Driving Towards The End Of The World

Introduction  – The Ongoing Documentation Of Life

For over 30 years I’ve been consciously saving little souvenirs of my journey through life – stuff to help document the adventure. I don’t know why this is so important to me, but it is, and it affects much of the way I approach life.

Writing has played a huge part of the documentation process – years and years of filling up journals, writing and editing stories posted on the internet and numerous short essays that I’ve never published. Millions of words just trying to capture the experience of one human being during this pilgrimage here on planet Earth.

Here is the latest installment in the story reflecting on the year I had in 2012 – it’s called “Driving Towards The End Of The World”. I choose that title because, you know, the world was supposed to end last year, which it didn’t 🙂

So before I jump into writing about some really nice changes that have happened since the end of the world I thought I should post something to document 2012 from this one human being’s perspective…

After The End Of The World, Part One

jon-2012December 21, 2012 – a.k.a. “the end of the world” – was quite a good day for me. Probably one of the best days I’d had in weeks, and definitely one of my top ten best days of 2012.

Maybe I was just glad we had reached that date we had all been speculating about for years, or maybe the day really did have some special cosmic alignment I was feeling. Maybe it was because my wife and best friend, Tania, had the day off and it was a wonderful happy morning around the homestead… whatever the cause, it was a day where the burdens of the world slipped from my shoulders for a moment, and the depression, which this year had been the worst it has ever been for me, was pushed back for a moment.

Now that the end of the world was behind us I could feel like something else might happen. Like we had passed a giant border sign while driving through a long desert, “Welcome to the State of Now”. At first nothing seems different, but when you stop for gas at the first town across the border you realize you truly are in a different state, and all that entails…

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Today’s Image #391

Title“Public Phone”
Dimensions – 6″ x 4″
Format – Lomograph
Date – February 2003

I remember walking by this public phone on 2nd street in Long Beach in early 2003 and snapping this lomograph with my Lomo camera… this was the moment I decided it was time to get a cellphone.

More lomography coming up this next week. Enjoy!

Today’s Image #292

Title“USS Someplace Cocktails – Faxed Image
Dimensions – 4″ x 6″
Format –  faxed photo on fax paper
Date – 1997

Here’s a short story from our website back in 1998 – The animated GIF images were made using the faxed images…

[1] the first shot...

We really didn’t need to waste any time getting there… I think everyone else heard the same thing we had, but it meant something more to us. Larry wanted to get back to the bar, but Claire wanted to go talk to the police that were just arriving. Claire was always following after police like some puppy dog… maybe that’s why she was always getting thrown into the pound.

We turned and and and… stumbled away from Long Beach Blvd.

[2] long beach blvd...

Run down, runs down to the Harbor, where they’re building a new aquarium, where the Pike used to be, the seaside resort amusement park… later, seedy underbelly and then torn down.

Larry’s dad ran the Skeeball concession, and bought heroin from incoming sailors… Claire had been a girl working the boardwalk… lots of scars.

[3] redevelopment...

Bring in the Queen Mary, bring in the Spruce Goose, bring in the Shore Line Village, try and bring in Disney… but there is no getting away from the fact that Long Beach, like it’s twin brother San Pedro, is the Navy and Prison… hard drinking and past glory… old burdens and dim hopes… but that’s not why we’re drinking…

“This isn’t this redevelopment, this is redemption…” said Freddy. He thinks he’s the city council or something. I just wish he’d shut up.

[4] redemption...

Freddy says redemption makes everything worthwhile… at least it’s better then a sharp stick in the eye. He was always trying to hit everyone, a real jerk. “You ever smell a rug?” he says… real menacing like…

Chuckski really tried to straighten him out, at least his face… wish Chuckski came around like he use to. Ain’t nobody like they used to be…not even the USS Someplace is like it use to be. Sometimes everything seems frozen solid still in time… usually…

[5] uss someplace

We should have bet Larry again… Claire almost got taken away, we would have been fifty bucks richer.

