The Turning – A New Project Site

theturning_header_5I’ve been spending the last few days putting together a project site for The Turning, which is now open and ready for use… you can visit it here: (site no longer available)

On the new site you’ll find the story has been organized to make it easier to follow.

I’ve added extra material to help you understand the various ideas from the story – Monthly Mayan calenders with downloadable PDF ‘s of the different periods of The Tzolkin, a playlist of songs that the story is partly based on, and even a scrollable timeline of postings… and I have many other things planned for the future.

I have also moved STEW, an allegorical story about the 2008 election, over to The Turning site, where these two story will soon be merged into one…

What Is The Turning?

This is serial – a story that will unfold over a seven year period of time – which tells the story of a mythical and imaginative journey taken by Jon, onehumanbeing that blends fiction and non-fiction as it explores ideas about time, being human, bipolar disorder, god(s), creation, history, Mayan calenders, astrology, space, the sub-conscious mind, quantum physics, American Christianity and the coming Long Cycle – among other things.

But most of the time this story is more about the questions it stirs up in you than anything else…

Find out more here... About The Turning

What Is A Project Site?

As an artist I’m always at work on more than one thing at a time. For example, when I’m painting I usually have about 5 paintings going at once – all in various stages of completion.

Currently, much of my work is done on very large scales. As an example – The MMJ Project, which uses my local city and community as the studio and working space for my various activities involving Medical Marijuana and the long struggle to get it established and normalized.

Some of my other projects include Redbot Loves You! and The Turning – A Serial. I also have some others that are “in the works” and not ready for public consumption yet…

To keep my various projects, and the different materials, concepts, and campaigns from getting lost in a confusing mass of stuff, I started to start creating “project sites” for each project idea – sort of like spin-offs from TV shows – and this gives each project it’s own home.

By using this “multiple project sites” approach, I find as my focus shifts over time I can move from one project site to the next, adding new material, making changes, adjusting the project to keep it on track, and whatever else needs to be done at that time.

Then, after a while, a shift or a change comes over me and I’m onto the next project – and around and around it goes…

I hope that helps you understand the process going on here at

Until later, best of health…

STEW – Reheated


Reheating The STEW

Barack Obama - 44th President

It’s been nearly ten months since the election of Barack Obama in November of 2008. At the time of the election I was writing a series of pieces comparing the election to the story of the twin brothers, Jacob and Esau, in the Hebrew and Christian Bibles – I called this series STEW.

Last Episode of the Story before the Election Break: Jacob Gets Everything

Like most everyone else who voted for Obama, I was in a state of amazement as I watched his acceptance speech on the night of the election (you can read about my reaction in my STEW election-break posting called “STEW: Part Three – Welcome to the WE generation” ) and ended up pausing the series while I worked on other things.

After a long break, we continue the story…

The story of these two brothers begins in The Book of Genesis, chapter 25, and today we pick up the story in verse 25 and continues until verse 34…

The Twins – Jacob and Esau

The Book of Genesis tells us about the Patriarchs of the Hebrews – the first three males of a divinely chosen people and a line of blessing that will culminate in God’s Eternal Kingdom with His Messiah on the Eternal Throne – and it starts with three generations of one human family; beginning with Abraham – the Father of Faith, his son, Isaac – The Child of Promise and then Jacob, who became Israel, the Father of the Twelve Tribes.

Now Jacob, the third of The Patriarchs, was born with a twin named Esau. [You can find the story in Genesis 25:21-28] and they wrestled violently in the womb causing their mother, Rebekah (played by Madonna in a previous episode) great distress and pain during her pregnancy.

When she inquired of The Lord why her pregnancy was going so bad The Lord told her:

“Two nations are in your womb;
And two people shall be separated from your body;
And one people shall be stronger than the other;
And the older shall serve the younger.”

When she gave birth, indeed she had twins – the first child to be born was Esau, who was already covered with red hair, followed by Jacob, holding onto the heel of his twin Esau.

It’s important to note that there is a tradition that believes that Esau was so restless in the womb that he was literally trying to fight his way out of Rebekah and if Jacob hadn’t held him back Esau would have killed his mother in an effort to be born early, and that is why the struggle in the womb and why Esau came out first with Jacob holding his heel.

This tradition could also explain why Jacob was his mother’s favorite son.

Esau grew up to be a hunter and outdoors-man, was a very hairy man and dreamed of moving to Alaska; while Jacob grew up a peaceful, smooth-skinned man and dreamed of going to Washington DC.

Now, in those days and according to their customs, the first-born male got the entire inheritance – everything – land, animals, money, servants… and in this family it also came with the Divine Blessing that Abraham had first received for El Shaddai, The Almighty God. In this case, that meant that Esau, by birthright, was entitled to the complete inheritance when Isaac died.

