Today’s Image #300

Title“A New American Prayer – Album Cover
Dimensions – square format – various sizes
Format –  digital collage
Date – 2010

This is the album cover I designed for UFOverdriver for it’s second full length epic sound collage called A New American Prayer.

This is much more personal sound collage, dealing with issues like bi-polar disorder, the civil rights movement, the power of Martin Luther King‘s speeches, the poetry of Jim Morrison, the deep inequalities in our country, and the destruction of the planet by our species.

I worked on the sound collage through May and early June of 2010 when the stories of the BP oil disaster were in the news constantly.

This album had a video called Dream Leaver

About The Video

This is a sound collage from UFOverdriver called The Dream Leaver – Track #6 from the album A New American Prayer – Release in June 2010

— Source material for this sound collage includes Dream Weaver by Gary Wright and God by John Lennon. Enjoy!

The Album Cover

The image used on the album cover was from the civil rights march that took place at the same time I was being born in June 1964.

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History Is On Our Side

Throughout our country’s history, we have grown as a civilization and a culture because individuals stood up to the status quo as they saw a greater light of justice, a better world than the one they lived in; The Abolitionists, Women’s Suffragettes, The Civil Rights Movement and The Gay Rights Movement, just to name a few.

These are the people who saw clearly they were on the right side of history and justice, and acted upon their convictions. For their efforts they received ridicule and insults from those who believed the status quo would always continue.

But in the great march of human history, it is those who ridiculed the ones who stood up for greater human rights and freedom who always find themselves on the losing side in the end.

Again I would mention the examples of the Abolitionists who ended slavery, the Women’s Suffragettes movement which gave us the woman’s right to vote, and the Civil Rights Movement which ended official racial segregation in our country.

These people were visionaries, warriors, and people just like us, people who have been scapegoated for too long… people who had been put down too long… people who knew they were better than the lies said about them.

This is why I firmly believe that the cause of medical marijuana, the simple desire for safe and legal access to our medicine, will one day prevail – history is on our side.