I don’t know… is it just me, or does this place seem a little emptier since Chuckski left?

Freddy hates Chuckski, but he hates everyone… people like that always seem to like us, I don’t know why that’s so… we were just trying to get home again, USS Someplace, Long Beach Blvd… California.

The End.

22 Years In Our Long Beach Apartment

Tania and I have now been living in the same one bedroom apartment/studio since May 25th of 1990 – that’s 22 years… and we still love this special place.

In the photo above you can see it on the afternoon we moved in – taken with an Instamatic camera and pasted together in one of our scrapbooks, and again, as it looked on Friday, (the 22 year anniversary of moving in), with a panoramic taken by Tania using her iPhone… that’s one of our dogs, Moseley in the foreground.

New addition on June 24, 2012…

Gallery Of Apartment Images By Tania


Talking Medical Marijuana Blues

An Introduction

Since 2007 I’ve been a member of a number of different collectives in Long Beach.

I’ve volunteered, built websites, taken photos of over 300 different strains of medical marijuana, and grown to care about a number of incredible people.

I’ve also watched one collective after another crumble under the burden of legal fees, changing city regulations and other costs associated with always having to fight to stay open…

My personal history with medical marijuana goes back much further than that however, back to when I first started using marijuana in 1983.

I’ve spent a lot of years watching the medical marijuana story get to where we are today, and in this series I share my motivation for being an activist, talk about being a collective member, and about my own medical use of marijuana.

And then there’s this – RIGHT NOW, in Long Beach, our collectives are facing the prospect of having our city council ban them on Tuesday evening, and all my thinking about this has given me the talking medical marijuana blues – Enjoy!

Talking Medical Marijuana Blues – Part One

Includes the story: The Man On The Other Side Of The Wall

“On Tuesday night, November 18th, I got home from work, sat in my big chair, kicked back, and for the first time in my life smoked marijuana legally…”

Talking Medical Marijuana Blues – Part Two

I Get By With The Help Of My Friends – a brief look at my personal history with medical marijuana…

“There was a time, not very long ago, when I would often have to wait for days, sometimes a week to get my medicine. Sometimes nothing would be available from the few friends I knew, who knew a friend, who knew a friend who could get marijuana for them…”

Talking Medical Marijuana Blues – Part Three

Talking ‘Bout My Medication – looking at the different ways to use medical marijuana and how I use it…

“I wasn’t diagnosed with Bi-Polar Disorder until I was 33 years old. This revelation – that there was a medical reason, of some kind, behind my most confusing moods and actions – caused a paradigm shift that made me look back over my life through a new perspective…”

Talking Medical Marijuana Blues – Part Four

Rev. Martin Luther KingWe Shall Overcome! – talking about the situation here in Long Beach, right now – about the City Attorney’s effort to ban the collectives, and how you can help!

“Rev. Martin Luther King stated over 40 years ago in a speech that “the arc of the moral Universe is long, but it’s bent towards Justice…”

During my long, personal civil rights march towards medical marijuana justice I’ve seen that this statement is true, just as I also believe that one day ‘we shall overcome!'”

The Man On The Other Side Of The Wall

Talking Medical Marijuana Blues – Part One

Today I have a number of thoughts about medical marijuana running around my head, all of which I’ve grouped under the heading of Talking Medical Marijuana Blues in my head.

I plan on posting several articles today and tomorrow following this line of thinking…

In these postings I’d like to tell you about:
(1) my own personal reasons for being involved in this fight,
(2) the importance of collectives for regular patients,
(3) how marijuana works as a medicine for me,
(4) and the proposed ban on collectives here in Long Beach and why this is such a bad idea. (And what you can do to help!)

A Brief Look At My Personal History With Medical Marijuana

First off – Why is medical marijuana such an important issue in my life?

I use marijuana to help manage the symptoms of a chronic physical condition I’ll lived with my whole life called Bi-Polar Spectrum Disorder, which means I experience repeated, severe depressions and occasional hypo-manias. Even though this is often thought of as a “mental” illness – it’s really a “physical” illness that affects every part of me, including my thought processes.

