Summer Skies And Clouds In the Hi-Desert

There is just a month left of our first summer living in the hi-desert, and we have been loving it here. We hope this is only the first of many years living at Casa de Gamma.

This is where the land of the Joshua Trees meet the foothills of the San Bernardino Mountains. The air is clear, and the clouds and summer thunderstorms keep the daytime skies interesting… but when the sky is blue, it’s impossibly blue.

Here’s a small collection of photos from the last month of the clouds and skies in our new neighborhood.



August 12 – I stepped out front to have my evening coffee and let Suki hunt lizards while waiting for Tania to get home. I looked up and… Sunbeams – just sitting there looking all majestic and everything!


August 11 – UFO clouds over Gamma Gulch…


August 12 – Today’s moment of hi-desert heaven…

There is a thunderstorm north of here, just over Black Mountain, and another one to the southeast over Yucca Mesa (according to the weather map). Here in Gamma Gulch, between the storms, the weather is warm and humid with cooling gusts of wind that howls through the windows.

We were told when we moved here that Gamma Gulch has a special weather vortex. After 9 months here I tend to believe that now.


August 10 – I think Maxfield Parrish painted our sunset on this evening.


July 13 – 30 second exposure on a super moon night with stars and clouds…


August 17 – Impossibly blue.

Orange Orbs Over Long Beach

Ever since I was a little child I’ve wanted to see a UFO, but in all my years of watching the sky I’ve never had any luck seeing a real UFO. Well, that has changed…

Last night, around 7:00 pm, our neighbor called us to the back balcony to witness the final moments of a string of orange orbs flying past Long Beach. It was an awesome sight – the video just doesn’t do it any justice, but I offer it here for your enjoyment and speculation…

Here’s my report I filed with last night – this morning (Sunday, November 14th) I got a call from a Mufon investigator named Steve who was following up on my report. During our discussion I found out that orange orbs are the most commonly UFOs reported – but it’s a real UFO…


Just before 7:00 pm this evening (November 13, 2010) my wife and I heard our downstairs neighbor calling us to the back yard. My wife went out and then yelled for me to come outside quickly because there were “UFOs out here..”

I ran out to the back balcony and looked up to see several bright orange orbs in the sky, looking towards the ocean and the direction of Catalina Island. I quickly ran back into our apartment and grabbed my point-and-shot digital camera.

I returned to the balcony and was able to record the last 2 and a half minutes of the sighting while the last orb brightened for a last time and then faded to a dark gray and continued on it’s course. I personally saw two bright orange orbs, my wife saw three (because she went outside first) and our neighbor said she saw 7-8 orange orbs, all in a line across the sky.

I am not sure how far away the orbs were from us, but they were unlike anything I have ever seen. They seemed to burn from inside, but it wasn’t what seemed to be propelling them. They did not fall through the sky like burning debris, but like a vehicle moving on a set course from west to east across the sky.

While it can’t be seen because of the video quality, the orbs continued along their eastern course as dark gray orbs, each with a very dim orange glow inside.

Included with this report is several graphics I made this evening right after the event:

1. a time-chart of the path of the one orange orb I was able to videotape. [see below]
2. a map showing our field of view and the flight path of the orange orb. [see above]

The video is unedited.

The graphic at the top of the page shows the direction the orbs were traveling, and the graphic below shows the time sequence of the video.

If anyone else saw this event, or has extra information to add to this report, please send it to me and I’ll add it to this post.