Dystopian Shifting

Note from Jon, onehumanbeing: I address this to you on the eve of a total lunar eclipse over North America, and just a few days before the Winter Solstice. We are on the cusp of a 30-year cycle of change as well as larger, era-changing moment in human history… these are significant times we are living in.

“People, I got to speak about something” – Tom Waits

I’m not really happy with the direction our country is heading.

Over the last month, the Obama administration has grappled (badly) with how to deal with the Wikileaks situation while trying to find it’s footing after the brutal November elections.

President Obama (or you can call him “Suzy Creamcheese”) is not doing well, and is looking for answers in all the wrong places.

Nope is the new Hope, Secrecy is the new Transparency, Censorship is the new Freedom of the Press, Propaganda is today’s FauxNews.

What Wikileaks has done over this last month has laid bare the wounded, fearful animal the Obama administration has become – and that’s a very dangerous thing.

Definition: Dystopia

A dystopia (from Ancient Greek: bad-, ill- and place, landscape) (alternatively, cacotopia, or anti-utopia) is, in literature, an often futuristic society that has degraded into a repressive and controlled state, often under the guise of being utopian.

Dystopian literature has underlying cautionary tones, warning society that if we continue to live how we do, this will be the consequence.

A dystopia, thus, is regarded as a sort of negative utopia and is often characterized by an authoritarian or totalitarian form of government.

Dystopias usually feature different kinds of repressive social control systems, a lack or total absence of individual freedoms and expressions and constant states of warfare or violence. Dystopias often explore the concept of technology going “too far” and how humans individually and en masse use technology.

A dystopian society is also often characterized by mass poverty for most of its inhabitants and a large military-like police force.

source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dystopia

Calling Down The UFOverdriver

Due to a number of circumstances (a different story entirely) I recently started working again on my UFOverdriver sound collage project.

Since late November I’ve created a number of pieces following the latest political shift in our country, one that I’m now calling a “dystopian shift.”

Poetics, music, art, and the great, universal subconsciousness are all deeply connected. This is one reason poets, artists, musicians, dreamers and deep thinkers often tap into emerging events (regardless of how they interpret them) before they crash upon the awareness of the general population.

Those of us who spend our lives completely involved in the poetic arts tend to see new human events before they appear on the horizon. Many times we sadly watch our worse fears unfold before our eyes, but fortunately, sometimes, something else completely surprising happens.

Needless to say, I hope I get it wrong as I feel a dystopian tsunami coming at us from beyond the horizon. I pray people make different choices and change the direction of the future. It only takes one human being to change things – the right one at the right moment.

But at this moment, since the November elections, the Obama administration and our country has shifted hard towards a dystopian future, and that is the story presented here.

Four Sound Collages – One Story

Part 1 – December 6th

Rule Number Two Is The New Rule Number One

UFOverdriver - Rule Number Two Is The New Rule Number One - The Wikileaks Big Cable Dump Mix

UFOverdriver has been busy this last week (written December 6, 2010) working on this densely layered sound collage of mixed-media from the first week of the Wikileaks Cable Dump – a week that will be remembered as a historical battle in the history of the InfoWars…

This new remix includes music from U2, Talking Heads and Radiohead, lectures from Alan Watts and sound clips from an audiobook version of 1984, as well as numerous other clips, cuts, samples and various bits of audio debris from this first week of skirmishes in the new InfoWars…

[media id=64 width=500 height=20]

Track Listing

Track 1 (0:31) War is Peace – Freedom is Slavery – Ignorance is Strength

Track 2 (4:12) Rule Number Two Will Be Told To You In Reverse

Track 3 (2:06) One Step Closer To InfoWar

Track 4 (2:19) If You’re Going To Be Human

Track 5 (3:27) Life During InfoWar Time

Track 6 (1:45) The Infrastructure Will Collapse

Part 2 – December 11th

This Is The Voice Of Your Conscience

After being deeply inspired by Sen. Bernie Sanders’ filibuster/long speech on Friday (December 10, 2010), UFOverdriver worked quickly to make use of it in a sound collage. The goal was to capture the moment and preserve it in a form that would highlight long, uninterrupted stretches of his speech.

Sen. Bernie Sander began his speech at 10:25 AM and ended it over 8 1/2 hours later at 6:59 PM. Many of us who watched it as it happened felt we were watching a historic moment.

This sound collage is composed of 5 parts/tracks; with a short introduction, the beginning of the filibuster, a short interlude, another uninterrupted segment of the speech, and then the conclusion.

[media id=67 width=500 height=20]

Track Listing

Track 1 (03:30) Fortress America Is Waiting For A Message Of Some Sort Or Another

Track 2 (09:24) Mr. Sanders Goes To Washington – Part 1

Track 3 (03:21) I Am Equality 7-2521

Track 4 (10:30) Mr. Sanders Goes To Washington – Part 2

Track 5 (02:42) After 8 And A Half Hours, Truth Yields The Floor

Part 3 – December 16th

They Call Me The Breeze – Run Baby Run On Mix – The Wikileaks Version

In this episode: People are out to kill Wikileaks spokesman, Julian Assange, and some have made threats against him on FOX News, while the freshly-elected Representative Allen West (R-Fla.) suggested that we abandon the fundamental American principle of Freedom of the Press in his own statements about Wikileaks.

Thank goodness that Senator Bernie Sanders stood up on Friday and spoke with wisdom, compassion and truth for over 8 1/2 hours – it was brilliant and an outstanding moment that offered a piece of sanity in an otherwise insane time…

[media id=68 width=500 height=20]

Track Listing

Track 1 (1:19) They Call Me The Breeze

Track 2 (4:11) You Too May Come To Love Big Brother

Track 3 (3:47) Run Baby Run On

Track 4 (3:43) And Then The Senator Stood Up

Part 4 – December 18th

Dystopia (Is The New Utopian Dream)

Music to help you party like it’s 1984 – or use it as your getaway soundtrack when you’re on the run from the Suede Denim Secret Police.

[media id=69 width=500 height=20]

Track Information

Track 1 (1:22) You Know What To Do

Track 2 (4:20) I Never Lost Control

Track 3 (3:54) We Will Go

Download Album

4 sound collages – 18 tracks in all – one album: Dystopian Shifting

In the UFOverdriver tradition of D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) and G. I. A. (Give It Away), you can download a zip file of all the tracks in one long-playing album. An exclusive for UFOverdriver and onehumanbeing.com fans…

Download Here: UFOverdriver – Dystopian Shifting
18 Tracks – 1 hour 6 minutes

Listen, Enjoy and Share!

“Can I get an Amen?” – Tom Waits