The Man Who Quit Money

Above: The Man Who Quit Money from Sacred Resonance on Vimeo. Length: 23:37

Meet Daniel Suelo

I watched this video several times yesterday, and I really love what Daniel Suelo has to say about living without money. And even more, I love what he says about breaking from the money-centric-mindset which dominates our society. He does it with a philosophically way of speaking which is grounded in the reality of having lived the life, having walked the talk.

This video conveys a message of hopeful truth: You can step outside the money system, and here’s an example of someone who doing just that, right now – and has been doing it, joyfully, for a number of years.

Here’s the little blurb about this video from Vimeo:

Meet Daniel Suelo. He’s been living without money for 12 years. When our paths crossed synchronistically in Moab, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to learn from this wise man. I interviewed him and found his philosophy and way of living inspiring and visionary.

For more about Daniel and his experiment of living without money, check out

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Learn More – A Great Book About Daniel Suelo


While we’re talking about Daniel Suelo let me tell you about a book I read this last week.

The book is called The Man Who Quit Money and it is, in short, a well-written exploration into the fascinating life of a very interesting subject, Daniel Suelo, while also discussing a wide range of topics from the money to religion, from faith to healthy living in a freegan-style, from life in Moab, to life in a cave – and so much more…

I found it to be a great reading experience. Thank you Mark Sundeen for writing this book! Really, I mean that.

Note – Mark Sundeen, the author of this book, has not quit money, so buying his book would create no great moral dilemmas – no one’s ethics will be violated if you buy a copy. Heck, we’re even going to buy a copy of this book to keep in our library. As they say, “This book’s a keeper.”

My friend Josh loaned his copy of this book to me saying I would probably enjoy it… thank you very much Josh, you were right!

Once I started reading it, I devoured it in nearly an entire sitting which lasted until sometime after two in the morning. It was that excellent – even more than excellent!

Tania is reading it now, so Josh might not get his book back for a bit…

Here’s the blurb about the book from

A Walden for the 21st century, the true story of a man who has radically reinvented “the good life”

In 2000, Daniel Suelo left his life savings—all thirty dollars of it—in a phone booth. He has been living without money—and with a newfound sense of freedom and security—ever since.

The Man Who Quit Money is an account of how one man learned to live, sanely and happily, without earning, receiving, or spending a single cent. Suelo doesn’t pay taxes, or accept food stamps or welfare.

He lives in caves in the Utah canyonlands, forages wild foods and gourmet discards. He no longer even carries an I.D. Yet he manages to amply fulfill not only the basic human needs-for shelter, food, and warmth-but, to an enviable degree, the universal desires for companionship, purpose, and spiritual engagement.

In retracing the surprising path and guiding philosophy that led Suelo into this way of life, Sundeen raises provocative and riveting questions about our relationships with money and the decisions we all make, by default or by design—about how we live and how we might live better.


Watch, read, and enjoy!

Come On Wheels, Take This Boy Away…


I was given a new bike today – the best bike I’ve ever owned… and no, it doesn’t look quite like the image above.

[A note about the image: I took some photos this evening of my new bike, none of which were very good on their own… Tania suggested a photo-collage…]

I’ve been sorta-wanting a bike for a while, not really needing it, just thinking it would be an added value to my life, eliminate some car and gas use, and be a nice way to get around Long Beach, which is slowly moving towards bike-friendliness…

But this last week, a friend said to me as he was helping me move a love-seat up our stairs, “Man, you are out of shape. You need to get some exercise, you need a bike…” and I had to agree. Continue reading

The Bankers and the Homeowners – A Story

It’s Friday, and I thought it would be a nice day for a little story…

The Bankers and The Homeowners

A new administration and a new Congress had come to Washington DC, along with a massive financial disaster brought about by a number of things, but one major factor was the greedy and shortsighted bankers collapsed plan built on inflated home values and reckless loans. And because of their bad decisions, economies around the world were devastated.

But the new administration came in and started to clean house, and they called these bankers before them to explain themselves. Even though they were guilty of massive frauds and mismanagement, the new administration and Congress forgave them, and in order to keep what was left of the economy afloat, they loaned them more money and told them to get their houses in order.

Very quickly the bankers had money flowing back to their banks, and their jobs were saved and bonuses were awarded… and then a letter came from a homeowner who was three months behind on his house payment, and was not asking for money, but just a little more time so he could save his families home.

The bankers were outraged. “You should be more responsible… no more time – foreclose on that house today…”

Well, word got around the Internet pretty quickly, and soon the outcry was so great that the new administration and Congress heard about it and called the bankers back in to question them about this situation.

“We forgave you and helped you to keep going, but your fellow citizen just asked for a crumb by comparison and you’re ready to throw him out on the street with his wife and children… Now, not only are we going to take your companies, but also your homes, cars, airplanes and bonuses, and you are all going to be put into prison for a very long time…”

Credit Where Credits Due

This would have worked just as well as The Bankers And The Credit Card Holders, but I went with the homeowners…

I hope you enjoyed my story, but I must admit that I borrowed heavily from the greatest story-teller of all time, Jesus of Nazareth.

Lots of people do comeback tours, I’d sure like to see Jesus do a return engagement. He’d be great on Letterman or with Jon Stewart, Live with Larry King…

The original version of my story can be found in any Bible – Matthew 18:21-35 (that’s the first book in the New Testament) – and really, Jesus tells it better… and the question he’s answering is about forgiveness, and how often should we forgive someone… a good thing to think about in the days ahead.

Have a great Friday and a blessed weekend,
Jon, onehumanbeing