When I first started smoking marijuana in 1983, I immediately felt relief from the extreme body discomfort I live with daily. It would still be years before I was diagnosed, but I knew that marijuana “made life feel right” to me.

Right after I started smoking marijuana the Reagan Just Say No era began and I became very politicized because of my involvement with marijuana and my rock-solid conviction that the Drug War was wrong in every way.

In 1998, because of severe bout of depression I was diagnosed with Bi-Polar disorder, and so began my long adventure with pharmaceutical drugs to treat this chronic and debilitating condition.

In 2002 I started a year and a half campaign to educate my Kaiser psychiatrist about the various way in which medical marijuana helps my condition and it’s value to me as a medicine (the only one that has work so far, by the way).

The following story was written on the weekend in November 2003 after I finally got my medical marijuana recommendation (one of the very few ever given out by a Kaiser doctor) and entered the new world of “legal” medical marijuana.

The Man On The Other Side Of The Wall

On Tuesday night, November 18th, I got home from work, sat in my big chair, kicked back, and for the first time in my life smoked marijuana legally.

Within minutes the herb was soothing the chemical hell of the mania I was enduring. I couldn’t believe it. Here I was, in my own living room, smoking pot legally. After all these years of self-medicating my disorder, finally I was legit, the doctor had given me his recommendation, no, his strong recommendation that I use medical marijuana.

I couldn’t wait to share my good news. I called some friends and shared my story of my yearlong journey with my psychiatrist and the doctor I met with today. These are people I’ve smoked marijuana with before. They know what a hassle the drug war is.

Yesterday I was one of them. This morning when I woke up I was one of them. If the Federal Government takes a disliking to me, I’m still one of them. But somehow, during the course of my conversations I realized that I had been smuggled out of the country, and now I was the man living on the other side of the wall.

One of my friends said, “Wow, that’s really great for you, Jon, I wish…” and he sounded like someone wishing for the far country. It breaks my heart. I think I can imagine what it must have felt like to be smuggled out of East Berlin into West Berlin, and knowing that people just like you should be where you are.

I didn’t realize when I walked into that doctor’s office on Tuesday morning, that it was actually a tunnel under the wall. I walked into that office from the East Berlin of the drug war and walked out in West Berlin. The city is still surrounded, but that is about to change. Freedom has to win. The wall will come down.

But for now, that wall is standing, looking as solid as ever, and I’m a confused immigrant trying to find my way around. How do I go about handling this situation? How do other people who use medical marijuana handle their situation? When and where can I smoke when I need to medicate? Do I now have a greater freedom of movement just like with the other prescription meds I take? It’s a strange new world to me, just a few days old.

So what’s it like on that side of the wall, you might be wondering? Well, when you grow up afraid of the secret police, the fear doesn’t go away over night. I still feel reflexively like I’m on the other side of the wall, I’m sure that will change with time.

I keep turning the doctors words over in my mind “I’m strongly recommending that you use medical marijuana.” When being a criminal is the last thing you want to be, those are the best words you can hear. I’ll figure out how to do my shopping in this new city soon enough, but for this moment, I’m just smelling the air of freedom.

I know the city is surrounded, and I know they have the blockade on. But I’ve been smuggled out to live, die and pray with those that breathe the air of freedom, even if it’s just for a moment.

Ich bin ein Berliner.

November 22, 2003

Next: Talking Medical Marijuana Blues – Part TwoI Get By With The Help Of My Friends

Today’s Image – September 29 through October 5, 2011

I’m into the third week of building a habit of posting a new image every day on the onehumanbeing facebook page.

I’m doing pretty good with the new habit – so far only one Today’s Image had to be posted a day late…

Here’s a gallery of the images from September 29th through October 5th:


During this time I’ve been busy preparing an upcoming project called Portfolio, which is a 20+ year retrospective of various art-objects I’ve created since Tania and I moved into our studio/apartment in Long Beach.

