Selected Eclectic – Volumes 1 and 2

Music mixes that capture the songs we are listening to at this particular moment in time…

se·lect·ed – To take as a choice from among several; pick out.
ec·lec·tic – Deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.

Selected Eclectic – Vol. 1 – December 2012


Tania and I started working on this project together, which has been titled “Selected Eclectic”, in early December of 2012 while we were getting ready for the holiday season. It grew out of the music we were listening to while cleaning, decorating, working on our Christmas card and just hanging around the homestead.

Towards the end of November Tania had suggested that we should start listening to the KCRW music shows to freshen-up our music selection. What a great idea! Neither of us had listened to the radio in a long time, and our music selection was getting a bit stale, so over Thanksgiving weekend we started listening to the radio again.


Pretty quickly we discovered that KCRW has a 24 hour-a-day streaming music channel called Eclectic24 – A blend of the various KCRW DJ’s tastes into one constant stream of commercial-free music, with a constantly updated playlist online so you know what is being played.

We started to hear songs we both liked (and some we really did not like) which we hadn’t heard before, were new releases, or were by artist we hadn’t heard of yet. Soon we were both making lists of songs that caught our attention.

After a few week listening to Eclectic24 we were both starting to have a love/hate relationship with some of the songs we heard – songs which we really did not like at first, but now… well, we’d wake up with those songs in our heads, sing them to ourselves during the day, and they were starting to grow on us. Darn pop songs. Continue reading

New Souvenirs From The End Of The Age

 The End Of The Age

There is a lot of talk these days about “The end of the world”, and in my opinion it’s not the end of the world but the end of the age we are witnessing right now – also known as the Kali Yuga – a time of chaos, destruction and rebirth.

The Dream of a King

There was a Babylonian king who had a dream thousands of years ago. He saw a giant statue of a man standing on a great plain of the desert.

The head and neck was made of gold, it’s arms and torso made of silver, it’s hips and loins made of bronze, the legs made of iron and it’s feet made of a mixture iron and clay.

As the king was watching this statue in his dream, a giant stone was shaped from a mountain and thrown by an unseen hand and it rolled across the great desert until it smashed into the statue and obliterated it.

Then the stone that smashed the statue became a new mountain and it’s kingdom was established forever.

We are now in that moment when the stone is rolling across the desert toward the statue.

Devolution And The Ages In Decline

Long ago there existed a golden age of man, which gave way to the silver age. Later on both of those ages were swept away and the bronze age began.

When Rome arose we entered the iron age of man and since the “Renaissance” we’ve been in the iron and clay mixture that made the feet of the great statue.

Where-as most contemporary history treats our moment in time as the pinnacle of man’s ascent on the mountain of civilization, I see it in reverse. We are the feet of clay and iron, not the head of gold.

But this won’t last – the next great age is just around the corner – but more on that later.

A Time Of Collapse

The ideas, sounds, emotions, and words in this collage represent a world in collapse, where violence seems to surround us on a daily basis and no one knows who is on who’s side anymore.

Is our Government for us or against us? Is our Government, CIA, FBI, NSA, TSA, DHS, and all those other lettered agencies for us or working against us? Who are these crazed mass-killers? Have they been hypnotized and turned into human sock puppets for some psychopath pulling the strings in the background?

And all these weapons – it’s like there’s been a giant Government giveaway of guns… hold it, that part is true.

These thoughts and more blend in this sound collage which contain Explicit Content – both language and violence – so be warned…

Close Your Eyes And Listen To This Sound Collage

Complete sound collage length: 20:12

Track Listing

1. A Free Weapons Giveaway Program 02:30

2. I Will Be King And I Couldn’t Control Myself 02:14

3. Nuclear Infowars Hypnosis – It’s In The Code 03:42

4. We’re All More Suggestible In Groups 03:35

5. A Fast And Furious Commercial Break 00:52

6. The Hot Seat Pinched My Ass 01:55

7. Fatman and Little Boy, We Can Be Heroes Just for One Day 02:14

8. The End Of The World Is The End Of The World 03:06

Materials Used

This sound collage really began a couple of months ago when the John Lennon song I Don’t Want To Be A Solider, Mama got stuck in my head.

I kept thinking “If someone starts a revolution, I’m going be a solider whether I want to or not – and I don’t want to be a solider, mama…”

That song, along with David Bowie’s Heroes, became the music that comes and goes in the back ground along with several drum loops mixed together…

I also took material from the movie Slacker which includes the Ranting “Weapons Give-away Program” Guy (played by Kendal Smith of Cameron, Texas – his rant starts about the 1:35 point):

In the process of creating this piece I found a video of The Amazing Kreskin – a mentalist, who ended up becoming a major star of this sound collage.

Here’s the video of The Amazing Kreskin I used – Enjoy!

Download this sound collage for FREE

Either visit our BandCamp site and download it in a number of different high-quality audio formats (limited quantities available), or click the link below, and download all eight tracks of high-quality MP3s, complete with album art in a zip file (49 MB) – ready to drop in your iTunes (or whatever MP3 music player you use) and enjoy – instant gratification.

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Note: My heart goes out to the Sikh community in Wisconsin – this kind of ongoing American tragedy is one of the subjects in the sound collage I’m just about ready to release today – which I just finished mixing last night. It makes me so sad…

Making Buttons for the Collective

Jon, onehumanbeing making buttons...Spending Time At The Collective

Today was my first day behind the counter at AAC – Apothecary’s Assistants Collective – as a volunteer staff member. Before I left home this morning I made a bunch of buttons to bring in with me.

That’s me in the little movie pressing the buttons with my button machine. Tania took the photos and suggested the little movie – nice idea 🙂 You can click on the moving image to see a larger version…

I’ll be volunteering there several times a week and learning about how a Collective works, from a budtender’s view (note: a “Budtender” is the person who hands the herb and helps members select their medicine) – a different way of seeing my project, and it has already given me some things to think about for The MMJ Project.

You can follow my project about medical marijuana at The MMJ Project – my ongoing art project about this moment in time and the unique world of medical marijuana in Southern California.

As a user of marijuana for 26 years, and a long time legal patient under Prop 215, I’ve become a solid believer in the use of marijuana as a legitimate medicine.

I have an acquaintance through the collective who is a terminally ill patient. She is still alive 4 years longer than her doctor gave her because of the herb – just one of many stories of health and wellness I’ve heard over the years.

Medical Marijuana Is No Laughing Matter

People giggle about marijuana, but for us patients that have found a safe and easy solution to some of our health issues this is no laughing matter…

Unfortunately for us we have to wait for our political leaders to grow-up and stop treating this with a snicker and wink…

And while they giggle more people get put through the legal grinder for making choices that don’t concern anyone but that person and their doctor.

There seems to be something very immoral and irresponsible for leaders like Obama to make a joke about other’s health concerns. I’m still saddened by Obama’s response and I’m starting to view his agenda with suspicion… just another politician.

Meanwhile… back to the Collective

I took a bunch of photos of AAC while I was there today, and I’ll post those over on The MMJ Project later on.

Have a great week, and remember; 420 –  The International Marijuana Day – is next Monday – April 20, 2009!