Roadtrekkin’ To Anza-Borrego


This last week we took a road trip to the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park in a Roadtrek 190 – here’s the story…

Intro – The Roadtrekker Plan

The plan for this adventure began last year, with the goal being to go camping in our friend’s Roadtrek 190 RV (a very generous friend!) to see what “RV Camping” was like, and to decide if we’d want to take the RV on a cross-country adventure later this year.

A month ago we added another goal – to make a perfect Moscow Mule while camping. Very important stuff!

Last March we made reservations at the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park for this year – we got a site with “full hook-ups” – A term we weren’t familiar with yet, but were told this is what we wanted.


All of our camping in the past has been car camping and tent camping. We had a Vanagon back in the mid-90’s, but it wasn’t anything close to the experience of the Roadtrek 190.

As we discovered this week, RV camping is very different from regular camping… Continue reading

Driving Towards The End Of The World

Introduction  – The Ongoing Documentation Of Life

For over 30 years I’ve been consciously saving little souvenirs of my journey through life – stuff to help document the adventure. I don’t know why this is so important to me, but it is, and it affects much of the way I approach life.

Writing has played a huge part of the documentation process – years and years of filling up journals, writing and editing stories posted on the internet and numerous short essays that I’ve never published. Millions of words just trying to capture the experience of one human being during this pilgrimage here on planet Earth.

Here is the latest installment in the story reflecting on the year I had in 2012 – it’s called “Driving Towards The End Of The World”. I choose that title because, you know, the world was supposed to end last year, which it didn’t 🙂

So before I jump into writing about some really nice changes that have happened since the end of the world I thought I should post something to document 2012 from this one human being’s perspective…

After The End Of The World, Part One

jon-2012December 21, 2012 – a.k.a. “the end of the world” – was quite a good day for me. Probably one of the best days I’d had in weeks, and definitely one of my top ten best days of 2012.

Maybe I was just glad we had reached that date we had all been speculating about for years, or maybe the day really did have some special cosmic alignment I was feeling. Maybe it was because my wife and best friend, Tania, had the day off and it was a wonderful happy morning around the homestead… whatever the cause, it was a day where the burdens of the world slipped from my shoulders for a moment, and the depression, which this year had been the worst it has ever been for me, was pushed back for a moment.

Now that the end of the world was behind us I could feel like something else might happen. Like we had passed a giant border sign while driving through a long desert, “Welcome to the State of Now”. At first nothing seems different, but when you stop for gas at the first town across the border you realize you truly are in a different state, and all that entails…

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Today’s Image #273

Title“Sunday Final – Page 29
Dimensions – 9″ x 6″
Format – mixed-media collage book
Date – 1995

Today’s page from this word collage reads, as follows:

Brand New President’s Club Selection!

SALE! Light-Activated Sound Surprise Device
Outrageous Insult Envelopes
Giant Lizard Electric Flashing Glasses

“ooooooooooooooooooooo – Stark Naked waxing weirder and weirder,
huddled in a black blanket shivering,
then out,
The face,
the lake and the desert.
She has surfaced euphoric–
She had gone with the flow.
She had gone stark raving mad.

“I went,” Nick said, “Why not?”
“You’ve heard about his will?”

He had always been against that.
Acid rappers, freaks who made a competition out of who could take the most acid –

Otherwise – Stark Naked had done her thing.
She roared off into the void.

Today’s Image #255

Title“Sunday Final – Page 11
Dimensions – 9″ x 6″
Format – mixed-media collage book
Date – 1995

Today’s word collage reads like this:

The internal-combustion engine gave man a machine that brings you closer than you ever imagined to the most amazing, beautiful and savage ritual of the domestic marketplace.

Dare to get up-close as life in the wild desert, where fees from around the globe transport you to the heart of untamed habitats, a paradise…

And journey in the foothills of a large population with the amazing wonders of the trucks, buses and all manner of boats from pleasure cruisers to world’s first commercially sponsored nuclear explosion and from two cratering experiments that could lead to nuclear animal kingdom!

Make Today The Day

Above: Cover for the sound collage single, click to download it for FREE on Bandcamp!

Using sound clips, atmospheric loops, video footage shot in Joshua Tree, along with the usual UFOverdriver blend of dreams, the sub-conscious, and the everyday, this sound collage visualscape from UFOverdriver takes a ride through the desert in that strange zone between the blue pill and the red pill, the real and the super-real.

A few quotes from this sound collage…

Politics is weird… and creepy, and now I know it lacks even the loosest attachment to anything like reality… (Shep Smith on FOX News)

Exposure to true information does not matter anymore… (taken from a video of an “ex-KGB agent”…)

We talked through the air in those days… thousands and thousands of miles… (from a reading of a book written in 1913 about the world 100 years in the future which, in many ways, resembles today’s world)

Note: this sound collage, like all my sound collages, is best enjoyed with your headphones on…

Find more UFOverdriver sound collages….

All UFOverdriver sound collages can be downloaded (for FREE) from Bandcamp:

Notes about the day… New American Prayers

Today is June 2, 2010 – and the second day of my lamentations for America… my soul is crying. Weeping and wailing and throwing ashes on my head (figuratively speaking) – so sad.

I have been working on some sound collages for the last couple of night, ever since we returned from camping in the desert… the working title is New American Prayers


…a variety of pieces based on, or inspired by, the album by Jim Morrison and The Doors called An American Prayer.

This project is not the source of my lamentations, only an expression, and not nearly adequate yet…