The collection in the Portfolio has over 200 images so far, and I still have quite a ways to go… I’ll post a message (of course) when it’s ready.

Until later, best of health.

i love AWC

Above: a few of the several hundred new buttons I’ve made for AWC because “i love AWC”…

Compassion For Long Beach

A new collective re-opened this last month here in Long Beach called Avalon Wellness Collective, or AWC for short.

I have to tell you, the place is really awesome, and that’s not just because I got to design their logo and website, or because I’ve been able to continue taking photos of the herb at AWC, both for their website and for my collection of herb photos – I have to tell you about AWC because this place really is a great collective.

They have a very nice, re-modeled shop with handicapped access, a very clean and professional meds room, and compassion that comes from the heart.

Above: the med room at AWC – photo by Ron Woolhether

Besides the shop, AWC has a state-of-the-art growing operation that gives this collective the ability to keep the donation levels at $50 an 1/8th or below for top-grade medicine.

They have spent the last six months making the place 100% compliant with all the local Long Beach regulations as well as SB 420 and still breathes the spirit of Prop 215 – The Compassionate Use Act of 1996.

Here’s their new video made by WeedMaps

If you live in the Long Beach area and are a medical marijuana patient I highly recommend you check out their website – awclongbeach.com, and then give them a visit. Tell them that “Jon, onehumanbeing sent you!”

Souvenirs From The Late 20th Century

The Zulu Lounge

Over twenty years ago, in May of 1990, Tania and I moved to Long Beach.

At the time we were involved with a group of artists, actors, musicians and short-film makers (who had migrated from Colorado to California together) which we had met through our job working at an interior design company’s warehouse in Costa Mesa/Irvine.

I was writing a lot of poetry, and one day at work I mentioned to Tania and our friend Brian that I needed a place to read my poems out loud, and get some feedback…

So we formed a Wednesday night group called The Zulu Lounge which met in the garage of Brian’s rented house in Irvine to read poetry, share our art, smoke cigarettes and drink.

I Like To Smoke by Jon Christopher – The Zulu Lounge – 1990

Here’s an audio recording of the first poem ever read at The Zulu Lounge. This was one of the “Smoker’s Rights” poems I was writing at the time called I Like To Smoke.

During the middle of this poem I try a flip a cigarette into my mouth…

[media id=63 width=500 height=20]


From The Lounge To Long Beach

When Tania and I moved to Long Beach, so did many of our friends from this group.

Three of the guys from The Zulu Lounge – Brian, Phil and Kirk – moved into an apartment on Broadway which had several bedrooms and, most importantly, access to the roof.

Soon after they moved in they threw a very big house-warming party…

I barely remember it, and I don’t think we have any photos of the night, but I still have the audio-invitation cassette tape and my Fish Pass.

When Cassettes Were King

In 1990 the cassette tape was king. We listened to most of our music on cassette tape.

If you wanted to share some music with a friend, you made a mix-tape and gave it to them… a special kind of gift you listened to over and over again.

That’s probably why I kept this particular cassette tape. It’s both a sound collage of audio theater and an amazing invitation to a party.

An Audio Invitation

Here’s the audio from the cassette tape – It’s about 31 minutes long and very funny, strange and unique souvenir from the late twentieth century.

[media id=62 width=500 height=20]


Included in the cassette invitation was a FREE Pass To See Chilly Willy Talk, and Entrance to The Attic of Doom – Enter and Worship

The Fish Pass

The prime party spot that night (if I remember correctly) was on the roof, which required a special Fish Pass – which we were suppose to share. I think the idea was to keep the number of people on the roof limited…

As you can see I kept mine. Here’s the photo I took of it today…

Note: If you have any photos from this party, please contact me so I can add them to this page…

Orange Orbs Over Long Beach

Ever since I was a little child I’ve wanted to see a UFO, but in all my years of watching the sky I’ve never had any luck seeing a real UFO. Well, that has changed…

