7th Annual Medical Marijuana Week | 2009

Posted by Jon, onehumanbeing on February 17, 2009

Thank You

It’s the 7th Annual Medical Marijuana Week and I hope you get a chance to get over to the Americans For Safe Access website and find out more about it…

Billboards We’d Like To See Dept.

Here’s a Billboard I’d like to see in my neighborhood, and everywhere…

This is a composite image, not a real photo of an actual billboard, but a photo I put together to see what my pieces I did a few years ago would look like large-scale…

I called the company that owns this particular billboard space, and for only $3,000 I could have this up for 4 weeks. A project for 4/20? I don’t know. I have about as much money as a church mouse, but I got ideas… donations anyone?

Here’s a larger view:


This liquor store (Jones Liquor) is on E. Broadway, in our neighborhood… I took this photo in November of 2007, and since then the old liquor sign has been replaced with a ugly new sign :( I’ve done numerous pieces over the years involving this Liquor Store and it’s sign.)


Medical Marijuana Sign on E. Broadway, Long Beach in 2007

I was originally inspired to try my piece large scale, in billboard format after this little billboard spent several months in late 2007 reigning over E. Broadway in our hood.

You would not believe how many people I would see stop and point with big smiles, or take out there cell phones and snap a photo. Marijuana just puts a smile on peoples face…

Sometimes that’s just what a person needs. Endless struggle with no rest is not healthy, and in my opinion, there is no condemnation in using God’s gift of the herb to find that rest.

“For the person who needs water, give them water,
for the one that needs food, give food,
for the one who needs rest, give rest,
but don’t give anyone the bitter taste of your petty judgments – there is no one who needs those…”


My button machine has been repaired and I am back in button making action!

Yesterday I dropped off 40 MMJ Week buttons at A Soothing Remedy, so stop by and pick one up today…2009-mmj-week

I have the rally in Los Angeles on my calendar for Monday, February 23rd. Our friend Charles C. Lynch will be in Federal Court that day for sentencing in the horrible miscarriage of justice that is has come from Charles just trying to do everything legal and by the book… follow the law, go to jail – oh yeah, that’s the kind of message we like to send to our kids and adds to peoples respect for the rule of law.

I’ll be bringing lots of buttons to the rally (other MMJ buttons – not the ASR one shown…)

Have a great week, and best of health,
Jon, onehumanbeing