The Bipolarcoaster

Bipolarcoaster (my own term) – these are all posts which relate in one way or another to my ongoing journey on this strange ride I call The Bipolarcoaster…

If I’ve written about depression, manic depression, bipolar disorder or anything closely related, it’s here somewhere.

Please note: most recent posts are listed first – Enjoy!

  • A Conscious Change

    January 31, 2013


    January 31, 2013 – After The End Of The World, Part Two | In this post we go down a rabbit hole of books – into fear and loathing, conspiracy theories, alien abductions, near-death experiences and finally into the NOW…

  • Driving Towards The End Of The World

    January 19, 2013


    January 19, 2013 – After The End Of The World, Part One | December 21, 2012 – a.k.a. “the end of the world” – was quite a good day for me. Probably one of the best days I’d had in weeks, and definitely one of my top ten best days of 2012.

  • Talking Medical Marijuana Blues

    January 16, 2012


    January 16, 2012 – Since 2007 I’ve been a member of a number of different collectives in Long Beach. I’ve volunteered, built websites, taken photos of over 300 different strains of medical marijuana, and grown to care about a number of incredible people. I’ve also watched one collective after another crumble under the burden of legal ...

  • We Shall Overcome!

    January 16, 2012


    Talking Medical Marijuana Blues – Part Four Rev. Martin Luther King stated over 40 years ago in a speech that “the arc of the moral Universe is long, but it’s bent towards Justice…” During my long, personal civil rights march towards medical marijuana justice I’ve seen that this statement is true, just as I also believe that ...

  • Talking ‘Bout My Medication

    January 16, 2012


    Talking Medical Marijuana Blues – Part Three A Life Long Journey I wasn’t diagnosed with Bi-Polar Disorder until I was 33 years old. This revelation – that there was a medical reason, of some kind, behind my most confusing moods and actions – caused a paradigm shift that made me look back over my life through a ...

  • I Get By With The Help Of My Friends

    January 15, 2012


    Talking Medical Marijuana Blues – Part Two That’s No Way To Get Your Medicine There was a time, not very long ago, when I would often have to wait for days, sometimes a week to get my medicine. Sometimes nothing would be available from the few friends I knew, who knew a friend, who knew a friend ...

  • The Man On The Other Side Of The Wall

    January 15, 2012


    Talking Medical Marijuana Blues – Part One Today I have a number of thoughts about medical marijuana running around my head, all of which I’ve grouped under the heading of Talking Medical Marijuana Blues in my head. I plan on posting several articles today and tomorrow following this line of thinking… In these postings I’d like to tell ...

  • Sleep, Wake, Sleep, Wake, Repeat…

    January 8, 2012


    Tonight the moon is full, Orion is rising large in the east, Jupiter is straight overhead and Venus is shining brightly as the Evening Star – it’s a beautiful night on planet Earth…

  • (This Story Is) Subject To Change, Pt 1

    August 18, 2010


    Change? You’re soaking in it… After a prolonged period of depression (this latest bout started in early July around the 8th) it takes some extra effort to start communicating again; responding to emails, getting back on Facebook, getting my various project sites updated and trying to reconnect with my friends again because my head is so ...

  • Rainy Days With Whirlpools

    December 12, 2009


    For today I’ll just re-post the three songs about the weather, both inside and out, which I posted on Facebook this afternoon… First Posting Depression comes in like a storm with my thoughts washing down a gutter of whirlpools – The first day is always the worst… Here’s a Verve song I listen to on days like ...

  • The Turning – Helter Skelter

    September 5, 2009


    The Dream of the Two-Headed Dragon I remember the comfort… spread out like a blanket in the quiet dreams, and rest, and wisdom, and communion, everywhere, nowhere – the only existence. I remember when I was the universe, before the journey that crossed your path – when all of time was one instant, one symphony. It was you ...

  • Faith

    August 13, 2009


    This is a drawing I made back in May of 1998… when I made this drawing I was in the midst of my first big depression, laid off from work, injured, and on Workman’s Comp. If you would like to get a framed print, sticker, note card, journal or greeting cards of this drawing, you can ...

  • Tracking The Storm on Facebook

    July 26, 2009


    I had a pretty bad depression storm move in this last week, and I’ve been tracking it by making daily posts on Facebook. Tonight I thought I’d try to elaborate a little on those postings… Day 1 – Wednesday This storm started on Wednesday morning, the 22nd – I could feel the storm coming and I tried ...

  • The Monster Pill, Part 2 – Jelly Paws and Black Hole Suitcases…

    July 20, 2009


    Continued from The Monster Pill – July 19, 2009… Last summer, and during August in particular, I went through a really bad depression – I mean – really bad. As you can see from the drawing to the left that I made of my brain in my sketchbook during that time it was not good. On the ...

  • The Monster Pill

    July 19, 2009


    If I’m okay, then you’re okay… In a world that is often childish and emotionally driven, I find there are days when I’m less than my ideal self, and everything I do seems to be a reaction from my emotional storms and bi-polar-coaster ride. On those days the old 70’s saying “I’m OK, you’re OK” gets warped ...

  • Long Depressions and a Life of Cycles

    June 4, 2009


    It may seem like I’ve disappeared, but I’m still here… weathering a long storm of depression. This storm started back in late April, and has come and gone in waves, in cycles within cycles. I should be use to this by now, but I never get used to it, always hoping that the blue sky days will ...

  • Double Rainbow

    February 16, 2009


    Please note: I am publishing this post about a week after I first wrote it. See the note at the end of the post for more details… Ripples After The Splash The last 36 hours have been very difficult. (the story gets better, really…) I’ve experienced this before, the relapse after a big depression, just as you’re ...

  • Manic Depression Is A Frustrating Mess

    October 27, 2008

    There is a reason why my posts have been very limited over the last few weeks. As you can see from the title of this post the name of the monster I’ve been living with… not a nice house guest. Many people know that manic-depression is the name people used to use for the “mental Illness” ...

  • Thoughts From The Day… on Suffering

    September 16, 2008


    “it is through our suffering that we are refined and defined…” Jon, onehumanbeing Sometimes life is like the hammer coming down on the chisel, or that is how it seems to me as I go through the ups and down of living with bipolar disorder, not to mention the regular daily struggles… To enlarge this thought I’m ...