Today’s Image #298

Title“Calling Down The UFOverdriver – Album Cover
Dimensions – square format – various sizes
Format –  digital collage
Date – 2010

This is the album cover I designed for UFOverdriver for it’s first EP, which contains the first two UFOverdriver sound collages; Area 5150 and Integratronic.

Here’s the videoscape for Area 5150 – the sound collage that kicked off the UFOverdriver project in January 2010 – Enjoy!

Bonus Tracks

Also included in the EP is two bonus tracks, both them featuring Automatic Pete, the on-board computer – he’s very well spoken and a bit poetic. In the first he explains how the UFOverdriver flies through the air like a Vimana. In the second he gives a dramatic reading of Frank Zappa’s song Trouble Every Day – a real treat, in my opinion.

The Album Cover

The image used is of Shiva and his consort Parvati:

Shiva with Parvati. Shiva is depicted three-eyed, the Ganges flowing through his matted hair (which are yellowish-white or like molten gold), wearing ornaments of serpents and a skull bracelet, and covered in ashes, and Trisula and Damaru are seen in the background.


CD Of The Album Now Available!

This month I’m in the process of preparing CD’s for the first 3 UFOverdriver albums (including this EP) from 2010, along with a new release – expected early this next week… stay tuned, as they say.

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