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Posted by Jon, onehumanbeing on March 2, 2009

What does a $50 worth of medical marijuana look like today?


An Eighth of Medical Marijuana from Canna Collective Long Beach

This is an eighth of an ounce (3.5 grams) of Granddaddy Purple (GDP) that I picked up at CCLB on Sunday, March 1, 2009. CCLB has a “$50 cap” on eighths (that mean – nothing over $50 an eighth).

Photos: The baggie your herb comes in with a MMJ label on it (I designed that label – just bragging a bit), an overall shot with a quarter in the middle for size comparison and then some close-up shots…

Also – they sell GDP shake (shake is the trimmed leaves, smaller buds and leftover bits that fall off of buds which falls to the bottom of the jar or bag – what “shakes” down to the bottom) for $10 a gram (1 ounce is approx. 28 grams), and they have a special right now where you get a free gram of shake with every eighth purchased. I got my free gram and paid $10 for another – so I included photos of that too…

Informal & Subjective Review

My Informal and Subjective Review:

Granddaddy Purple (GDP) has been a favorite strain of mine for several years, and over the last year I had the opportunity to photograph CCLB’s GDP a number of times, and it has ranged from excellent to pretty good – sometimes it’s very purple and sweet and sometimes it’s just a little… off, and this is one of those batches – at least from the eighth I picked up…  but still it is delicious smelling and sweet and excellent medicine.

[I'm throwing this free money-making idea out there again: Someone please make a Granddaddy Purple air-freshener. That's right - air fresheners with marijuana fragrances - could be big - I know I'll buy some if you get it right...]

The budtenders at CCLB are generally on the generous side, and what I picked up reflected that. The eighth was 3.59 grams, and the 2 grams of shake weighted out to 2.16 grams.

That may not seem like much of a difference – but it’s the attitude behind the generous weight. (I’ve bought eighths at dispensaries that were a little light when I got home and weighed it. For patients on a budget it’s these little things that matter.

In the Cannabible (vol. 3), Jason King says that GDP is a cross of Purple Urkel and Big Bud, which I can understand, but he also says “the high is strong and felt mostly in the body.”

My experience has been different. I think of GDP as an active, head high – very little body stone (or body fuzziness). But other growers using different techniques bring out hidden qualities in a strain, so that could be the reason for the different viewpoints.

If you’re a MMJ patient in the Long Beach area, and GDP is your medicinal choice, check out CCLB, and tell them that Jon, onehumanbeing sent you. And make sure they give you the free gram of GDP shake.

GDP and Depression

Granddaddy Purple and Bi-Polar Depression – My Experience

Depression hits you in many different ways, ranging from very physically sick to just a heavy mental battle, and lot’s of variations in between. I happen to be in one of the heavy mental battles since late last week.

From experience, I know what help me avoid spending the day in bed, with my mind hammering me over and over, and that’s the purple strains, of which, GDP is my personal choice.

I saw my friend, neighbor and pastor, Rick, this morning while walking my dogs (before I had medicated), and my head was swimming somewhere under the churning water on my brain… when we parted he asked what I was doing today, and my honest thought and hearts desire was to crawl back in bed and make the world go away, “Back to bed” I told him, and I really meant it. 8:30 in the morning and I’m ready for the day to be over…

Sometimes, when the depressions get bad, I loss all faith in the way herb can help, and become less inclined to medicate. It’s just depression’s pessimism and general joy-killing malaise, but it gets me every time… and today was like that.

Finally, sometime after 9:00 I got around to taking a few hits of the GDP I picked up yesterday, and then a few minutes later I got distracted by something I had been working on, and then I thought about going down to Hot Java and get an apple fritter – which I did – and then one thing led into another… I had a nice productive day and when Tania got home around 5:00 pm, I still had not made it back to bed yet.

Once again GDP helps get me through the cycle.


  • manny olsen said,

    Thumbs up for Granddaddy, GD, or in the East Bay in 2009 you can still find it, usually… The smell is what sells me…. also the high thc content, some is greener; some more on the purple side..i believe this has to do with top buds vs. lower also when harvested week 8 or 9..having said that if grown properly it will smell good, taste good, and medicate properly..

  • Jon, onehumanbeing said,

    Thanks Manny… Granddaddy P. is always on the top of my list and love the smell – wish someone would make the GDP air freshener :)

  • sneakypete said,

    GDP is a fantastic indica strain, insanely potent body high, and always leaves me pain free and ready to sleep. I’ve been dealing with major depression for the last 5 years. The depression was very physical. I have been through all of the anti-depressants, the last one being wellbutrin XL with a trazadone nightcap. The side effects were just horrific, almost as bad as the depression itself.

    I started smoking about a month ago after a long talk with my doctor who said MJ may be a good alternative, I stopped all of the anti-depressants completely and just feel wonderful. It had been 12 years since I even saw marijuana so learning to dose took a few weeks, my biggest mishap was eating a sativa yak brownie around 8pm and realizing I was just retarded high halfway to work the next day.

    I have been smoking about 4-5 days a week and alternating between a heavy sativa (trainwreck) and indicas (GDP and blackberry kush). I find that is working very well for me but I would like to find a few weaker strains so I’m not so plowed. Mixing a little blackberry and trainwreck has proven very good but after a 12 year break, these are still pretty heavy duty.

    Can anyone recommend a nice light sativa or indica???

    happy and very content again-J

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