Rule Number Two Will Be Told To You In Reverse

From my project site: UFOverdriver

Here’s the latest podcast from UFOverdriver – a sound collage about Wikileak’s release of over 250,000 confidential and secret U.S. State Department diplomatic cables to major news organizations around the world… Read more and Listen to the sound collage here.

the sound of onehumanbeing

I got a new set of headphones a couple of weeks ago with a microphone, so I started working on some new experiments, like this one (created on 12-17-2008) – “the sound of onehumanbeing”

[media id=30 width=500 height=20]

I’ve been making sound collages for many years and this is the first time in a long while that I’ve used my own voice… now I’m thinking about adding a podcast to my blog… we’ll see.