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Title“ Logo
Dimensions – Various Sizes
Format – digital graphic
Date – 2007

The image used for my logo is from a photograph of me when I was 4 years old, standing in the front yard of our Simi Valley home, with my cowboy hat, a pair of guns in holsters (not shown in the logo) and strumming my little guitar…


The addition of the “” web address was inspired by the classic old photo of Woodie Guthrie with his guitar that said “This Machine Kills Fascists” on it. He’s one of my heroes!

About a dozen people from our old Happy Hour group have one of the first little group buttons I made with this logo…


Glenn Beck Attacks Progressives, Again…

This Just In – Jon Christopher, (AKA – Jon, onehumanbeing) is the real mastermind behind vast, imaginary, left-wing conspiracy… as seen here:


And here’s the video:

I love this kind of political theater – just what we need…

Here’s where I found this:

A trio of progressive groups is releasing an interactive video that mocks Glenn Beck for, well, mocking progressives., in conjunction with SEIU and Brave New Films has put out a fake newscast (on the fake network CNNBC) in which the Fox News host goes through his usual moments of pique and emotional duress. Only this time, the subject of his conspiracy theories is the person signed in to watch the made-up video.

Read More Here:

Find Out If Glenn Beck Is Attacking You –

Maybe you’re the mastermind (I’m not going to take credit for the left-wing mess – I was a die-hard Libertarian until 2004… but that’s a whole other story) behind the vast left-wing conspiracy… find out by clicking below.

CNNBC: “Glenn Beck Attacks [Your Name Here].”

Watch it here:


(note: I made several videos while at the CNNBC site so I don’t think the one posted is exactly the same as the one in the screenshot – just wanted to be clear on that)

The Turning – A New Project Site

theturning_header_5I’ve been spending the last few days putting together a project site for The Turning, which is now open and ready for use… you can visit it here: (site no longer available)

On the new site you’ll find the story has been organized to make it easier to follow.

I’ve added extra material to help you understand the various ideas from the story – Monthly Mayan calenders with downloadable PDF ‘s of the different periods of The Tzolkin, a playlist of songs that the story is partly based on, and even a scrollable timeline of postings… and I have many other things planned for the future.

I have also moved STEW, an allegorical story about the 2008 election, over to The Turning site, where these two story will soon be merged into one…

What Is The Turning?

This is serial – a story that will unfold over a seven year period of time – which tells the story of a mythical and imaginative journey taken by Jon, onehumanbeing that blends fiction and non-fiction as it explores ideas about time, being human, bipolar disorder, god(s), creation, history, Mayan calenders, astrology, space, the sub-conscious mind, quantum physics, American Christianity and the coming Long Cycle – among other things.

But most of the time this story is more about the questions it stirs up in you than anything else…

Find out more here... About The Turning

What Is A Project Site?

As an artist I’m always at work on more than one thing at a time. For example, when I’m painting I usually have about 5 paintings going at once – all in various stages of completion.

Currently, much of my work is done on very large scales. As an example – The MMJ Project, which uses my local city and community as the studio and working space for my various activities involving Medical Marijuana and the long struggle to get it established and normalized.

Some of my other projects include Redbot Loves You! and The Turning – A Serial. I also have some others that are “in the works” and not ready for public consumption yet…

To keep my various projects, and the different materials, concepts, and campaigns from getting lost in a confusing mass of stuff, I started to start creating “project sites” for each project idea – sort of like spin-offs from TV shows – and this gives each project it’s own home.

By using this “multiple project sites” approach, I find as my focus shifts over time I can move from one project site to the next, adding new material, making changes, adjusting the project to keep it on track, and whatever else needs to be done at that time.

Then, after a while, a shift or a change comes over me and I’m onto the next project – and around and around it goes…

I hope that helps you understand the process going on here at

Until later, best of health…

Video Collage | onehumanbeing self-portrait

Here’s a video self-portrait I did in early June, 2008… but really I’m using this post to test a video plug-in for Word Press call WordTube that embeds video in your Word Press blog page…

How do you like this presentation? Is the video quality good enough? Any problems?

