Welcome to The MMJ Project

Posted by Jon, onehumanbeing on October 4, 2008

Welcome to a work-in-progress called The MMJ Project.

This work is a multi-faceted look at, and participation in, the medical marijuana movement – specifically here in Southern California – starting from my studio in Long Beach.

This work is very subjective as it documents this moment-in-time as medical marijuana is poised to either reach a tipping point and help bring an end to federal marijuana prohibition, or we’ll fall back into the senselessness of the Drug War that has ruined so many lives over the last 70 years.

My hope is that we’ll end federal marijuana prohibition – but right now I feel the need as an artist to document this moment, however it goes.

This project will involve my personal experience with medical marijuana, and I’ll be using words, photos, drawings and collages, video and other elements to try and tell my story the best I can.

This is also a public experience and interactive work and I look forward to collaborating with others over the course of this project either online, through project souvenirs, and in person.

The MMJ Project is designed to be organic in nature and I expect it to grow and change as it progresses. Like all journeys, I expect that things will not turn out like I’ve imagined or planned, but even better and more amazing – and that’s what makes it worth going, instead of just staying home with my maps, plans and daydreams.

- Jon, onehumanbeing

Originally Publish in June 2008