Last night, around 7:00 pm, our neighbor called us to the back balcony to witness the final moments of a string of orange orbs flying past Long Beach. It was an awesome sight – the video just doesn’t do it any justice, but I offer it here for your enjoyment and speculation…

Here’s my report I filed with Mufon.org last night – this morning (Sunday, November 14th) I got a call from a Mufon investigator named Steve who was following up on my report. During our discussion I found out that orange orbs are the most commonly UFOs reported – but it’s a real UFO…


Just before 7:00 pm this evening (November 13, 2010) my wife and I heard our downstairs neighbor calling us to the back yard. My wife went out and then yelled for me to come outside quickly because there were “UFOs out here..”

I ran out to the back balcony and looked up to see several bright orange orbs in the sky, looking towards the ocean and the direction of Catalina Island. I quickly ran back into our apartment and grabbed my point-and-shot digital camera.

I returned to the balcony and was able to record the last 2 and a half minutes of the sighting while the last orb brightened for a last time and then faded to a dark gray and continued on it’s course. I personally saw two bright orange orbs, my wife saw three (because she went outside first) and our neighbor said she saw 7-8 orange orbs, all in a line across the sky.

I am not sure how far away the orbs were from us, but they were unlike anything I have ever seen. They seemed to burn from inside, but it wasn’t what seemed to be propelling them. They did not fall through the sky like burning debris, but like a vehicle moving on a set course from west to east across the sky.

While it can’t be seen because of the video quality, the orbs continued along their eastern course as dark gray orbs, each with a very dim orange glow inside.

Included with this report is several graphics I made this evening right after the event:

1. a time-chart of the path of the one orange orb I was able to videotape. [see below]
2. a map showing our field of view and the flight path of the orange orb. [see above]

The video is unedited.

The graphic at the top of the page shows the direction the orbs were traveling, and the graphic below shows the time sequence of the video.

If anyone else saw this event, or has extra information to add to this report, please send it to me and I’ll add it to this post.

One Year On The Road

[media id=56 width=500 height=350]


In honor of our friends…

Our friends, Russ and Laura, have been traveling by bicycle across the United States since last Summer on an open-ended journey.

For several years before they left Long Beach to follow their dreams, they were a major part of our Friday night Happy Hour crew which met every week to unwind and share our ideas, dreams and latest creative works.

Over the course of many Happy Hours we were privileged to watch their shared dream take shape, acquire wheels and take them out onto the great American pilgrimage – the open road.

In honor of their One Year On The Road, a group of us got together last Friday, August 13th, so we could record a video “congratulations” to them.

Included in the video is Chris, Dominic and Jayme, Katie and Rick, Tania and myself, and Richard (the Jesse Ventura look-alike…)

This video was edited by myself on Saturday night, August 21st, with much input from Tania, Enjoy!


You can follow their journey on their website and also on their Facebook page:

Website: http://pathlesspedaled.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Path-Less-Pedaled/94377691671?v=wall

Until later, best of health.

My Wife – The Cover Girl!

The District - Tania on Cover - December 9, 2009

Above: Tania on the cover of The District – December 9, 2009

The District Weekly – December 9, 2009

The new issue of The District came out yesterday with an article that has been much anticipated around our home…

Rachel Powers, a writer for The District, has been putting this article together since the summer, and our friend and professional photographer, Russ Roca, took the photos several months ago.

We had no idea when the story would come out, or that they would choose this photo (above) for the cover shot…

I think it’s a great photo. That’s my beautiful wife, doing what she does everyday – giving her time, energy and love into making other peoples lives better.

I’m very proud of her!

The story is about the amazing place Tania works at called “The Village” which serves the homeless, “mentally ill” population with real care and true compassion.

Long Beach is finally learning about this world-famous and very successful resource in their own downtown.

People who work in the mental health field come from all over the world (right now there is a group from Japan visiting for a week) to do an “Immersion” and find out how the philosophy of The Village works.

