The Art of Jon Christopher

The Collections – 1991 to 2012

Paintings – 112 Images

A selection of 112 paintings culled from hundreds of paintings since 1991.



Collages – 155 Images

Here is selection from my collection of collages created since 1990. Most of the works are on paper but a few of the series were created on the computer – a primary art tool since 1996.



Sound Collages – 6 Albums, 7 EPs and 5 Singles

Since 2010 I’ve been working on a project called UFOverdriver, a sound collage project. This project involves music, sound clips, audio remixes, the collective consciousness and flights into the intuitive imagination.


Drawings – 107 Images

A selection of drawings on paper, computer, and some with mixed-media collage and acrylic paint.



Photo Works – 41 Images

Art pieces using photographs as the medium



Videos – 9 Videos

A selection of video work since 2004.

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Above: The Dream Leaver – a UFOverdriver sound collage – June 2010