Update on The Medical Marijuana Lists

Posted by Jon, onehumanbeing on February 5, 2009

It’s early February, 2009 – and the DEA is still fighting their failed war. Such a waste I can’t even begin to write about it tonight – but here are a couple of good pieces about the current state of thing here in California concerning medical marijuana and the DEAs activities this week:

From Greenkind Magazine: Under Obama, DEA Raids Again, This Time in Force

and from The Marijuana Policy Project: Armed robbery or public safety?


While the DEA continues it’s apparent desire to prove it’s pointlessness and uselessness, I have other, better things to work on, like preparing for the future…


The Medical Marijuana Lists is still in build mode and will be moving to beta mode very soon… Even though I have much to bring to this project I’m going to need other’s input to make this work. After all, I only know about being a person who experiences bi-polar disorder and uses medical marijuana to manage the symptoms, but I have no knowledge of what a cancer patient or MS patient needs.

I’m betting that the people who’ve been through the process are happy to share their wisdom with those new to the process. We are all a part of history, and the things we do now will help those that come after us, and that includes any wisdom we have to share. This is the year to build long lasting things…

After spending the last week in a most severe depression, I have a renewed appreciation of God’s gift of marijuana to be a lifeline during times of sickness.

My prayers, my energies and my aim is towards doing whatever I can to end this insane and disastrous chapter in our nation history called marijuana prohibition.

Please pray for justice.

Jon, onehumanbeing