The MMJ Project Report | Jan 2009

Posted by Jon, onehumanbeing on January 23, 2009

The MMJ Project Report | Vol. 1 | No. 2

In this issue:

  • From the Artist: At Work on The Medical Marijuana Lists
  • The Lists – 2009: Goals for The Medical Marijuana Lists
  • Ahead in 2009: Share Your Truth
  • The Codex: The Documents of The MMJ Project and Creative Commons

From The Artist

From the Artist: At Work on The Medical Marijuana Lists

I have this life-long habit of tackling incredibly large projects… and The Medical Marijuana Lists is following in that tradition.

As I discussed in the previous report, I have a large collection of photos I took last year (2008) while volunteering at a local medical marijuana (MMJ) provider – CCLB – CannaCollective Long Beach.

My goal has been to create a strain/medical condition database to provide other MMJ patients with informal and subjective opinions about the various types of MMJ and what medical condition they are most effective in treating.

I’m not a doctor and I’m not a scientist, just a very experienced MMJ patient, but I have the conviction that my opinions, along with the thousands of other MMJ patients who are in  similar situations, have value and can provide a helping hand to another person making the same journey we have undertaken.

It’s never easy trying to live a normal life while dealing with a chronic medical condition, and our government has not made it any easier with their consistent message of lies, distortion, drug war rhetoric and zero tolerance – all failures at best – outright evil when looked at in the light of reality.

We (current MMJ patients and MMJ users)  have to take it upon ourselves to make the difference so the ones that come after us don’t have to waste their energy fighting this stupid battle.

This is one of the reasons I’m preparing a project site for The Medical Marijuana Lists, or The Lists, to use it’s nickname.

(continues on next tab – The Lists – 2009)

The Lists - 2009

Goals for The Medical Marijuana Lists:

1. Provide clean and easy access to Medical Marijuana (MMJ) information for new and experienced MMJ patients, their caregivers, friends, family, interested parties and the general public including:

  • Marijuana names and information about the the wide variety of MMJ available currently, based on actual patient experiences.
  • Subjective and informal information about the use of particular strains or varieties of MMJ for particular medical conditions.
  • Photos of actual medical marijuana that has been available to the average patient at local Long Beach co-ops and collectives; both showing weight and size, but also providing close-up shots.

2. Avoid duplicating services offered on other sites like ASA, WeedTracker, Greenkind Magazine, Potdaq, Norml and others…

3. Encourage MMJ patients to share their stories and discuss using marijuana as medicine in real life.

4. Create a historical record of this period in medical marijuana history, viewed from the patients perspective, focused on the Long Beach and  California area providers and the varieties of MMJ that were available.

Ahead in 2009

Share Your Truth

My personal theme for 2009 is Share Your Truth, which is becoming my banner and motto as I look forward into the coming year…

What does that mean and how will that play out? Watch and see…

The Codex

The Documents of The MMJ Project and Creative Commons

Support Medical MarijuanaOver the last few years I’ve created a number of graphics related to medical marijuana and I am preparing to make my catalog available for download and reuse through Creative Commons licensing… more about that when the pieces are all in place.

Until then, remember that all graphics and images used on this site are copyrighted by and Jon, onehumanbeing.

And before you leave…

Check out the video on the side bar How To Smoke A Joint. This is a clip from a great Buck Henry film from 1971 called Taking Off. I hope you find this clip both informative and entertaining…

Have a great 2009 and stay healthy

Jon, onehumanbeing


Updating on The MMJ Strains List…

Posted by Jon, onehumanbeing on January 5, 2009

Jan 5, 2009:

Moved list to it’s own site – now calling it The Medical Marijuana Lists - All further updates to the MMJ Strains list will be done there…

Jan 4, 2009: Started working on the MMJ Strains List today…

  • Added the main page for The Medical Marijuana Lists.
  • Typed in the list so far, almost 80 different strains…
  • Worked out the wording for the individual strain pages with tabbed info sub-pages…
  • Added first 3 strain : Afghani Hash Plant, Afghani Kush and AK-47 – I’m working alphabetical down my list, but I’m backdating the posts to the date of the photographs.
  • Started uploading various galleries of photos.
  • Played around with a bunch of templates, trying out different looks… trying to find something I like to build on and modify.

Lot’s of work to do on this project, but it’s started.