Today’s Image #301

Title“A New American Prayer – Album Insert
Dimensions – square format – various sizes
Format –  digital collage
Date – 2012

Here’s a photo of me wearing my Blue Katchina Headdress, my Kukulcan Helmet of Consciousness, my Quetzalcoatl Crown of Returning… all these things and more.

It’s one of the images I created while working on the CD package for the sound collage from 2010 (when Tania took this photo of me) called A New American Prayer.

I digitally added an old drawing of how consciousness works (or so they thought), and it fit so well I decided to keep it… I thought it added a very “Mayan” look with my dreadlocks.

Just a reminder – CDs are coming out very soon along with a special give-away!

The Turning – Kukulkan – 9-11-9


The Return of The Plumed Serpent

So many different stories, myths, legends, and names: Kukulkan, Ququmatz, Quetzalcoatl, The Plumed Serpent, The Precious Twin, The Giver of Calenders, The Bearded White Man, The Keeper of Wisdom, Intelligence and Self-Reflection, Thoth of Egypt and some would even claim – Jesus Christ.

In every story he’s a benevolent Man-God of love and compassion, who left us but said he would return someday.

From Wikipedia: Quetzalcoatl:

Some Mormon scholars believe that Quetzalcoatl, as a white, bearded God who came from the sky and promised to return, was actually Jesus Christ. According to the Book of Mormon, Jesus visited the American natives after his resurrection.

Latter-day Saint President John Taylor wrote:

“The story of the life of the Mexican divinity, Quetzalcoatl, closely resembles that of the Savior; so closely, indeed, that we can come to no other conclusion than that Quetzalcoatl and Christ are the same being. But the history of the former has been handed down to us through an impure Lamanitish source, which has sadly disfigured and perverted the original incidents and teachings of the Savior’s life and ministry.”

I find it to be more than curious that so many cultures over the course of human history have encountered this strange, benevolent Man-God – and that his return has been prophesied over and over again.

For the Maya, Kukulkan holds a place of special reverence – when he first came he gave them their calenders and taught them to stop the practice of human sacrifice, among other things. One day, when his appointed time had come, he left by the sea, but promised he would return again someday.

I have a few questions for those with ears to hear:

Do you have oil in your lamp?

Do you hear the sounds of the Great Procession?

Come listen, for a Great Kingdom is coming near the Home of Man…

Behold, I hear the sound of a great feast approaching – I see a great city, and it is coming like a wonder in the clouds, a Light above lights, a Glory greater than all the glory of the Earth.

A change? A shaking? A sorting of the sheep and the goats? Many strange days are ahead, but do not fear, the battle has already been fought and mankind has a champion, a brother who has already gone this way many times before – and like he promised, he will return for the day that has been appointed.

But get yourself ready, because we won’t be going this way again – not in this lifetime anyway. I just thought you should know…

This Has Been A Message from Ho Ik – The Wind of Hermes and Mercury,
just one of the forward-looking service provided by

PS. If all of this story has seemed veiled, strange or mysterious so far, that’s alright, because it has to be for now.

If this was a road-trip I’d probably tell you to relax and settle in – we have a long road ahead of us, but we have an early enough start so you won’t miss anything.

Soon the 6th night will be upon us, and the hard, winter cold… then I will be able to tell you long stories around the fire while we sip on cups of hot coffee – then I will tell you about The Books of Days…

This is The Turning – A Serial: A story about time, being human, bipolar disorder, god(s), creation, history, Mayan calenders, astrology, space, the sub-conscious mind, quantum physics, American Christianity and the coming Long Cycle – among other things…

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