Thanks in advance for any feedback,



Thoughts From The Day… on Suffering

“it is through our suffering that we are refined and defined…”

Jon, onehumanbeing

Sometimes life is like the hammer coming down on the chisel, or that is how it seems to me as I go through the ups and down of living with bipolar disorder, not to mention the regular daily struggles…

To enlarge this thought I’m going to have to jump to another idea first:

The way I see things starts with my belief in God. I believe in a God who is larger that the Universe, larger than any number of Universes that can exist, larger than the Big Bang and evolution and not opposed to them as methods of creation and change. I believe God is way bigger than what I can conceive.

To give you the basic outline – I believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and I believe that the hope of Israel already lives, and is the ascended Messiah, Jesus.

I grew up as the son of a theologian and minister/teacher… I lived church from a very young age, and have many, many years of walking with this God I believe in – so to begin to know me you must know this is where everything begins…

And what does this have to do with that quote up at the top of this post? Just background material to give you an idea of how I think.

I listened to Gang of Four today while driving over to the MMJ dispensary to take photos and the lyrics to one of the songs said “How you think changes how you act” which is true in my opinion. How I think is built on my faith, which is built on my God, and changes how I act…

Suffering… How many people wish they could be God for a day and eliminate all the suffering in the world? No one likes it, it’s painful, and it has no point.

My worldview makes me see things very different. Though I do not desire suffering for myself or anyone else, it’s still going to happen. It’s pretty inevitable in a world of over 6 billion people all running on their own agenda. Some toes are gonna get stepped on, people are gonna get hurt, it’s just going to happen. Jesus said it would. He said in the gospel of John that “in this life you will have troubles…” but our troubles, our sufferings, don’t have to destroy us… they don’t have to be just pointless pain.

And to go back to where I started – what may look like suffering is just the fall of the hammer on the chisel, the strike of the master artist at work preparing His creation for it’s work. I believe in something after this life, and that the same detailed artist that created everything spent the same attention in creating me.

I don’t just think this as a nice religious thought that doesn’t have anything to do with reality… I’ve been actively watching the process for the last ten years at work in my life and have become spectacularly amazed at the ways in which God can and will work.

Ten years ago I was nothing more than a large block of stone in the workshop. Quarried and dragged to the master’s studio over the years. Then one day in early 1998 the hammer came down against the chisel, and this small, barely noticeable situation that always benefited me as an artist in the past, exploded into a large depression and a seemingly endless ride on the bipolarcoaster.

Ten years of sculpting. Finished yet? Not even close, but some much closer than ten years ago. Do I wish I could get off this ride? All the time. But I also want to stick around and see how this turns out, and what gets made from all this hammering…

To be continued…

Welcome, and that first blog entry…

Jon, onehumanbeing having his morning coffee on vacation in Borrego Springs.Welcome to my first post on the onehumanblog… (this is that post I just have to get out of the way… like making that first mark in a new notebook.) Welcome to my journey…

I’m an artist who lives and creates in Long Beach, California. For over 18 years my wife, Tania, and I have been living and making art in an apartment/studio overlooking the busy street of Broadway.

In the last two years we’ve been joined by a couple of dogs, Moseley and Suki. You’ll probably hear a lot about them if you come back and visit this blog… I spend all day with my pups, and they have changed our world in so many ways.

I’m mainly a collage artist, or that’s the way I’ve described myself in the past when trying to give the simple answer. What does that really mean? I’m kind of a synthesizer – I put different stuff together, things that others might not think go together and make something new out of it. I use collage as my main means of expressing myself this way, be it on paper, in photos, on video, or in cut-and-paste poems and even in the way I approach religion, philosophy and other ideas.

I operate from the idea that an artist’s job is to hold things up that other might have missed or ignored and say, “Look at this.” In this vein I am also a documenter and historian. I think in big pictures, and often approach my subjects from their overall place in the scheme of things as I see them.

Everything I do creatively seems to follow from those concepts…

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