand storm that was about to hit us, we changed our plans and moved back to the motel room.

We settled in to watch the storm, popped open some cans of Coors and put on The Doors… as we all talked, hung out, and drank more beer I drew in my sketchbook and this is one of the drawings; the Sand Dunes at Stovepipe Wells with the Devil’s Cornfield in the foreground.


I decided to keep this one as a black and white ink drawing instead of adding any color.

I’ll post more a about our trip, and some photos later…


Psalm 37:5 – Illuminations and Meditations


This is a drawing I did this last weekend, one of several I’ve did based on Psalm 37, verse 3-6.

These verses are ones I’ve been meditating on for 5 years, cycling through different verses as seasons of life change.

Currently I’m on verse 5 and have been for quite awhile… It’s a very slow paced digestion of the word, but these 4 verses written thousands of years ago have helped reshape my life from who I was when I first read them during a crashing depression.

Enjoy the drawing… lot’s of little things in there from my current reading material about Mayan culture, serpents shedding their skin (note: there is a deep Advent season focus of John the Baptist’s call to repentance and renewal going on through all these drawings)

More stuff later.

STEW: part three


Welcome To The WE Generation…

It is late in the evening of November 5, 2008 and I am amazed at what I’m watching, feeling and seeing coming to pass… it’s like watching as the world begin to turn, but it only seems that way because of the long night and the early fingers of light that are just beginning to shoot across the horizon.

Today I thought back about 6 or so years ago when I worked at the Gazette Newspapers in Long Beach, and we had an office manager named Kenya.

Kenya has a white father and black mother, kind-of-like Barack, and we would talk about the black/white thing once in a while.

One morning when I was talking to her about this issue I said, “You know Kenya, the world is upside down…The last shall be first, and a change will come…”

Why do I believe this?

Because I am a child of 1964, and after 1964, everything changed… I grew up believing Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech.

Because both of my parents were from Springfield, Illinois, and Lincoln has been a hero of my since childhood.

He had a dream, and Martin had a dream, and they became my dream, and on January 20, 2009 the two come together in what WE have chosen to dream together – Change we can believe in…

In the night, unless you are awake and watching the sky, the light goes out and artificial light takes over until we sleep and dream. Everything looks different in artificial light. We hide from monsters, and jump when the wind blows against the house…

We have tried to comfort ourselves from the fear with myths and legends to protect us while we sleep, looking for clues that when morning comes everything will be alright, that our flag will still wave.

Welcome to dawns early light…

Tell me, can you see?

The flag does still wave and the blessing goes on. The new day does come and the torch of the night is passed, because we have one more night still to travel through, but that’s when a ladder comes down from heaven, and the glory of El-Shaddai will fill the Earth…

But before then, the light of day is about to burst around you, and what looked so strange in the night will look very different in the light of day.

That all aside, I can not tell you how much I am crying inside for the children of Esau…

To be continued.

STEW: part one


I am going to try and share a story I haven’t entirely figured out how to piece together yet, but will play out over the next few days…

I’ve watched it over and over in my head this last week… little pieces, little scenes, the same story, different play, same subject, different players….

It’s as if I’ve been watching T.V. – switching from channel to channel, but even as the program changes, the subject is always the same. Esau and Jacob, the 2008 Presidential race and the future…

It’s a story that moves and changes like a dream; like an episode of Monty Pythons Flying Circus or a History Channel documentary, loosely spliced and wandering from free association to free association like a drunken bee in a flower garden.

The Ingredients

STEW: This is a word with several meanings, from (1) cooking food by simmering or low boil to (2) fussing and fretting to (3) suffering the consequences of one’s own actions.

Beginning with the first meaning, let’s see how we go about making this particular stew.

The broth of this stew is “based on a true story” because I’ve lifted it completely from the story of Esau and Jacob in the Bible.

Notes for those following along at home: You can find this story in any standard issue Bible in the first book of the Old Testament, Genesis, ranging from chapters 24 through 27 with extra bonus reading about Esau in Hebrews, chapter 12. Hebrews is one of the books of the New Testament, near the back of the Bible.

More on the broth in a moment, but first…

The STEW Who’s Who

The main ingredients of the story consists of four people…

Esau: The older twin, the big brother, hunter, “man of the fields”, and a rough, hairy man – he’s dad’s favorite. He’s the one who should inherit it all.

He symbolizes the Republicans, the Neocons, the sold-out conservatives hanging on because of sheer loyalty, and, most importantly, “The Religious Right” with a special bonus extra credit shout out to “right wing Christians”, and Christians that call themselves “value voters”…

Esau’s nickname is “Red” and is played by John “Red” McCain.

Jacob: The younger twin. Smooth skinned and a “tent-dweller.” He’s mother’s favorite, ambitious, knows what’s at stake and knows how to get it.

He symbolizes the Democrats, but also symbolizes the future transformation of the USA.

His nickname is “Smooth” and played by Barack “Smooth” Obama.

Isaac: The Second Patriarch in a blessed line of Patriarchs. The Son of Promise that is now an old man going blind and foreseeing his own demise.

He symbolizes the good old US of A. You and me, the vast historical, mythological, cosmic and collective expression of the several centuries of this country we call home.

His nickname is “The Gipper”, and is played by former President Ronald “The Gipper” Reagan in a stunning return from the dead for one last head-shaking performance.

