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Q: What is onehumanbeing.com?

jon-2012This website is designed, built and maintained by Jon, onehumanbeing.

onehumanbeing.com was established in 2008 as a way to initiate a new season of art for myself.

It is a super-project that launched a number of different sub-projects that have come and, mostly, gone (into my digital portfolio) such as redbotlovesyou.com, The Philip K. Dick Reading Club, The Turning, The MMJ Project, The MMJ Lists, The All-Seeing Eyebama, and UFOverdriver.

Most of this work has been done as Jungian experiments to explore the use of consciousness and the collective conscious as both subject matter and as an art material.

The projected length of this project is 7 years…

Q: What’s the best way to enjoy the site?

The way I enjoy the site best is by visiting whichever page brought me into the site, then I just wander around by following related posts.

Also – the slider at the top of this page is a good way to get a feel for the various stories that I post here – I like to sit a watch it run through it’s cycle (each slide changes after 0.9 secs) – but hey, that’s just me…

The Calendar at the top of the right column is also a great way to explore stories. Click back a few months and see what’s available – maybe something you’ve been waiting to see. This website is very Jungian and full of synchronicity, if you let it happen.

There are times when I post something, or come looking for an image I put up in the past, in which I find myself, an hour or so later, reading over stories I posted several years ago (and usually being reminded of something I had forgotten)… that’s when I enjoy my site the most.

It’s truly a different adventure every time.

Q: Where can I find a portfolio of your art work?

I now have a website for that – you can find it here: http://onehumanbeing.com/portfolio/

Q: What are threads?

I post on a number of topics, and here I call them threads – you could just as easily call them categories, but threads fits the way my mind works.

The way I imagine it in my head is that I’m standing in the middle of this space, and I throw all these different threads out in different directions – one thread following one idea or topic, another thread following my sound collage project called UFOverdriver, another thread being Today’s Image, another being the bipolarcoaster… and so on.

Note: you may find the same post listed on several threads, and that’s where it all gets a bit tangled.

Q: What are the different threads available?

Here are a few of the different threads available – there are many others to discover as you wander around the site…

the onehumanblog: notes and observations from the journey… the journal, the images, the souvenirs from Jon, onehumanbeing as he travels through this life… this is where most of my writing finds it’s home.


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The Bipolarcoaster: These are all posts which relate in one way or another to my ongoing journey on this strange ride I call The Bipolarcoaster…

If I’ve written about depression, manic depression, bipolar disorder or anything closely related, it’s here somewhere.

15 most recent stories:


When We Were Mods - ButtonsWhen We Were Mods: This is a 5 part series of articles I wrote about my experiences as a Mod back in 1982/83 in Orange Country and Los Angeles.

Includes photos, fliers, buttons and other memorabilia from the time.


UFOverdriver: UFOverdriver is my sound collage project which started in January of 2010. You can find out more about UFOverdriver by visiting the project site at ufoverdriver.com.


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Songs and Playlists: Posts that have playlists or songs included…



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Enjoy your visit…