The article does a great job of explaining the simple, but radically different approach The Village uses to help remind people that they are somebody of value, to reawaken their forgotten dreams and to both start and continue on that road back to health and stability.

Tania started working there in September of 2005 – how she got there is a story for another time – and since then she has grown in amazing ways.

I feel honored to be a part of her story and to be able to offer her my unconditional support for the work she does.

Article Links

Best Practices – The District Weekly, December 9, 2009

The Village Website – Information Page

23 Years of Love!

The Jon and Tania Story – In 23 Photos!

To celebrate our Anniversary today, here’s a gallery of photos of us together from 23 years of love – From 1987 until now, with one photo representing each year of the journey.


The Great Journey began on October 12, 1986…

A poem I wrote on the day Tania and I started going out…

October 12, 1986

I stood before the chamber for many days
I wanted to be sure before my choice was made
What’s this fear of what my emotions have to say
That’s to conventional thinking when my heart has it’s way

Not a great poem, but I’m sure glad I wrote it down at the time…

Note: Back then I was always writing “for” when I meant to write “of” – that chamber of days has contained 8,401 days so far.

My heart had it right, and I’m glad it had it’s way!

ALSO Related…

The Plan and Do Box, created in 1991 around the time of our 5 year anniversary.

Inside The Plan Box - The Do Box

Click the photo to see all the Plan and Do Box Photos

The Turning – A New Project Site

theturning_header_5I’ve been spending the last few days putting together a project site for The Turning, which is now open and ready for use… you can visit it here: http://theturning.onehumanbeing.com/ (site no longer available)

On the new site you’ll find the story has been organized to make it easier to follow.

I’ve added extra material to help you understand the various ideas from the story – Monthly Mayan calenders with downloadable PDF ‘s of the different periods of The Tzolkin, a playlist of songs that the story is partly based on, and even a scrollable timeline of postings… and I have many other things planned for the future.

I have also moved STEW, an allegorical story about the 2008 election, over to The Turning site, where these two story will soon be merged into one…

What Is The Turning?

This is serial – a story that will unfold over a seven year period of time – which tells the story of a mythical and imaginative journey taken by Jon, onehumanbeing that blends fiction and non-fiction as it explores ideas about time, being human, bipolar disorder, god(s), creation, history, Mayan calenders, astrology, space, the sub-conscious mind, quantum physics, American Christianity and the coming Long Cycle – among other things.

But most of the time this story is more about the questions it stirs up in you than anything else…

Find out more here... About The Turning

What Is A Project Site?

As an artist I’m always at work on more than one thing at a time. For example, when I’m painting I usually have about 5 paintings going at once – all in various stages of completion.

Currently, much of my work is done on very large scales. As an example – The MMJ Project, which uses my local city and community as the studio and working space for my various activities involving Medical Marijuana and the long struggle to get it established and normalized.

Some of my other projects include Redbot Loves You! and The Turning – A Serial. I also have some others that are “in the works” and not ready for public consumption yet…

To keep my various projects, and the different materials, concepts, and campaigns from getting lost in a confusing mass of stuff, I started to start creating “project sites” for each project idea – sort of like spin-offs from TV shows – and this gives each project it’s own home.

By using this “multiple project sites” approach, I find as my focus shifts over time I can move from one project site to the next, adding new material, making changes, adjusting the project to keep it on track, and whatever else needs to be done at that time.

Then, after a while, a shift or a change comes over me and I’m onto the next project – and around and around it goes…

I hope that helps you understand the process going on here at onehumanbeing.com

Until later, best of health…

Building a Cardboard Redbot Army

ORIGINALLY POSTED on Redbot Loves You!
August 16, 2009

Redbot News! Redbot now has his own domain name – redbotlovesyou.com, just in time for the release of The Redbot Army…


I’ve been working on building a Redbot Army, and I have a small collection that is excited to go out and explore the world… which is just what they’re going to do. Start keeping your eyes out when you’re traveling around Long Beach. You just might see one of the Redbots on a pole, power box, or other metallic surface.