Jacob understood this very well, and Esau really couldn’t care less…


One day Esau (played by John McCain, poor, sold-out John McCain) came back from hunting and smelled something delicious cooking. Following his nose he found his brother Jacob cooking a pot of red lentil stew. “I’m starving, let me have a swallow of that red stuff…” he told his brother, and Jacob, not being in a giving mood, said, “Sell me your birthright first.”

Esau, letting his appetite overcome his good sense, figures that a birthright is worthless to a dead man, and agrees.

After making Esau swear an oath, Jacob served him some stew and bread, which Esau ate quickly and then went on his way.

Little did Esau know that El Shaddai, who watches over everyone, saw what Esau had done and heard the oath Esau made, and knew that Esau despised his birthright, and had also despised The Almighty God.

To Be Continued…

Election 2008 – Finally Over…


Here’s the graphic I posted the day we voted, November 4th, 2008, as I was in the midst of writing my “STEW” story based on Esau and Jacob as a metaphor of the Obama/McCain situation, and as the story is told – you can read it starting in Genesis 25 – Jacob gets everything, and Obama, being Jacob in this story, gets everything.

For 8 months I’ve been waiting for today to continue the story, but I had to wait for the Coleman/Franken court battle to end. Congratulation to Senator-Elect Al Franken of Minnesota. Indeed – Jacob got everything. So now we’re back on the Biblical narrative (actually we never left it – the last 8 months of Republican melt down are recorded in Genesis 27:41 – 28:9)

Coming up in the story – Jacob returns to his ancestors home, The Night and the Dream of God and Angels (I have a whole bunch of UFOs ready for this episode) and soon, Jacob’s Struggles…

My friends, we live in most unusual times, be both glad and mourn, for the times, they are a changin’…

I cry for my brother Esau and the lot he has chosen, but I’m leaving with Jacob and heading into the night…

Until later, best of health,
Jon, onehumanbeing

Breathing As The World Turns…

Wow! What is that in the air?

It reminds me of a couple of years ago when The Anaheim Ducks won the Stanley Cup…

The only sport I watch is hockey, which is strange for a Southern California native. People usually ask me if I’m from Canada when I start talking hockey – and I can talk hockey!

But what it means being a hockey fan in California is the reality that your team will never, I repeat, NEVER, win the big prize. NEVER…

Oh the seasons I endured as a young Kings fans. I listened to every game on the radio during the gold and purple days of the 70’s.

I had a poster on my wall of Rogie Vachon, the starting goaltender for the Kings back then, who I would sketch over and over again (that’s how young artists work out their angst)… later when I got a parakeet I named him Marcel, bad parakeet name, but the scoring wonder of that moment, Marcel Doinne.

Well, The Kings and hockey lost me during the 80’s and it wasn’t until The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim started in the early 90’s expansion that I came back. And what a grueling journey it was…

I was a fan of the team owned by Disney – a strange marriage at the least.

A team is the roughest sport, with fights, injuries, real blood and everything nasty married to Cinderella, American Family Style. Not to mention being named after a movie franchise… we live in a strange world.

And then one day it changed…

A great couple who really like hockey and wanted to do what’s right by the team bought them, changed the name to the Anaheim Ducks, hired real talent for the front office that brought great talent to the ice, changed the image of the team, and within a couple of years I was breathing air that feels a lot like today… almost.

When the Ducks won the Stanley Cup it was like I was in a nitrous oxide bubble of happy gas for a week. I had never been on the winning side before, cheering for the winning team!

Asking me to do anything was out of the question… I just lingered and breathed in and out… mmmmm….

Not so with the air today… it tastes as sweet, but I’ve got some empty beer bottles on the table, dishes left in the sink, a carpet to vacuum and many other household chores to do… and breathing this air just makes me feel like getting to the work at hand.

I’ll write more later, dish out some more STEW, but first there is work to do…

STEW: election 2008

STEW will continue tomorrow, I’m too busy watching the election on CNN. I mean, really, who wants to miss out on this great moment?

What the heck is STEW? If you haven’t read the first two parts of STEW, start here…

After the election we’ll have The Twins Story: The Birth of Esau and Jacob – or – The Two Party System


Greed Stew for Esau: How Esau Despised His Birthright – or – The Poison of The Moral Majority

Blind Stew for Isaac: Isaac Is Old – or – The Sunset For The Reagan Era

Jacob’s Hope Stew: Rebekah Steers The Future – or – You Are What You Watch, and Think, and Believe

and other allegorical analysis of what we have just seen happen before our eyes…

Till then,

Best of health to everyone, and pray for peace and understanding to prevail.

Jon, onehumanbeing