Rebekah: Isaac’s wife. Beautiful, rich and manipulative. She’s the mother of Isaac’s twins, but she prefers Jacob, the younger one.

She symbolizes our Constitution, our Capitalist system and it’s expression through the media (the left-wing media if it makes you feel better) in all it’s glory.

Her nickname is the “Material Girl” and is played by the original Material Girl – Madonna.

God’s Broth – or – the Blessing

Because of the mystical and symbolic nature of the rest of this story, I’m going to have to call in Professor Yarnhead to give us an understanding of the ingredients that have gone into making this broth.

Professor Yarnhead is a self-proclaimed specialist in the field of interpretive Biblical prophecy – always a recession-proof industry.

He is going to try and take us back through the grains of the sands of time…

Visuals: Still images, old-fashioned illustrations and archival clip art floats across the screen here to invoke the feeling of history and antiquity – Otherwise known as “The History Channel Collage Style.”

Professor Yarnhead begins:

It was the time of the Patriarchs, a mysterious time when Man was socially evolving from tribes to nations.

El-Shaddai – also known as God Almighty, had called a descendant from the line of Shem, one of the three sons of Noah, to come out from his family, out from his tribe and lands… and out of this one man, He, El-Shaddai, God Almighty would prepare and bring about the next step for Man.

This man, Abram, followed this call from El-Shaddai and received “The Blessing.”

When Abram received this Blessing, El-Shaddai changed his name to Abraham, which means “Father of Nations” and from this first Patriarch all the nations of the world descended and were blessed.

This Blessing is something we don’t understand anymore, nor do we know the power of El-Shaddai as Abram did…

But this was an earlier time, before many of the mysteries were forgotten, when some people still understood that the Blessing is everything.

This Blessing is not a moral prize which is won by your own virtue. The Blessing of El-Shaddai is the Grand Prize of all the possible prizes in the world, and is a prize of faith.

El-Shaddai gave the Blessing to Abraham because he believed God, and so he also became the Patriarch of western religion and faith.

Abraham had two sons, Ishmael and Isaac.

Ishmael was born first, but from Abraham’s wife’s maid Hagar (they did that kind of stuff back then), because Abraham was having trouble waiting for God to get around to doing what he promised to do – give him a son.

Thirteen years later, Sarah, Abraham’s wife got pregnant, and had the Son of Promise – Isaac.

Note: Ishmael and the results of this situation launches a whole other subject that’s too big to go into here…

It was during a traumatic camping trip when Isaac was young that he nearly got sacrificed to El-Shaddai by his father, Abraham, only to be saved by the intervention of an angel from God that pointed out a ram caught in the nearby bushes.

They sacrificed the ram instead, and made some stew… and that stew stuck with Isaac.

Years later, when Isaac had grown, Abraham decided that his son needed a wife, but not one of the local Canaanite girls…

History Flash: Canaanite Women Bad: In the Noah blessing sweepstakes (Genesis 9:25-27), Canaan was the loser, Japheth comes in second and Shem grabs the big prize blessing.

So Abraham sent his most trusted servant back to the birthplace of civilization, Mesopotamia, to find a suitable wife for Isaac from among his relatives. [See Genesis 24]

Setting: Professor Yarnhead fades out…

Well, I think I’ll let this stew simmer overnight and add some more ingredients tomorrow, stir it some more…

Tune in tomorrow for Part 2: Journey to Mesopotamia, The Twins, and more…

Bupropion HCL Tab – Generic for Wellbutrin

If you’re familiar with my photos for The MMJ Project that I use on WeedTracker.com, the photo above should look familiar…

… and a related item – here’s part of my menu posting on WeedTracker.com today:


CCLB Menu October 22th, 2008 | Wednesday
Hours: Mon-Sat 10am to 8pm | Sunday noon to 6pm
Note:The new menu schedule is now Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and a Weekend Herb Report.

An unseasonably hot day here in the LBC…

Here’s your herb report for today

If any of you have to deal with prescription meds for your conditions, especially for bi-polar disorder, you know what a pain it can be going through the changes.

Since this last summer I’ve been going through another change, another in a long line over the last 10 years… not looking for sympathy, just letting you know where I’m coming from.

This last batch – Seroquel (mood-stabilizer) and Wellbutrin (anti-depressant) have been nothing but drug fog, loss of my hours and days to sleep, and even worse, a decrease in effectiveness of the herb… Oh, and I’ve been in the midst of a crushing depression since last week… I was wondering if anyone else has experienced a prescription med/herb trade-off?

It’s been taking me so long to get anything done, so for a short little while my menu updates will probably suffer… I took photos last night (after trying to get over to CCLB since Saturday) of the Barry White and Danny Boy, and I’m just getting around to working on them now.

Needless to say, we’re decreasing the medication so we can try something else…

I am working on getting back to regular posting…

[update 10-22-2008 | 9:45pm – still haven’t got the photos done…]

The random images…

Making plans… trying to change my website around. I’ve been using an Open Source program called Joomla for my last version of onehumanbeing.com, but now I’m switching over to WordPress so I can blog, along with having image galleries, forums and a whole mess of other stuff…

I’ll be working on posting a random image of my day, either a found image, a collage, a political cartoon, a sticker… whatever is capturing my eye today, everyday.