The Redbot Army is made from cardboard, small magnets, laser printed stickers and the usual, special, Redbot Loves You! spirit you’d expect from a Redbot.

If you find a Redbot, just hanging somewhere, looking like it needs a good home, remove it from it’s location – you just got youself a FREE piece of art from Jon, onehumanbeing and Redbot Loves You! If you have a camera of any kind (anywhere from cellphone to video) snap a shot of your new Redbot and send it to me and I’ll post it in the Redbot gallery… (info on photo and video posting coming shortly)

Here’s a small gallery of the beginnings of The Redbot Army… (view original post for photos)


SourcedFrom Sourced from: Redbot Loves You!

Updates to The MMJ Lists

Note: the project known as The Medical Marijuana Lists is now using a shortened version of the name – The MMJ Lists

From The MMJ Lists…

Catching Up…


I’ve been dusting off the files, photos and various materials of The MMJ Lists to move it closer to how I envision it…

Since January I’ve been taking photos at A Soothing Remedy Collective and more recently, AAC – Apothecary’s Assistants Collective, where I also volunteer as a bud-tender, front desk clerk, joint roller, or whatever else is needed while I’m there for my shift.

Monday (April 27th) I was there for the afternoon and evening shifts… and spent most of the evening rolling joints of White Widow to give away to the members.

AAC gives you a free joint every time you stop by to get your herb… it’s part of the “member-focused” approach to the Medical Marijuana dispensary movement and an effort to slow down the collective-hopping (see below) that goes on.

(read more here…)

Also… I’ve added to the “About” page…

About The MMJ Lists

In June of 2008 I started taking photos and posting menus on WeedTracker.com for a local, Long Beach collective called CCLB, Canna Collective Long Beach.

The whole thing started as a fluke – I just wanted CCLB to keep up with their menu posting because gas prices were soaring and online people wanted to know what was available before they made the long drive – sometimes coming all the way from San Diego – a nearly 300 mile round trip.

My round trip to CCLB was only 10 miles, so during June I started my volunteer gig as the Menu Guy for CCLB. Over the July 4th weekend, through a series of events I’ve written about elsewhere, I officially became an unpaid, community volunteer at CCLB and through October of that year I photographed nearly 80 different strains, some of them several times.

It was almost an overwhelming situation, and it started to seem like I spent all of my time photographing, preparing the photos, posting them and then posting the menu… and by the beginning of November I had to halt the project as it was going, and think about how to present the photographs. (The price of gas had fallen too, so my original reason for posting menus had ended.)

(read more here…)

The link to The MMJ Project is: http://mmj.onehumanbeing.com/

Celebrating 420 – National Marijuana Day

national-marijuana-day-2009.gifHappy 420!

It’s National Marijuana Day (or National Pot Smokers Day)

I’ll be celebrating the day at AAC – Apothecary’s Assistants Collective in Long Beach, where we’re handing out FREE XXX (triple back-crossed) Master Kush joints (very nice herb – body comfort), Special 420 buttons (like the image to the left), and AAC stickers

Stop by and visit if you’re a MMJ patient.

Curious about the story behind 420? Here’s some links:

What 420 Means: The True Story Behind Stoners’ Favorite Number

4/20: National Pot Smokers Day

Every Person’s House Is An Island

Click image to see full size...

Click to view my Google Map for this drawing…

Much has been going on in my life, and I’ll be catching everyone up shortly.

But for the moment…

Here’s a piece I did the other day… I’m going through my large collection of Long Beach photos from the last few years, and dug this one out to finish the piece I’ve seen in my head every time I walk by this house.

This house is a few blocks from our apartment/studio, on First Street in Bluff Park, a very beautiful neighborhood on the bluff overlooking the beach with a view of the Queen Mary and looking out towards Catalina Island across the channel.

When I took the photo of the house which I used here, I pictured it in my head as isolated from all the other houses – on an island of sorts with waves lapping where the street is now…

There are a few other houses that give me the same feel, maybe I’ll put them on an island too.