Creating The All-Seeing Eyebama


While working on some NSA-leak inspired graphics earlier this week called “Freedom, American Style“, I downloaded the official portrait of President-Elect Obama, taken on January 13, 2009. Notice, he has no grey hair yet…


I was wondering what it would look like if I pasted the all-seeing eye from the back of the one dollar bill over the president’s face. So I scanned the image of the all-seeing eye into my computer and started to work with it…


The resulting image is a graphic metaphor loaded with all kinds of different meanings, from the power of money in politics, the NSA intrusions into our privacy, the rise of the surveillance state during Obama’s administration, to conspiracy theories about secret societies like The Illuminati controlling the President, and, of course this image means all those things and more.



Eyebama Street Team

Last night I printed up a bunch of 2″ x 3″ stickers – soon to be mailed out across the country.


My friends know how to get a hold of me if they want some sent to them…



Now On T-Shirts (And Other Stuff)


T-shirts, hoodies, posters, framed wall prints, drinking glasses, a drinking flask, and other stuff adorned with the Eyebama image are NOW AVAILABLE at the onehumanbeing shop on Cafe Press.

Hold it, did you say drinking flask? Yes I did…


Redbot Loves You!

Introducing Redbot… and he loves you!

redbot-loves-you-8inI started working on Redbot last Fall and now he’s powered up and ready to roll… I’ve put his message of love on a number of items in my CafePress shopthe onehumanbeing shop

Redbot Loves You! is Redbot’s message, and it’s love just because… love for no reason but to love… love for love’s sake!

Redbot is looking forward to sharing that love with you and everyone you meet when you’re wearing a Redbot Loves You! T-shirt, Sweatshirt, using the coffee mug… you get the idea.

Below you’ll find the Infant Bodysuit, Toddler T-Shirt and the Kid’s Sweatshirt… more available, including adult size stuff at the onehumanbeing shop

Click here for a direct link to the Redbot Loves You! Section of my shop… more Redbot Loves You! stuff coming soon.





More coming soon!